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Added AHA+

I've been on the regimen for 6 weeks + 2 days now

At this specific point I can say that I am not happy with how my face looks. For the past 2 weeks I have had a constant breakout - my cheeks and chin are horrible. I uploaded pictures of what my face looks like today to my log. My jaw has been a new area of breakout that has just occurred within the past 3 months, but it seems to be consistently getting worse. I've got a massive nodule high on my right cheek bone.

As a result, I concluded that it was time to try out the AHA - ha, who knows if that was a smart idea to do. Anyways, I did my nightly routine: I cleansed, I treated (BP), and then instead of the moisturizer I put on the AHA+. Used about a quarter size amount and dabbed and rubbed onto my face. There was a slight burning but very minimal, I've experienced worse when putting on SA. Dries rather quickly. Afterwards it has a very slight tacky feel on your face when you touch it. Doesn't feel oily at all. My plan is to where it nightly every other night this week - if it works nicely I'll up it to every night as my moisturizer.

...Until then...



Jojoba Oil Rub Review

I’ve been meaning to add this entry but I keep forgetting. Less than 2 weeks ago I did the jojoba oil rub. My face had gotten really dry from all of the BP use – finally using 2 pumps BP at night and ½-1 ½ in the morning depending on if I was going to wear makeup (this is still my regimen). My skin wasn’t producing large dry flakes, more of the area in general was just very dry and tiny bits of skin flaking.

I did the rub at night on a day that I hadn’t been wearing any makeup. I put about 14 drops of jojoba oil in my hand and dotted it around my entire face. I rubbed in circles with my fingertips for about 1 ½ minutes. I dabbed my fingertips off during the middle of the process because I did have some dead skin clumping a little on my fingers and didn’t want to keep rubbing that on my face – I really don’t think it will make a difference though. It felt nice and smooth during the whole process and yes my skin looked very oily. Then I just did my regimen and after washing my face I no longer looked oily. It seemed to have worked on reducing the dryness and quenching my skin because I noticed that the next few days my skin wasn’t as dry as it had been.

If you have jojoba oil or really dry skin, I recommend doing this. I’m going to do another rub this weekend because my skin has gotten a bit dryer lately, especially around my eyes which will be tricky to rub on.

…Until then…




...Day 43...

My face is not doing so good. For the past month I have been letting you all know that I wasn't having any bad breakouts, just averaging about a pimple a day. I was really happy with this, because the past months before my cheeks especially always had about 5 pimples (well what was left because I would pop them) constantly. Unfortunately, for the past 7+ days I have had a surge of pimples popping up on my face - especially high cheek bone and jawline. To top it off, I have been popping them as they come in. Right now I am dealing with both the effects of pimples flaring up and the left over healing process of all the pimples = scabs all over my face.

It's really making pretty darn bummed right now. Both my mom and dad have commented on my face, "You need to stop picking your face" or "Your face looks so bad right now", which is not helping me emotionally. I haven't been very successful in the last 2 weeks with not picking my face, I'm struggling and frustrated.

...Until then...



It's Like I Have Spurts

I can sometimes go a week without picking at my face. By this I don't mean popping a white head in the morning that arose over night, but instead that I don't sit in front of the mirror for more that 5 minutes picking at black heads and whatever else I can find. The last 4 days I think I've done a 5 minute session each night before I wash my face! I swear I have these spurts where I do it consistently for a few days then stop. I wish I could completely stop! So frustrating.

I went to the beach today to try and make up for the face picking I've been doing. I put on SPF 30 after about 20 minutes of laying in the sun. I think I just got sun-kissed instead of burnt - at least I hope.

...Until then...



A Much Needed Update

Back from my vacation to Oklahoma - it was less than thrilling. I will spare you the details. Let us cut straight to the face.

