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hawraa m.


Hey guysss!!! Long timme no seeee:P

haha, anywaysss I'm happy to say that erythromycin is working.

I have a few small pimples but NO BIG PIMPLES.

i think the combination of retin-a and erythromycin pills is working out.

I have stopped using perrigo wash because eevery since school started, I have no time to wash my face with it in th emorning and it will make my face EXTREMELY dry.

Sadly, my dermatologist will not give me anymore refils for erythromycin.

I'm really pissed off at my dermatologist.

I seriously think he does not want me to have clear skin. I think he wants me to keep coming back to him so he can get more money:l I am going to look for a new dermatologist. I'm sick of my current one. He will not change my medicine and when something works he doenst let me use it.

But seriously guys, I had the most severe acne ever and since I started using erythromycin, my skin has been clearing up. They're miracle pills!! Try it out pleaseee, you wont be dissapointed. It wont et rid of scars though. Right now I'm looking for a way to get rid of my scars naturally or i might purchase bio-oil. My scars are HORRIBLE you have no idea. I'm just gladd that my acne is 85% gone. I still have tiny red bumps though, but that's a HUUUGEEE difference from how my face used to be before. My face used to have white heads, huge cystic pimples, black heads, white lumps, red marks and scars, and almost everything you can imagine. Now? just small bumps that are barely noticable. NO WHITEHEADS IN ABOUT 6 WEEKS!! MAYBE MORE!! try to get this you guys!!

Oh, and I also said that I will tell you about physicians formula concealer duo 101. I dont recommend you get it. If you have lots of marks to cover like me,e this isnt made for you. It's made for hiding dark eye circles and little marks. If you try to use it all over your skin, it will just make your skin appear green and even if you blend it[takes FOREVERRR] you'll still see a bit of green. the red stuff isnt really for the acne marks, it's more for under eye circles.

hawraa m.


hi alll:D i haven't updated this in a while so here we go:D

1 - so far, the erythromycin pills are working pretty well. my forehead acne is gone but the ones on my chin, cheeks, and nose arent. i think it's because i pick at those too much but not on my forehead. i just cant not touch them, it's so hard!

2 - school starts in 4 days, and my acne is NOT gone. i dont want to go another year with pimples on my face. so i bought some concealer. it's physicians formula concealer 101. i have NO IDEA how to use it. the directions confuse me. it's also my first concealer so yeah. i'll probably watch videos or read about how to use it and i'll get back to you guys on this concealer stuff(:

3 - i have stopped using the perrigo wash. it's because of my laziness in the summer. i stay up to 7 am and sleep in till 5 pm. lmao. i need to stop. once school starts, i'll probably start using it again.

4 - i know this has nothing to do with acne, buttttt i want to share my school schedule with you guys. so yeahh. haha.

homeroom - mr.vandenbosch

1st period - orchestra , harden

2nd period - geoscience, miller

3rd period - algebra, bissonette

4th period - PE, barker

5th period - history, donelson

6th period - english, disbrow

so that's all i have to say guys. next dermatologist appt. sept.8. that's also the day i start school. but it's half day so thank goshh. i need a new cream for my face. my dermatologist is a bitch and wont give me anything new. im sticking to the erythromycin pills though(:

hawraa m.


I'm actually surprised! Yesterday I took my first 2 pills of erythromycin and I woke up today, felt my face, and the pimples felt smaller!! I am so excited to get going with this. I'm washing my face with perrigo benzoyl peroxide face wash in the morning, at night I wash my face with neutrogena bar soap, and then apply retin-a. I hope that in the next 4 weeks my pimples will be gone and I can start something that can help fade me scars.

hawraa m.

So I just got back from the dermatologist. MY dermatologist refuses to give me something new because he says he's sure retin-a will work we just need to give it time. He did give me spme new pills. IT's called erythrocin. He said if every thing fails, then we can try accutane, He start talking aobut it and I dont think I'd ever want to take it. I do want clear skin, but it sounds way too scary. I dont want to get blood tests every month and all that other stuff is scary. Im sure there is something out there that will work for me. The risk of having high cholestorl or liver problems is not worth it. I'm just praying that erythrocin will work.

hawraa m.


