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Laurie Jay

So, not much to report on the acne side of things. I've been a bit bad with picking (argh) but not too bad. It's just that when I run my hands across my face (haha also bad) if I feel aything that could come off, off it goes. Eh sounds disgusting imo but oh well. Other than that not much.

I've been contemplating on why it is that I have acne. I don't think it's hormones due to my age because one- I got acne at a really young age. Granted, I was a really early bloomer....hm. Well okay it possibly could have been hormones but I'm still iffy about that. Especially since I don't break out around menstruation time. I just break out whenever.

I also know (this is a for sure know) that it's not caused by stress. Because guess who has had Ap exams since last Friday? Me! And I'm not breaking out. Haha I'm not particularly stressed anymore as my only AP that I cared about is past. But still, I hardly, if ever get stressed out. Like, it's weird how little stress I experience. Haha I'm just one of those people who'll bottles things up and leave them for later. So stress= no.

I don't think it's genetic as no one in my family has acne. Like my mom doesn't, my grandma doesn't look like she did, same with the gramps, and my dad's side of the family.

Food related? I don't have the best diet but I don't break out more after certain foods. When I was younger my parents played into the "chocolate gives you acne" myth, and so I went around saying I was allergic to chocolate. Pffft. No. Love chocolate, and it doesn't break me out.

So I'm kind of stumped.... do I just have acne to have it? If there was a cause then I'd be a bit happier as then I could fix it properly. But sadly, I don't know. So I'll stick with the regimen, and hopefully fade the PIH and that's that.

Hope you guys have a great day wherever you may be!

Laurie Jay

Day Fourteen

Success- did the regimen morning and night today =)

I've gotten a few more pimples- small in size- due to purging/ the crappy job I did last week with the regimen. It's okay though, I'm sure they'll pass. They aren't too bothersome. Haha I'm really tired right now which is probably why I don't care about anything currently.

Ummm...I've been looking into things to help with my PIH. I thought the AHA might work, and was going to buy that but then I saw some stuff about ACV (apple cider vinegar) which looked really promising and I already have that in my house (in my room now). So i'll have to look into those alternatives a bit more although ACV is looking pretty good despite the whole smells weird/can be bad for teeth if not careful.

Anyone have a preference to either one?

Thanks, and good night!

Laurie Jay

So I'm home from school as I just finished my first AP test. Took a look at myself and saw that I was making progress! A bit of purging going on but that's okay with me. I'm probably going to go ahead and buy the AHA treatment soon so that I can work on my hyperpigmentation. Lets see...the fish oil/vitamin C supplements are definitely working on my hair haha- it's growing in really fast. Not so sure about on my acne but I have confidence. Long term results are what I'm aiming for. Especially before prom which is like two-three weeks away!

Well, I'm going to go as my brain is shot. Have a great day guys!

~ New pictures up in gallery, check back tomorrow after they've been approved!

Laurie Jay

Day Eleven

SUCESS! and failure haha

So I finally managed to wake up and do the regimen this morning! The flip side? I skipped it this evening. Meh... It's just not meant to be. I"ll keep trying. Maybe day 22. Anyways, this must be a short post as I have my first AP test friday and need to study everything. Pressure is on, and I just may crack. Which is entirely possible.

Good Night acne.org!

Btw- pictures are up. I'll try not to look at them too much or else I'll end up taking them down.

Laurie Jay


So I just uploaded two pictures into my gallery; one of each side of my face. It's pending approval and all that so i guess check them out later. Basically you'll see all my hyper-pigmentation/marks and the stray pimples that I currently have because of all my laziness with the regimen. Also, the quality isn't perfect, took this with my laptop in my room. But still, you'll get a good idea of what I'm dealing with.

Haha I also had a lot of fun taking out my eyes on picnik! Pointless yes, but still fun.

Laurie Jay

Day Seven

I was baaaad, these past couple of days. I completely skipped Friday's regimen. I had this project due Friday and I stayed up all of Thursday night doing it. And then when I got to school that Friday, I had a really bad day. So when I came home, I just crashed. Walked into my room around 2:15ish and didn't wake p until 11pm. And only because my younger brother and my mother walked into my room and forced me to get up. Spent some time with them, and then went back to sleep at 1:15ish. That obviously didn't leave any time for the regimen. Although, Friday morning, since I was up from the all-nighter anyways, I washed my face. Didn't have time for the BP, so I just slapped on some moisturizer after.