  • July 20 - luggage lost :cool: and of course that is where my Acne.org regimen was!!! I don't care if I have to wear the same clothes for 2 days, but I can't live without my face regimen - not too mention my makeup too! AHHHHH :D . So, I was stuck out in the country surrounded my cattle with only my grandma's products. I lucked out she had Olay Foaming Face Wash and Moisturizer. My neck (not the who neck area just under the jaw) is getting really dry/

  • July 21 - morning time and still no luggage. I used the Olay again. Ten o'clock p.m. arrives and my luggage has reached the premises! Woohoo :xxx: I get to use my nightly regimen again!
  • July 22 - Going on my 4th week of the regimen. Had 3 small pimples - popped themTook pictures today of my progress. Additional BP added: morning- 1 pump BP, night- 1 1/2 pump. I put makeup on after my regimen had settled and 1 pump of BP w/ makeup does not work for me. The BP & moistuizer concoction on my face would ball up on my fingertips when I was putting on my Almay smartshade foundation. I tried it again the following day, but it did the samething. Decided to only use 1/2 BP in the mornings if I am going to wear makeup and 1 1/2 pump if I will not be wearing makeup. Skin is getting flaky - maybe it's from going to the beach a few days ago though.

  • July 23 - Started taking Aleve to combat premenstrual breakouts. I Aleve in the morning and evening. Picked at scab from old pimple on right jawline all day :dance: . Skin still flaky... Overall really happy with my face! No new cluster breakouts just single pimples popping up every day to every other day.

  • July 24 - Popped a pustule I found on my chin this morning. Before I washed my face I had a mini pick fest on my face :dance: . Was not good

  • July 25 - 2 pustules appeared this morning, one on each side of my cheek - they kind of mirrored each other. Weird. Popped them.
  • July 26 - My face is ridiculoulsy DRY not flaky anymore! I notice it when I cleanse my face before I put on the BP. And at the end of the day before I do my nightly regimen. Especially dry around my cheeks.
  • July 27 -1 new pustules. Face still dry. Started period, so I stopped taking the Aleve. I think it may have worked on not giving me a bad hormonal breakout. Have to try it again next month!
  • July 29 - 4 weeks of using the regimen. Using 2 full pumps of BP at night.

  • July 30 - Picked at my face...
  • August 1 - Took pictures of my face for my log since I forgot to on the 29th. Yippee you can see wear I picked last night... Face dry. One good thing is that there were no new pimples this morning

Ok, overall I am really happy with the regimen. My face is so much smoother overall, besides the fact that now my face is getting very dry. Breakouts do seem to appear less in clusters or multiples - instead I just see random ones appear, averaging about 1 pimple a day, sometimes none. Red marks are ever present, but their is a more even tone to my skin I think. I'm really excited to see what this next 30 days brings me. I will soon be using the Acne.org AHA with my regimen and doing a Jojoba oil exfoliator - I'll let you know how they go.

Check out my updated pictures

If your bored here are a few pictures I edited from my trip to Oklahoma

...Until then...


Please ignore the mess below, can't figure out how to get rid of it without starting all over

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Time for a Vaca

Alright, I’m going on vacation!!! So excited. The only thing is that it is to a farm in Oklahoma and they don’t have internet service there so I will not be able to update my progress until the end of the month when I get back. I'll try and remember to take pictures of my face this and the upcoming Wednesday so I can show you the progress.

Sorry, for the detail but I should be starting my menstrual cycle around the 25thish, so I am going to try the Aleve idea to see if this will help with the premenstrual breakouts I get. I’ll update you on, hopefully, my success with this when I return from Oklahoma. I’m hoping the change in location won’t make my acne any worse - Florida and Oklahoma are both pretty much hot and at least the humidity isn’t as bad in OK.

…Until then…



Day 19

...Day 19...

While I have time in between my regimen I will give you an update.

I have 4 pustules on my left cheek, well what's left of them that is. Dang it - I had a moderate face picking last night... I was able to stop myself before I looked too horrendous. But I did pick and pick at the pustules on my left cheek. They looked yucky - red & scabby - this morning. I did go to the beach though and I got a little too much sun, only good thing is it outcasts the red marks from the pimples for the time being. I also have this annoying little pimple on my right jawline, I can't tell if it is going to become a cyst, but I pray not because there is already one in that area and it doesn't need a friend!