Heyyy guys. So really no progress. Tomorrow is my dermatologist appt. yaaaaayyyy.

I'm for sure getting something ne wbecause I've been on retin-a since...probably....april or may and nothing good yettt. I have no time left. I want my acne gone before school starts and school starts in less then a month. Hopefully I'll get some benzaclin. I will update after my dermatologist appt.

hawraa m.

I'm pretty mad

Nothing good going on so far. Looks the same to me. School starts next month (September 8) and I need this gone.

This is what I'm taking:

Perrigo Benzoyl Peroxide wash 10% every morning

Neutrogena Acne pronce skin bar before I applly retin-a.

Retin-a 0.05% every night.

and that's it. I'm supposed to be taking doxycycline but it makes me throw up so I'm not going to use it. My next dermatologist appt. is August 13 and this time I need a new product because I really have no time left.

hawraa m.

What's going on

Hey guys, I feel like I should update since I'm bored so here I am(:

So as you guys know, I'm taking doxycyclin, retin-a 0.05%, and perrigo benzoyl peroxide wash.

So I started taking doxycyclin about 3 days ago. The first time I took it, I fell VERY nautious.

After about an hour of suffering from that, I threw up. So I decided not to take it.

So far, the perrigo wash stuff works pretty good. I'm getting lots of new pimples [most things get worse before better] but the VERY bad and deep scar on my nose is now fading. I think it works amazing for scars so hopefully, it will help with my scars.

I'm still using retin-a every night. I've switched from basis soap to neutrogena acne-prone skin facial bar. It's not that good. It makes my skin dry, more pimples, and literally melts away. I've had one bar of basis soap and it's lasted my about 3-4 months. With the neutrogena bar, it's practically melting right in my hand. It's almsot gone and I've had it for only a week! I love how it gets all foamy but it's a waste of money, but who knows? maybe it's good for you.

So anyways, I'm thinking about starting doxycycline again tomorrow. I'm desperate for my acne to dissapear. So I'm gonna try the pill. Hopefully it works.

hawraa m.

New medicine

So I went to the dermatologist and he prescriped me some new things. I asked for benzaclin and he said that he wants me to keep using retin-a. I told him that I didnt like it and I want something diffrent. He told me to keep using the face wash and retin-a. He also gave me erythromycin. I've used tihs before but it doesn't really do anything. He prescriped me doxycycline pills. I've also used these and had no luck but when I used these before, I didn't really take them at the right time. This time I will try to be more careful cus my goal is better skin before school starts up.

hawraa m.

Tomorrow is my dermatologist appointment. You dont know how excited I am to go. I'm asking for benzaclin and something that can possibly lighten my scars. I've stopped using retin-a since sunday because what's the use of using it if it's making my acne worse? So I've stopped using it and now I'm getting cystic acne on my jaw line. I'm excited to start trying benzaclin. I've heard great things about it and my friend used it and her sever aacne dissapeard in only a couple of weeks. I'm hoping this will work. I dont care if I have to use it for the rest of my life. As long as I get clear skin then it's worth applying it at nigt. Cant wait;D

hawraa m.

I'm really dissapointed. No improvment just more acne. I seriously have no more patience with this product. I can not wait for another month. I need to see improment within 6 weeks and it's been 2 months since i've used retin-a. My scars arent fading either and my doc promised me that so it made me quite sad. I cant wait till my dermatologist appointment to get something new. I'm planning on getting a pill for acne and benzaclin. I need my acne gone with in a month and a half because I do not want to start a school year with acne still on my face. If you guys have any recommendations,please email me them or comment. I will not go on accutane becuase first, my insurance doesnt cover it, and second, im really scared of the things that can happen to you while using it and getting blood drawn.

hawraa m.

Week 7...

At week 7 and no improvment. Infact, there's more pimples! When will this end? );

I want to be clear by the time school starts [sept.8] I dont want to go through another year with acne. Acne is horrible and sometimes so painful. i have lots of new pimples. Two near my nose that are gigantic, a HORRIBLE huge scar on my nose from a painful pimple, one on my cheek bone, 3 small ones under my right eye, alot of tiny ones on my jaw line, some on my neck, and TONS of scars. Oh god. Please help me with this shitty problem. I wis i can just have clear beautiful skin.

hawraa m.