To continue my badness I had SATs this morning at 7:30 and so I just said screw it to the regimen. I wasn't going to wake up early when I needed to be completely relaxed and in test mode. And to top it all off, I had to volunteer right after the SATs at this Model T Mustang show (it was amaaaazing, I loved all the classic cars. Favorites, I was drooling and wanting to buy a car right then and there). I was at the ballet table, which was directly in the sun, and I sat there for over an hour. No sunscreen, no hat, nothing.

So I'll have to bear the consequences of my oh so bad behavior. They in fact are already emerging. I've got a zit popping up on my chin that is painful. I had a teeny white head on the side of my forehead that I'm completely disregarding as it's really nothing. Also I have a zit on the side of my cheekbone area that has been there for a few days.

I was just thinking that the sun exposure definitely won't help with the hyperpigmentation that I'm trying to get rid of. Mmm...nothing I can do about that now. I'll try to remember sunblock from now on.

Besides that, the only other thing to add is that I haven't been taking my supplements either. Oops.

Have a great rest of the night!

Laurie Jay

So I just wanted to start this off by saying that I'm glad that I've been keeping up with the blog and my regimen! Day 5 (but not really, like day 8 or so) is pretty good. Still not doing the morning part, although every night I go to sleep saying I will, and every morning I wake up later than I should. I'm okay with it, I feel that once I finally do wake up that one morning (tomorrow?) I'll be able to forever after.

So today was not a good day for me at all, and I really feel like venting but I'm not the type of person who will do that readily. Bleh, it was just a bad day. Although my laptop is now fixed and returned to me! (My brother poured water onto it while it was on and I didn't discover it until about 45 minutes later) Silver lining =)

So a little tweak in the regimen- I discovered that we had the basis bar that Dan said was an acceptable substitute to the cleanser (not the exact same one, as his says sensitive skin, and mine says the all clear bar, similar enough!). I decided to use it to shower last night and now I just used it to wash my face. Im probably going to alternate between the bar and the regular cleanser. The bar was okay, but if I had to pick I wold choose Dan's cleanser. Although it was really good in the shower. Eh, I'm probably just being picky.

So yep, that's my update. My skin still feels smooth, the existing acne I have is diiiieing haha. About two bumps under the skin that I'm waiting to see what will happen, if they fade away, or just stay there. Other than that, I'm happy about the way the regimen is going! I just need all the marks to fade! Hopefully they won't take years as have been suggested. Although I have had these marks for awhile on their own so I say its way over due for them to pack their bags. I have noticed that I have some actual scars, maybe ice pick, not sure. They don't bother me to much at the moment as I'm focusing in on the hyper-pigmentation.

Anyways, that's my little spiel on nothing for day five! Have a great rest of the night!

Laurie Jay

Day Four and such

Currently am in between treatment and moisturizer; decided to come on and update!

I had my ACT test today- death, pure and utter, agonizing death. after about 2 and a half hours my mind started to shut off. My science and essay scores are going to tank because of that but I couldn't care less. I don't need a standardized test, which is timed terribly, to prove that I have smarts because I already know that I do. Ugh, ranting sorry. It was just a waste of time, and I'm sick so it was even worse than normal. I kept asking my teachers for tissues every 20 minutes, and there was a pile of them on my lap because I wasn't allowed to get up- gross. But oh well, one test down- like a million more =p

I did miss doing the regimen this morning (again haha). I'm wondering when I'll ever get up and do it. Maybe tomorrow? I think so!

I was contemplating my skin, as I just tried taking a ton of pictures to put on (eh they were okay, I'll probably put them on later tonight). I've got acne, whiteheads/pustules/ bumps under skin (papules??), but I think my main issue is with hyper pigmentation. My skin is so dark in areas that it's like a noticeable division between lighter areas and darker. I'm hoping that with the regimen and time, it will fade as I won't have any acne to aggravate it/add to it. I've read about the peels and lightening stuff you can do and I'd really rather stay away from all of it. Money that I don't have (I wouldn't do it myself) and possible issues that I wouldn't want to deal with. So yeah- regimen you are my only hope!