Break time - gotta put my 1 full pump of BP on. I do love the BP, it really minimizes the pimples overnight. Life saver. BRB...

Back with you. The BP is so smooth, but I have to constantly remind myself when putting it on that I must be gentle as I glide it on my face and to take my time. I am using 1/2p BP in the morning and there is no problem with putting makeup on like I had thought. But I don't know if I could do more than 1p in the mornings I wear makeup. I'll have to try it when the time comes.

Besides my left cheek, I am really happy with the progress of my face. More even complexion with somewhat less pimples, and hopefully soon to be even less.

...Until then...



I ditto the dryness

...Day 17...

And the flakes begin...

I have added 1/2 pump of BP during the morning routine for the past 3 days + the full pump of BP at night. Maybe flakes weren't the right term, because skin isn't just "flaking" off. I guess dryness is a better word.

My skin is so soft and smooth, but after I use the cleanser in the morning and let my face dry before I put the BP on, my skin has this dry skin look to it. Looks kind of like when your face is basically done peeling, but there is all these little white dry skin marks. But then I put the BP and moisturizer on and my face looks fine for the whole day.

And my hands are also so dry!!! Like I've said before, my hands are basically getting washed during the cleansing process, then I wash them again once I put the BP on and after, then I wash again before I put the moisturizer on and after. I was in between because I typically touching my keyboard while I wait for the regimen to dry. It doesn't help either that when I am at clinicals I wash my hands 24/7 as to not spread germs & everything else a hospital carries.

...Until then...



...Day 15...

There is definitely a difference in my skin and I like what I am seeing and feeling. I have less pimples coming in everyday. I would actually say that there have been days when I don't even see a pimple erupt - don't get me wrong though, pimples are still showing up.

Overall my skin feels smoother - half is because my breakouts are down not causing bumpiness all over my face and also the regimen is making my face so smooth. I wasn't an avid moisturizer before starting the regimen, so this also probably plays a factor too.

Before the regimen I felt like the areas where there wasn't a pimple/red marks/etc was very splotchy and uneven. Now I feel like I have a more even canvas (skin tone) with pimples/red marks/etc on top of it. Does that make sense? It's not perfect, but I like it. Pimples wise: Pretty much concentrated to cheek and jawline. But the pimples you see in the pictures are basically a few days old and just have scabs on them - yes I popped them - or are now just red marks. There is one nodule that is really annoying me, it's the red mark you see on my right middle cheek. I'm worried it is going to leave a dark scar and a dent. Cross my fingers it won't. Click the lower links to see my updated progress.

Link to my Acne.org gallery Extra photos on Flickr

My skin doesn't feel too dry or anything. I know I took a picture and put it on my log, and you can see my skin is a bit dry, but it was pre-moisturizer. I did lay out on Monday so that could be it too.

I will be adding 1/2 a pump of BP to my morning regimen this week - I'm skeptical about how it will work on the days I wear makeup. I'm wearing makeup tomorrow so we will see how that goes. I can't wait to try the AHA+ for my red marks too - waiting at least 2 weeks before I do that.

...Until then...



Today's Adventure

:dance::dance::D:xxx::cool: UUGGHH FLORIDA IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, Florida sunshine is great. But today I needed it not to feel like 100 degrees. I wanted to go check out makeup to try and figure out what I wanted. So, I caked on the makeup this morning - knowing I would be in stores like ULTA, Sephora, and MAC. Well shoot, you walk to your car and your sweating already and your makeup just feels like its going to fall off. It was so gross.

Anyways my adventure. ULTA, blah didn't find much, and I think I was still on my toes about my acne showing through my makeup. I of course wanted to look flawless at a makeup store filled with other flawless skin. Slipped out of there quickly.

