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Okay, now I know EXACTLY what side effects I'm getting:

-Hair falling out

-Dry eyes

-Mild joint pain

-Chapped lips

-Pink-ish face

They're not too bad, really. I'm fine as long as I have eye drops, my vitamins, and aquafor.

My hair falling out is a bit depressing...but no one notices unless I brush my hair around them.

My pink face is irksome...I tried Aveeno's redness calming lotion...not a miracle, but I suppose it's a little better.

My headaches are gone! Or maybe I'm used to them...or maybe it's because I try to drink more water nowadays...

On another note...last night...I got drunk. *gasp*

I know I knooooooow I probably shouldn't have...but I tried to be as safe as I could about it. I was actually pretty freaked out at first. I only had two shots of vodka and a beer (I'm a lightweight =P), and I had about two big ass cups of water for every drink I had...then I kept drinking water after I stopped having alcohol. And I tried to pay attention to see if I ever got any sharp side pains...but nothing happened. Just good 'ol drunken fun.

And I'm not even hungover or anything! Although the massive amounts of water I drank caused me to go to the bathroom frequently.

By the way, is it also bad to smoke while on accutane?

My face feels great! I mean, it generally looks about the same as when I started...but I DON'T HAVE TO CONSTANTLY WIPE OIL OFF MY FACE! It's pretty great not having to worry about it. My face is a bit bumpy though...not acne bumpy, but more like a massive amount of blackheads bumpy. You can only really see the ones on my nose though.

Okay, this part has to do with bathroom business...so if you don't want to hear about accutane-toilet business, don't read this paragraph. So pretty soon after I started the meds, when I would wipe after a bowel movement there'd be blood. I freaked a little at first, but since I don't see any blood IN the toilet, I think it's just that my anus is dry...and ripping. Ouch. So dryness below the waist is definitely occurring.

OH, and my hair is getting a bit dryer...but still gets oily. Weird. I've always had dry-yet-oily hair...now it just seems even more dry. Weird.

Well, there's my catching-up for the past week or so :cool:


End of Week 1

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo one week!

I officially have the driest eyes for someone who's never worn contacts. Yeah...my doctor is crazy. There is no such thing as saline eye drops that aren't for contacts. And sunglasses are my new best friend...which is kinda silly now since the only sunglasses I own are ridiculously large (I used to only where sunglasses when I drive, so I liked them big so that I'd be fully covered from the sun whilst driving). So now in the daytime I walk around with huge sunglasses on xD

I think my face is getting the accutane redness thing...I saw one of my friends at target yesterday and one of the first things she said was "oh no! you're sunburnt!"...and I'm not. So I'm guessing I look pretty damn ridiculous these days with a red face and huge sunglasses.

Anyone know a good product for redness control?

I can't tell if I'm getting the IB or not...every other day I think I'm breaking out, and every other day I think I'm clearing up...so I'm probably just the same xD

Overall, everything's pretty gravy. Just dry eyes and mild headaches really.


Day 5

Okay, so I'm pretty sure I've deciphered what symptoms I'm officially getting from accutane.

1. Dry/sensitive eyes

2. Headaches

3. Random acts of dryness

My father got me some Refresh Liquigel eye drops...even though my derm said to get saline drops. I guess walmart doesn't have saline for your eyes?? They have it for noses... Anyway...I don't think they're working very well. I use them like 5 times a day and they don't provide much relief =/ Plus the liquigel thing is weird. Makes my eyeliner goopy then crusty. And everytime I step outside I feel like my eyeballs want to retreat back into my head because of the light. Does anyone know of some eyedrops that help with light sensitivity?

HEADACHES ahhh. I just got rid of my chronic sinus pressure headaches (had sinus surgery two months ago) and now I have brain pressure headaches. It's really not that bad...just a dull, constant headache. I just took some tylonel for it...hopefully it works...

By "random acts of dryness", I mean...for the most part my face is still hellaciously oily, but random spots get a little dry. Mostly around my mouth and nose. Still pretty oily in general, though.

I've also noticed more of my hair appearing in places other than on my head. I have really long, thick-ish hair, and long before accutane my fathers told me that I shed like a dog...but idk...I've been noticing more than usual. Yet, this may be me psyching myself out again...idk. I haven't really styled it since I've started accutane, since I don't want to provoke it coming out. So it was a little disheartening seeing so much hair come out when I haven't even made it look nice =/

OH, my father also got me some vitamins...vitamin E, vitamin B6, omega-3, zinc, and iron.

The iron isn't really for accutane reasons...it's just that I'm a vegetarian, and last time I tried to give blood my iron was too low.

Idk how much of each vitamin I should take...my father asked how many mg's I wanted for each, but I didn't know what to tell him. I think I'm just going to take one pill daily for now...