So far, NO improvment AT ALL. This makes me sad. Just more bumps and scars. I hope that by July 16 [dermatoloist appointment] that things will be clearer. If by then my face isn't clearer, then I will ask my doctor to prescribe me Klaron. I hope that something will help my acne clear before school starts. I dont want to go another year with acne.

hawraa m.

End of week 5.

So week 5 wasnt the best for me. I had a lot of new pimples. Today I got a new one near my eyes and it hurts. I got lots of little tiny bumps, and those 2 pimples that i would not stop picking at are smaller. I hope next week things will be looking better. If I dont see any improvment by week 12 then I will ask my dermatologist to prescribe me klaron. Hopefully the retin-a will work.

hawraa m.

So far, this week has been good and bad.

I have these very painful pimples that are like stuck together and wont leave!

It's been a week since I've had them, and usually when I get new pimples they leave with in 3 days.

I keep picking at them, it's so hard to not touch them!

On the plus side, my family is saying they can see a difference in my face.

To me, it looks pretty much the same but I dont know.

I hope I will get some real improvment next week.

Have a good weekend and thanks for reading O_O

hawraa m.

Middle of the week

So usually when people are on retin-a, they get irritated skin or dry skin or anything like that before they get better. I thought I was the one of the lucky people that wouldn't get that. I'm currently in week 5 and new pimples are popping up. Ooohhh noooo D: I am hoping these will leave soon. I have these 2 VERY painful pimples on the side of my face and I cant help but touch it. Usually when I have a painful pimple, I keep playing with it no matter how much it hurts. Bad habit :/ I've had it for 3 days now and they're not getting smaller at all. Hopefully by next week I will see a lot of improvment because it will be my 6th week with retin-a. I pray to god that it will work and I pray that all us acne sufferers[sp?] will get cured from this horrible skin condition soon. It's not fun at all.

hawraa m.

Just a quick update

I know I said I will update on Friday but I just wanted to tell you guys that today I woke up in the morning and my skin looked clearer. I dont know if it was my eyes cus I just woke up but it did. Also, it was a whole lot softer when I touched it. I think I'm getting results O_O Yay.

hawraa m.

Week 5 on retin-a

So this is my 5th week on retin-a. Last week I explained everything and how I was prescriped perrigo benzoyl peroxide wash and retin-a 0.05%. So after last weeks entry, I tried the perrigo benzoyl peroxide wash and the next day I had LOTS of new pimples. There were tiny bumps and some huge noticible ones, so I will absolutley not be using that again. I will try to find a new morning wash later. So the retin-a is still the same. I'm seeing no improvment. My doctor says he sees lots of improvment but I dont think so. I think he's just being nice. He said I should start to get new pimples but they should leave quickly. I think that's happening because I have gotten new ones and they're quickly leaving. My scars are still the same...I'm hoping retin-a will work. I do not want to have to get on accutane. I will update on friday and tell you if there's any improvement. I hope this works O_O Good luck to everyone on it.

hawraa m.

4th week on retin-A

So I just discovered acne.org and it seems like a very good place for support on acne, since most people with out acne dont understand how I feel. So I have moderate acne I guess, but lots of scarring. The scarring is very bad and noticible and look like acne, but they're not VERY DEEP AND VERY DARK, only a couple are. I really didn't mind till I started school and people started asking me "what's wrong with your face?" "why is your face like that" and all these other questions that hurt me. I tried to ignore it since my acne is probably from my genes and will go away like what happened with my father. I just used over the counter stuff, nothing special. months later, I developed a wart on my foot and my family doctor referred me to a dermatologist to take care of it. The doctor saw my skin and prescriped me perrigo benzoyl peroxide wash, and retin-A. He said the wash should help lighten my scars, but I haven't used it since I am too lazy. I am 4 weeks into retin-A. My face looks pretty much the same. My doctor reasured me that when I get to 6 weeks of using it, I will see a lot of improvment. I will start using the wash since the doctor said the retin-A wont to much for my scars. I will check back in with you guys sometime next week and I will tell you if I see any improvment using the wash and the retin-a. Bye O_O

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