Next comes Sephora. After shooing away the clerks long enough, I finally gave in to one woman's advances (Hmm... that doesn't sound quite right :dance: ). I said listen, "I HAVE ACNE", and of course what did she say... "Well have you tried any cleansing products?", YES I'VE TRIED PRODUCTS! What kind of question was that, anyways I told her I wasn't looking for cleansing products that I was using Acne.org and had faith - I want makeup. I had two older woman helping me out, they were truly so helpful. I wanted a coraly blush and realized the NARS & Benefit (Look at my makeup list from a previous post) was just too shimmery for me. They also answered tons of questions I had. What did I get?

Makeup Forever Sculpting Blush in 20 -

Sample of Bare Minerals Matte in Medium Beige (not in stores yet)

Sample of Cover FX in E40 (liquid foundation)

I also ordered my samples of Everyday Mineral and The All Natural Face minerals. Hopefully I find a match.

Now let's talk MAC (counter @ a department store). All the stores I went to were all about trying to get me to put the makeup on and I was like "heck no". I don't want to add any other factors into me breaking out and I thought it sounded icky. Well... I totally tried the makeup! Shame on me. But here's the thing, I was thinking about using MAC makeup if I didn't like the minerals. So this was the only way to try the makeup out. I was only going to buy eyeliner, but then the lady convinced me to do a makeover. I was like"Ahhhh, I've never done this before I'm nervous." She was like don't worry we clean everything and blah blah blah." I was like, "ya know what let's just do it." Ummm.... I didn't even think about it, but she totally took makeup wipes and removed all my face makeup - my acne was hanging all out in the middle of the department store! So here is what went on:

Bought Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Stubborn Brown - so smudge proof!


Prep + Prime Skin Base

Studio Fix Fluid in NW30

Select Coverup NW20

Select Sheer Press Powder in NW30

This was my first time in so long with intense liquid foundation. I hated how it looked right after she put it on - one word cake. Then the powder went on > better, but not great, still cake-like. However, once I got home 1-2 hours later, I actually really liked how it looked. A LOT better coverage than Bare Minerals, color matched really good, and it doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all. It honestly looked really nice. Want to see a picture of me? So... we will have to see. Maybe I will become a MAC girl?

Well that was my day. Can't wait to update you on my face tomorrow.

...Unit then...



Subtract the Stress

We can take stress out of the equation finally. I had my final today for nursing school. No more stress related breakouts on the horizon for at least a month! Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself by saying that

:xxx: .

It was a beautiful day out today here in Florida and I just had to get out of the house after being cooped up inside all weekend to study. :cool: So I spent a couple hours out by the pool :dance: . I put sunscreen on but I still think I got a bit too much sun - I deserve it though, I studied :dance: my butt off for that final!

Side note: there is a Proactiv commercial playing right now :xxx: - when aren't there commercials for this stuff... I hate when I'm watching TV with someone and these commercials come on. I imagine in my head that they are wondering why I don't use this or something to rid my acne. Dang it, I DID! It didn't work for me and neither has anything else. I'm working on it, give me time - it's called DK's products :dance:

My face has had a pustule on the left side of my chin and left cheek, & a couple small ones on my right cheek - this weekend was stressful and yes I picked at my face - continuous story of my life :D . Ya know what though? I don't feel horrible for picking at my face. It was a full on pick-fest, just popped a few that were more than erupting.

I'll update Wednesday & post pictures.


I am looking into some new beauty stuff, and just can't makeup my mind. I want to have a fresh start with my makeup in a way and also reward my face for looking better. I'll update how my face is looking on Wednesday and post pictures - I do have white heads and have been popping <ahttp://static.acne.org/ipb_uploads/emoticons/default_cool.png' alt=':cool:'> . Anyways, here’s a list of my narrowing down-ish to what I want to possibly get but still need some help on which one's best: *I still need to go physical look at them in the store too. Blush

Nars Blush (Orgasm), Benefit’s blush (Coralista), Smashbox (Paradise)

Those are in the mid twenty dollar range, so that is holding me back. I did find cheaper versions that people recommended:

Rimmel (Santa Rose /Pinkrose), Aveda (Apricot Glow), L’Oreal (Peach /Innocent Flush), Covergirl (Peach), Milani (Luminous)


Everyday Minerals > 100% vegan, while BE isn’t

- 100% vegan too, and it helps out the small businesses

Eye liner (brown)

MAC powerpoint pencil (Duck /Stubborn Brown) $15, Revlon Colorstay, L’Oreal Hip, Rimmel


Maybelline Full & Soft (great reviews for a cheap price)


5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel + Mouth Guards >

Baby Shampoo > clean makeup brushes

I stumbled upon Kandee while looking for products and I fell in love. She is so has so much advice to give, more than I needed because I’m not into makeup like she is, but it was awesome to watch and she talks about skincare, hair, & style.

(I also saw this on Kandee’s videos, & she raved about it)

Aleve > there is a
about taking Aleve can help with breakouts due to your period

Sudocrem > it’s supposed to help with scars >

Please, let me know if you have had any success/failure with any of the products.


Things I can’t wait to do with my Regimen:

  • Update my signature when I add more BP to my regimen
  • Try
    mask that I found through unsp0kenWords' blog
  • Use 2 full pumps of BP

  • Get a facial - got to get this skin clear first
  • Use my AHA+ (DK’s) - waiting a month or more into the regimen

  • Try a jojoba oil rinse > rid away flakes
  • Buy new makeup brushes - a reward to myself whenever my face begins to look clearer

  • Try
    mask too

  • Get a chemical peel/microdermabrasion - thinking Christmas present

  • Not wear makeup in public

What else?

Look at this great list too from GiveMeAnAngelFace


...Day 8...

Ok guys, so I have been doing the regimen with the DK's products for one week. For those who haven't been reading my blog, or don't want to go through all the entries, let me some up what I've been doing.

-Routine (*p=pump)

Morning: 1 p cleanser, 1 p moisturizer

Night: 1 p cleanser, 1/2ish p BP, 1 pump moisturizer + 6gtt Jojoba oil

-I'm gradually adding the BP into my regimen (Check out the entry "I Did It!")

-I wash my face only twice a day

-I do wear makeup 2 days of the week (had to add an extra day of makeup though this week)

-I use Bare Escentuals, & recently added Almay Smart Shade to the mix

-I leave the makeup on until it's time to wash my face at night, just using the cleanser as my makeup remover

-The worse area of acne is my cheeks & jawline

-I'm a compulsive skin picker

-I had a really bad breakout just as I started the regimen

I haven't been perfect with the regimen: I wash every day and night, it's just that I may add more than the amount of BP I had planned on adding to my nightly routine, and same goes for the other products, also I sometimes don't rub the moisturizer or BP in long enough. The BP is understandable because when you don't start out with that much it gets absorbed quicker so there is not as much to rub in. The other big negative I have going is that I have been popping my pimples when I see them, not as bad as I had been before the regimen though.

My bad breakout is done erupting, I'm just left with slight scabs (pretty much gone), and of course red marks all over my cheeks and jawline.

I have had about 2-3 pimples come up each day. Some are fully white heads, others are these slightly raised weird ones that I think may be the purging (read the entry "Hmm... Purge? for more detail). So, I don't know if I'm purging or not, I'm really not going to focus on that, I mean isn't the point of this to get rid of my acne - I'll stick with the latter. I read that it takes 30-90 days for a pimple to erupt, so based on that, the stuff I'm seeing now is from the past, and I won't see full effects of the regimen for at least a month - which I'm totally okay with.

It's hard to tell for me personally what's going on with the regimen because of the bad breakout that had started before the regimen and continued through this first week of the regimen. So, I'm putting more pressure on next week's results.

Overall, I am pleased with how everything is looking right now. Ya'll can check out my photos through my photo log > Click here. I added some special photos for my blog readers. My camera has the option to only highlight certain colors and the rest are seen in black and white. So there is an example of how it can be used to take a cool photo of trees. The ones of me I chose to highlight red colors then took pictures of my face. Wow, I think I will take one of these kind of pictures every month to compare the results. Should be interesting. Click here to check it out.