Day 3

It's way too early to start feeling symptoms...right?

My eyes feel kinda funny...I think this is them getting dry. I've never really had dry eyes before...

And I feel some slight joint soreness when I think about it...

But maybe that's just it. I'm thinking about it too much and causing the placebo effect.

My face is pretty much the same...oily oily oily. Some minor skin peeling...maybe starting to dry out? Idk...

Some of my spots are also a bit tender. My skin in general doesn't feel tender...but the itty bitty pimples on my face are uber tender to the touch...more so than the big ones. Which is odd.

I've also noticed a couple blackheads coming...and I haven't had blackheads in about a year. Yet, this could be from my sudden halt in using topicals.

Well, that's really all I had to say...my brain is thinking that I'm getting side effects after three days.



Well, I suppose today was interesting enough to post something xD

The day isn't even over yet...ahhh well.

I took some pictures (literally two minutes ago) of my face so that hopefully I can track my progress...even though technically I've already started accutane (1 pill, woo!). Oh well.

((okay, I keep TRYING to put the links to the pictures/the pictures themselves on here...and it's not working =/ they're in the accutane gallery if you're eager to see, though))

Right Cheek

(my bad side)

Left Cheek

(my better side)


(obscenely clear. bumpy forehead, but no real activeness/redness)


(eh. not terrible...just...eh)

Mmmmm I bet your lovin' that shine, haha. I have enough oil on my face to slick up a bowling alley. I'm kinda of looking forward to the dry skin...idk what'll be worse, having to wipe off oil from my face every hour (like I have to now) or having to put on lotion every hour (like I will have to on accutane).

The flash kinda washed out my face a tad...which normally I wouldn't mind, except I'm not trying to HIDE my acne this time xD

OKAY so about today...

I took my first sotret pill today...had some difficulty getting the pill out of the ridiculous-looking package (okay okay okay, I get it, don't be preggo).

Then I went to Costco...where my knees started to feel funny. They weren't really sore...they just felt...odd. I was got kinda tired. Yet, that could have been a variety of things. I stayed up pretty late last night and woke up at 8am this morning...and I was also pushing a huge costco cart around at 10am. I think the placebo effect is just working...I mean, I only took one freaking pill. I won't blame accutane for this...this time.

Oh, and apparently I left out some info that others include their accutane logs..so what they heck:

Age: 18

Weight: 130

Height: 5'1" (technically overweight...oh well).

Starting dosage: 40mg/day of Sotret (yay!

Progress in School: I'll be starting my freshman year of college this fall...yowza.

Uhhhh...yeah. That's really all for today. I posted in the Accutane message boards asking about good products to use...no responses yet =/


Day 0

Okay...so after trying most of the over-the-counter products available, proactiv, birth control, seeing a dermatologist for over a year, highest levels of tazorac (+doxycycline, duac, and aczone)...

I'll be starting accutane tomorrow.

Well, technically today since it's 3am...but let's not get too technical.

Ahhhh so a little more history about my stupid face:

I started getting acne in 3rd grade...in my ears. Yeah, gross. Then i started getting facial acne around 4th/5th grade...and I'm 18 now, so I've had this issue for awhile. And it was only pretty recently that my parents actually started caring a little more about it.

In my list above, all of those things did work...kinda. Except for the over-the-counter products.

Proactiv and everything my dermatologist gave me did help with my acne...but it never completely went away. And then after awhile the products stopped working altogether. Gah I hate my skin.

I wonder if I can post pictures on here for a before/after thing...or maybe I just have to use the gallery. Idk.

I wish I took pictures of my acne at it's peak so I could show how much (more like "little") proactiv and the other stuff worked. But, like most acne victims...I avoided pictures to no avail.

I wouldn't say my acne is terribly severe right now...I have more scars than I do active acne. My T-zone is generally the most clear part of my face...oddly enough. My cheeks are the real issue...they get pretty bad.

I'm still unsure how I feel about this...I'm kind of excited, kind of scared...

I already have back/neck issues, so I think the muscle weakness is the most common side effect I'm most worried about. Hair-loss would suck too...but I have thick hair anyway. Still...

Dried nasal passages worry me also. I recently had sinus surgery (May 21st) and that was the only time I've ever bled through my nose. Not very fun. Plus I had to keep my nasal passages moist with saline A LOT during post-op...and I'd suck if accutane somehow ruined my newly working sinuses through dryness.

I suppose I'll just stock up on advil and saline spray. Just in case.

Okay...I think that may be enough for now. If anything significant happens tomorrow (technically today), I may post again for Day 1. Otherwise, I'll wait till the end of the week and go for just weekly posts.

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