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Hey all!!!

Just opened my second pack (three fresh mini packs yay!) taking the pill as i type... its funny how the pill has the "DO NOT GET PREGNANT STICKER" (it has a picture of a preggoh lady with a red do not circle around it)lol :cool:

Anyhow, i say that phrase before every pill i take, my boyfriend finds it funny.

Do the guys get the same pill pack with a lady and the dont get pregnant peel off?


Hello all!

Today marks my second week anniversary with Sotret yay!!!! like any relationship it has its ups and downs, here i report both:

the UPs

1) My skin is looking better and better as the days pass. pre-sotret pimples have gone down so when i pass my hand by my face i feel no bumps (yay) i love that feeling

3) No bad side effects, ie: no thought of suicide (lol) no suicide (lmao) not hallucinating and def not hearing things, no headaches either

the DOWNs

2) The down side to pimples going away is that, the skin where pimples use to be, is a dry snakey mess!!! confession -> i peel the flakes off (which i shouldn't, but i do bc i just cannot resist)... they are abnormally huge flakes (gross, i know) like the size of a my pinky finger nail (i have small hands, therefore small pinky nail but c'mon that ish is too HUGE to be coming from my face)

4) Lips are starting to dry out, ughhhhhh... stopped using aquaphor for one day and wha-bamb!!! dry lips in the middle of the night, will never stop again (i was testing the meds to see if it was working, in my opinion, ITS WORKING)

Since that day my lips havent felt the same, the dryness is not noticeable but i can feel it if i run my tongue over my lips.


Another side effect i noticed today is that i began taking hour naps during the day which i never do, its not bothering me since i love to sleep but if this continues im going to have to bring it up to my doc.

I think thats all for now, overall having a positive outlook on this whole experience and have pictures on my phones memory card that i will be posting soon enough from week 1 and today (week 2).

**best of luck to my fellow accutane pill poppers, future accutane poppers and everyone with acne

Stay Classy everyone! be back soon


Accutane week 1

So I finished my first week of Accutane (Sotret). I'm taking 40mg a day, 20mg in morning and night. I have seen some progression, my inflamed pimples have gone down, not all but getting lower and lower day-by-day. The redness and scars of old pimples are still noticeable but make-up covers it to look semi normal.

I noticed that my face is a little bit more oily since i started the treatment, has this happened to anybody??? i thought accutane was suppose to dry you out, why am I having a polarized effect?

Someone please help


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