Let me know if you have any questions about the regimen (Just click the comment button in the right hand corner).

...Until then...



Let's Talk Makeup

What do I use?

Foundation Bare Escentuals (BE) (in 2N medium beige) I have used this for 4 years. I had no clue until coming to this site that it could be the culprit to my acne :dance: !? I just don’t know though. I have had acne even before using this, and just within the last year I started to get nodular acne. So is it to blame? I don’t think so for me. I use the BE concealer brush to first cover my pimples, then I go over my whole face w/ the BE kabuki brush. I’m debating whether to try something new...

Pros: Good coverage; goes on nice and smooth; I think it looks very natural; matches my skin so well; it’s not a liquid foundation! It last for a very long time so paying the twenty something dollars is well worth it.

Con: It seems to disappear from my acne areas when I get home at the end of my day. I don’t reapply during the day nor look into mirrors during the day when I wear it. But when I come home, it doesn’t look as good as in the morning but isn’t that expected with makeup? So basically I see my red marks coming through the makeup at the end of the day. It also sometimes settles around my pimples by the end of the day especially the scabby ones. You know what I mean? But again is this to be expected if I don’t reapply and it’s been on all day? The last con is the reviews it gets on this site for having bismuth and how that can affect acne.

I recently, within the last week, added Almay Smart Shade (light/medium) to my makeup. I bought it because of the good reviews I read on here, also had this bad breakout going on, & I didn't even know/think you could put liquid foundation on and then a powder. I'm so not makeup savvy :cool: . I haven’t worn liquid foundation it over 6 years so it was weird. I put it on before I put on my BE it went on nice but it did feel oily. It helped add more coverage for me throughout the day. Is liquid foundation typically feel a bit more oily than mineral makeup or is it just this one? I’m not using it on a regular basis just if I have a crazy breakout again.

Eyes BE Multitasking Minerals (bisque) I love this. I use it with the BE concealer brush around my eyes under my eyes and my eyelids. It really brightens my eyes up. It’s a bit lighter than my foundation color. I put this on before I put my foundation on.

Eyeliner black- MAC powerpoint eye pencil (engraved) love it. Brown just some Covergirl eye pencil > I’m on a mission for something better though. Sometimes I use a smudge brush if it looks too harsh.

Mascara Maybelline Define-A-Lash it’s one of those silicone brushes, it’s good, no complaints. As well, open to suggestions for something new. I always use an eyelash curler first before applying the mascara. Then after the mascara dries I use an eye lash comb to get all the clumps out > I think it makes them look more natural too, and then I re-curl them.

Cheeks I have some BE in Lovely & Pure Radiance, but I’ve only used them a handful of times. I also have this Sonia Kashuk cheek stain in beachbabe from Target & love it for the summer. I also have these limited edition Revlon A Floral Affair blushes, but I’m growing tired of them. I’m on a serious mission to find an amazing peachy blush that isn’t too shimmery, maybe even more matte. Suggestions?

Lips Nivea Lip Balm :dance:

I try to be pretty natural with my look no heavy eyeliners or blushes, no eye shadow. I wish I could be truly natural and not where any foundation maybe DK’s products will do that for me. Any suggestions on natural looking makeup products blog readers :D:xxx:

Tomorrow I will go into a thorough update of my skin & post my pictures - it will have been one week of using the Regimen and products

...Until then...



Hmm... Purge?

