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when will the acne go away?

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after about a week into this regime, i do find that my skin has gotten better.. my big zits have shrunk/dried up and what's left is mostly just red marks.. i still have a few 'live' ones but it maybe due to my period which just came 2 days ago.

my face is still far from good but happy that it's making some progres... took some photos which i'm yet to find out how to upload them..


ok.. i've never written a blog before but i've decided to write one as acne became such a big part of my life (sadly) that i just need to write about it!

just abit of background of myself - i'm 30 and had perfect skin all the way up till about 2 years ago... i never had to care about what i eat or what i put on my face and i never had to wear any make up.. i'll get a lot of comments about how i can keep my skin in such great condition. then for the last 2 years i've broke up horribly, i think i can relate that to work stress but now that i'm not as stressed the acne is not stopping. i am depressed, and everytime i look at the mirror i want to cry - the used to be perfect/pore-less skin is now all swollen with red marks/acne on my cheeks and a lot of my chin.

i've been to two dermatologists and tried out various antibiotics but didn't work, i didn't want to go on stronger pills because i'm trying to conceive and didn't want to risk it. the redder my face with acne scars and bumps is, the more foundation i had to put on my face (i can NEVER go to work without foundation coz it's just going to scare everyone away!), the worse it gets...

so now i'm starting a blog - to track my use of natural remedies to see if it works for me. i've seen a lot of good comments about acv, lemon juice, honey, baking soda etc etc so i'm going to give it a try.

i've actually been drinking acv for a week and a half now, been using baking soda to wash my face for 2 weeks, and had been using eggwhite + lemon juice mask for 3 nights. So far, no results. i've also been drinking SO Much more water (i had to like pee so often) but still i have huge acnes on my left hand side of the cheek and new ones on my chin.

will give this regimen a try for a month or so and see if this works!

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