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ok..(sigh)..i have suffered from bacne since......6th grade...i am now a junior...i still have bacne..now, its not severe..the acne itself..but the scars are more of a concern...i just dont know what to do..everyday look at my back, lower back, and shoulders and just get depressed..the scars are on my shoulders my and ALL of my back..the only area unaffected by the bacne scars is right down the middle of my back..the scars are just everywhere..even if the acne goes away it still leaves a scar..like it just hurts so bad inside to know that i cant wear certain things or show off my body because of my back..i've never worn a tank top outside of my house...its so embarrassing that even my closest friends dont even know..i'm african american..not really on the dark side and i need to know what i can do to get rid of these scars...i want to go to my prom without feeling self conscious..i want to wear my bikini in public without feeling self conscious..PLEASE ANYBODY..im tired of going online and finding bull// i need something thatll work...i'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide so that is WAYYY out of the question...HELp!!!..

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