Big Kick Out

Ok, so I may be purging a bit. Why I think so is:

a) some pimples have appeared - but it's so hard to tell because these last few months I constantly have at least 5 pimples (nodules/pustules). Area they appeared- couple on upper part of forehead, one to the side of my lower lip and a few on my left and right cheek. Blackheads on my nose seem to be coming more prominent, as in purging themselves out.

b) this reason deserves a smack on the hand on my part :cool: , but I have been doing some pimple popping -I know, I know shame on me. But the point is, when I pop them - this is a weird/gross description - they don't pop like my typical pimples. It is hard to even explain, maybe more sudden as if there is more pressure behind it to give it one big kick out. They don't need much popping pressure in order for them to pop. The pimples for the most part are not prominent white heads, more like small raised skin areas, that have a somewhat whitehead look beneath the skin. Enough of that yucky detail...

Update: I have what I thought 2 days ago was a nodule smack in the middle of my left cheek, but today it doesn't seem to be as hard as it has been, not as risen either. It is not at all poppable - so I have PROUDLY not at all been picking at it (trying to redeem myself for that mentioned above :D ). The bad breakout I have had recently - specifically the right jawline area, seems to still be scabbing up a bit. This is because I was popping that area because there was left over gunk in them. Look for pictures on Wednesday!

One test down! Now I have to study for a nursing board test I take tomorrow, then start studying for my final.

...Until then...



I Forgot To Mention

Just like any

I used the Jojoba oil the other day as an eye makeup remover. I put some of the oil onto my fingertips and rubbed around my eyes. Then I gently wiped with a cotton swab and washed my face. It did a great a job - just like any typically eye makeup remover. I don't wear a lot of eye makeup, just a bit of eyeliner & mascara on top, so I don't know how it works on heavy duty makeup. My next test use will be as a hair conditioner & serum - should be interesting.

My next picture update will be on Day 8 - so you will see what one week of progress looks like. After that, I will continue to post weekly picture progress on Wednesdays.

I have my test finally tomorrow :cool: . Have to go back to studying now - wish me luck!

...Until then...



...Day 4...

First off, holy-moly there has been a crazy increase in the amount of views of this blog :D ! Thanks for the interest everyone. Let me know if I can describe things better or if I can answer any questions about the products or regimen - just press the comment button in the bottom right corner.

Happy Fourth of July to all! Quick quiz. You know the day - July 4th - but what year did America claim its independence? Answer at bottom - :cool: NO PEEKING, until you think a little...

Enough of the history lesson. I added the pictures to my log - they are from this morning. Thus, I have used the BP 3x (1/2ish [maybe a bit more] pump at night). The pictures have to get approved still, so keep checking back for the images.

My face is drying up from my breakout - by drying up I don't mean flaky, just that the pimples are shrinking down and I am just left with scabs where they are now, and of course red marks. But even just having flatter skin (still w/ scabs and red marks) feels better than mountains on my face. I'm improving on my face picking a bit. I'm not going to lie to you, I have popped a few here and there - but I don't do it during the day randomly or for long periods. I haven't had new zits arrive, well maybe a tiny white head that I popped. The other ones that I had popped were the ones still emerging from my previous bad breakout.

Luckily, I have yet to experience the purging. Time will soon bring that to me I am sure. That's okay - bring it on :dance:

So there is a lot of hand washing you will be doing with the regimen. When using all 3 products I do it 4x! Before, in between each, and after. So I've started to put lotion on my hands - the only thing I had that wasn't fragrancy was Eucerin PLUS Intensive Repair Lotion. It's ok I guess - not spending money to go get anything else!

Well enjoy your weekend everyone! I will be studying for my test Monday :xxx: Can't wait till its over - ha who am I kidding, I have a final a week after that!

Answer: 1776



I'm annoyed.

I had a meeting today to go to so I got dressed and put makeup on. I really wanted to keep my makeup days to the only 2 days when I need to put makeup on. But since I had to schedule the meeting for today, I had to add an extra makeup day to my regimen. After caking on layer after layer to hide my horrible breakout I have going on right now - specifically my right jawline and left cheek - the man doesn't even show up! I know that it is something really petty to get upset about :cool: , especially when things could be a lot worse. I was just so frustrated that I put all this crap on my face for no reason. As I'm sitting here typing this, I can just feel the makeup sitting it my pores - blah. And to follow through with my whole only washing my face twice a day, I will have to leave my makeup on for so many more hours - I know I don't HAVE to, but I'd prefer to wash only twice. Enough of my sob story.

