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ACNE II; The Return of The Acne Killer

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DAY ONE- Marshall Law is declared

Seen the Doc he wants me back on antibiotics- I say NO. I want to mess with my body as little as possible. Plus I never rated antibiotics. I think I need a new Doc, he was a bit quick to call for antibiotics in my mind, and I don't buy that my skin problems are because of hygiene issues at the gym- me touching my face. It doesn't add up.

I don't want to stop excercise or take antibiotics, so the plan:

1. Change my diet, in particular find what foods I may be allergic to.

2. Try ACNE.ORG REGIME. Where do you get this stuff in the UK though? All on the web?

Down but not out I pick myself up again..

(v.cathartic O_O )



DAY ZERO- Acne runs amock, CHAOS/LOOTING/VIOLENCE, the police have lost control

Done creams/face washes/antibiotics/acutane & was clear for a few years after the acutane (which other than dry skin I found ok). HOWEVER, just as I thought my biggest problem was scarring and the occasional spot, I get a massive out-break at the same time as I quit smoking and start leading a health(ier) life.

This was about 3 months ago and my skin is still bad. The problem is not going away and the changes I've made aren't working.

It's also career season and I need a new job, got f-all money so can use that as an excuse for not socialising. But still opportunity is passing me by.

------Feel like a leper. Why u looking at me like that? Oh I see I am sorry. Do I want to look in the mirror today? No. Must anyway though. Please, no picture...Thankyou. Maybe I'll do that another day. Shave today? Reaction tommorrow? Stay in the dark and out of the light. Head down. Hello how are you. Yes I'm good. I'm glad you don't look at me I don't want you to look at me too. Sideways conversation. God my face kills. Let me scratch my head off please. Time is slipping and the todo list is growing---------

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