So I had more stuff to say but I'm getting off as I have a phone call! Later!

BTW- still making progress!

Laurie Jay

Day Three

Hey it's a new mile mark in my blog! Haha before I only made it to two days. Although all I've got to say is that I completely skipped doing the regimen today. Woke up again without enough time to do it, and then chose not to do it later in the evening as I had to go to a review class right around the time I usually would do it. Argggh I'm so lazy.

However, I have been taking my supplements. Much less time for those haha.

Progress wise, all the pimples that I had previously are going away, and my face is a bit smoother, if somewhat dry/flaky. The moisturizer takes care of that though. My face does look a bit weirder to me as those baby fine hairs that we have on our faces looks more distinctive/noticeable which somewhat bothers me but not really. Not like I can do anything about it anyways. So I'll just see what happens.

Hope you all had a great day! =)

BTW- if any of you watch Dancing with the stars- who got eliminated tonight?!?! I missed it.

Laurie Jay

So I missed doing the regimen this morning as I kept on turning off my alarm and waiting for it to be magically 6:20 after half an hour had gone by. So it was a no go this morning but I made sure to do it this evening so half way there! I am going to do it. Just need to remember that in the mornings haha.

I've also added a few things to my diet/regimen starting today- a 500mg Vitamin C supplement and a 1000mg Fish oil supplement. I've heard wonderful stuff about fish oil and just got a bottle about an hour ago. And vitamin C is good for hair and skin and all around my entire body, so I'm with that. I may add a regular multi-vitamin but that will be for later.

In the mean time, I've got AP, ACT, and SAT standardized testing starting from this Wednesday through May 12 (not every day but packed in there with a lot of reviewing). Very stressful time. I don't think that my acne is stress affected though so I'll be good. Just need to get through all the testing!

Which speaking of, I must get to- projects and studying to juggle. Hope all of you had a nice day/ have a nice day tomorrow! <3

~Laurie Jay

Laurie Jay

Back Again

So I am ashamed to say that, after a while of using The Regimen I stopped. Not because it wasn't effective or anything. It became a hassle for me having to worry about it during soccer season. I had discovered over the summer, that when I sweated or even perspired it would bleach the top of my T-shirts (many good ones died that way :shhh: ). So that was a no go during soccer as we weren't allowed to wear white shirts. So I stopped doing it then, and gradually....stopped altogether. Not going to lie, I got lazy in the mornings, and wouldn't have time to do it and I'd forget at night too.

Recently I've decided to give it another try, and make time. I've been doing it for the past three-ish days so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll last longer than before and get the results I'd like.

Laurie Jay

Day Two

So this is day two on the regimen! Yay!!! I"m liking it so far. Had a slight scare the other night. Well it wasn't really a scare but a development- I looked in the mirror after doing the regimen and saw all these tiny bumps forming, and some were on an area that I 99.99% of the time do not get acne. I was kind of excited, I was hoping that I was purging immediately, cuz I want to get that done and over with as soon as possible. Well, I woke up this morning and the bumps were no longer there/barely visible. It's a mystery ooOooo! Haha So yeah, that's what's going on with the regimen! My face has been slightly itchy since I started but that's to be expected from the "What to Expect" page.

Hmm, one down side is that I'm washing my hands constantly now cuz of the regimen because I really want to do it right and plus, Dan says to wash your hands before like every step. So now I'm using my mom's french hand cream, which smells nice, so I don't care! We should probably invest in some of that non-harsh hand soap.

Well off to breakfast and doing more AP work!

Hope your all having great days! ^.^

Laurie Jay

Day One

Well I've started doing the Regimen! I have a log up on it so I'm kinda thinking having a Blog also would be kinda redundant. Hmmm.... Oh well! I'll do both =p. But yeah. It went successfully and I liked the products. I have high hopes. But I'm also thinking ahead, and worrying about purging. It should start right around this 3-day retreat I"m going on. Bleh, I don't want to be around people when I purge. And plus, I need to also worry about being in the hot, hot sun. I don't think I'm going to buy a sunscreen as I've asked my mom to spend too much money on me anyways. I'll invest in a hat. I think. Haha. But yeah. Pray that the purging lasts very shortly!

And I don't think that you'll be seeing pictures of me =p. I spent forever trying to get a good one that showed what kind of acne I had without making me look butt ugly and failed haha. Maybe some sectional pictures.

In other news, I have to start working on AP stuff today. I don't want to put it off too long, as then I'll have to do it all in August and that wouldn't be fun. Hopefully, I'll have most of it done by the end of July, and then I can just coast along. Bah, three Ap Classes (English, Chemistry, and US History). I'm going to be soooo swamped this coming year and it's my Junior year! How will I manage?!? Woe is me! Haha just kidding, I know I'll find a way to do it.

Hope all of you are having great days!

Laurie Jay

It Came!

Yay, my starter kit is here, I'm staring at the products right now! I'm excited, but also scared. I hope this works. I really do. It needs to work.

Well I need to go take my before picture because tomorrow is the beginning.

Tomorrow is Day One.

Wish me luck!

Laurie Jay

One Day

So I've stayed away from Acne.org for a little while just because I haven't started the regimen yet as my starter kit hasn't arrived. Well, according to the UPS tracking info, which I've looked at everyday, multiple times a day, it's coming tomorrow! Yay! I really can't wait to start on the regimen although I just read some things on the message boards about how there acne is still bad after week 4. I know that it's supposed to get worse before it gets better but I'd rather the worse go away quickly. =p Ah, I'll deal with it because I just want clear skin.

In the mean while, I got my permit and have started practicing to drive! I'm doing pretty well for a beginner, although I've stayed mainly in parking lots. I have been on the street a couple of times though! And I wasn't a hazard to others so go me!

Well that's an update on me! I hope all of you have been doing great and continue to do so! O_O

EDIT: Yay, it's in Massachusetts!

Laurie Jay

Got the email that I've sort of been waiting for: my starter kit is due on the 30th. It hasn't been shipped yet, but that's a start! So yeah, just a quickie post!

Hope you're all having great nights (days depending on where you are)!

Laurie Jay


So, I'm going to get my permit today! I should be studying some more because I hear that it may not be easy depending on what computer you get. BUT I just can't stay away. I'm just extremely excited about the starter kit I ordered and am waiting for the email confirmation that says it's shipped! I keep checking my email for it even though I know that in California it almost 7am whereas where I am, I'm a few hours a head so I won't be getting the email for at least two more hours as the business day starts at 9am. Gah. But I'm having fun on the website, reading people questions/ posts and giving my opinion to some. It's occupying me although I reeeeally need to study because I want my permit today!

Ah but I need to take a picture if I get it....bleh. Oh well! I can deal with that. Just need to get studying =) I actually don't want to have to re-take the test at a later date becuase then I might already be on the Regimen and I would probably be having that bad breakout that happens. And I do not want to wait a maximum of 4 months for my permit. I would feel embarrassed if I had to have the picture with a worse than normal breakout because once you tell people "Oh! I got my permit!" they want to see it. And then they look and are like "Oh that's a nice picture" but it's really not but are just being nice. So yes, I want my permit today when I don't look too bad although I still am breaking out.

But anyways, I hope all of you have great days!

Laurie Jay

The First Step

I just posted my order. I'm hopeful. Summer has just started, I just turned sixteen, and I want a new start. A new face. Once I get my starter kit, I think I may post pictures of my journey. Maybe.

Obviously, I'm new here, and a bit unsure about what will happen. We'll see....

A bit about me: Like I said I'm sixteen, and I'm a girl. Recently found acne.org a few weeks ago and spent days on it, just looking around and seeing if it worked according to all you different people. I just got up the courage to ask my mom the other day, and I ordered today! I've had acne for a LONG time. Since, I would say, elementary school. It wasn't all that bad back then, but I still had it. It was definitely terrible, and obviously affected me a lot. I tried some things when I was younger, went to a derm, tried the prescriptions, tried proactive, nothing worked. Although, when I was younger I didn't know as much, and definitely wasn't as dedicated as I hope I'll be now. I know what to expect. Like with Proactive, I felt that it was making my face worse so I stopped. Now I know that that's probably what was supposed to happen. Oh well. I'm going to try the regimen and will stick to it!

I wish you all out there luck, and hope you'll do the same for me!

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