When I wash my face tonight, I will add pictures to my log of what my face is looking like. I used the BP for my second time last night > my breakout is going down - I don't know if its just the natural course of the pimples or the BP. Either way I am happy. And once again, I will now continue to study.

I almost forgot! I had ordered some Jojoba oil and just received it yesterday. I added 6 drops to my moisturizer last night. It was nice, made the moisturizer a bit more watery. Went on smooth. Did look oily when I glanced in the mirror. This morning my face looked even more oily, as well the scalp line of my my hair was looking oily. Didn't bother me though. I like it, nice addition. After a month or so I would love to try this - or sooner if I am seeing a lot of dryness. I think tonight I will try it as a eye makeup remover - one of the many uses it is said to have.



...Day 2...

Today I had clinicals (I go to the hospital to practice my nursing skills), so I wore makeup - blah, wish I could go with out it, but the patients need to think that at least their nurse is healthy.

I just got home, and first thing I did was go to the mirror... my face just felt oily. It didn't look to oily - but its just that feeling you get when you've had makeup on for 10 hours and you've been running your butt off, and you just feel gross. So, when I looked into the mirror, where I have/had recent pimples the skin was scabby & flaky. I picked the flakes & layers off - probably shouldn't, but I don't think it was as bad as popping a pimple. I'm leaving my makeup on until I wash it off tonight - thus I will only wash my face twice.

It's hard for me to judge the regimen so far: a) It's only the 2nd day b) I've only used the BP once (since I am only using it at night right now - which reminds me I need to update my previous blog with my BP review!) and c) I just had/still have a really bad breakout. What I will say is that I have no complaints.

I'm going to go study for my exam. I'll keep ya'll updated as the days progress. I'll get some pictures up in my photo log of what my skin looks like tomorrow.


I Did It!

I started the Regimen this morning

I used the cleanser & moisturizer this morning - I left out the BP, reason being I have not used BP (besides what may be in a cleanser) as a treatment in about a year. I have been using SA. So I'm nervous how my skin will react :cool:

So, this is the plan for progressing the BP into my regimen:


Week 1 - not yet 1/2p @ night

Week 2 - not yet 1p @ night

Week 3 - 1/2p @ morning 1p @ night

Week 4 - 1p @ morning 1p @ night

Week 5 - 1p @ morning 2p @ night

Week 6 - 2p @ morning 2p @ night


Cleanser (1p): Very soft & gentle. So I popped a few zits (I know, so bad!) before getting in the shower & using the cleanser - typically with other face washes, I would feel a stinging sensation on those sensitive exposed areas. I felt no tingling or burning sensations at all - quite different than what I'm used to. Smell wise, not bad doesn't have a fragrance added it so you don't have the typical smell, but it's nothing to worry about. When it came to rinsing it off, I only used the shower water, and completely resisted the urge to scrub with my face - so I couldn't tell you if it felt like it was still slimy, as if I needed to rinse more to get it off. I did count for 10 Mississippi - which may be a bit longer than what was supposed to be, but I had a thick layer of SA on that I needed to make sure was off.

Moisturizer (1p): Very thin. Not a typical moisturizer at all. A bit watery - which I'm not saying is bad. You know how Dan tells you to gentle use your finger-tips & rub it softly into your face for awhile? Well, I thought this was going to be ridiculous & I wouldn't do, because moisturizer absorbs fast & how could you continue to massage it in? Oh, well I was wrong. Since the consistency is so thin, it basically requires you to continue to softly rub it in so it gets absorbed & doesn't just sit there. Smell wise - again it was nothing unbearable. I just grazed my face with the back of my hand & my cheek is pretty soft!

Treatment (1/2p): Thinner, but a nice consistency. Using only half a pump does not allow you much time to rub the treatment into your skin like you would with 2 pumps. So, I might have added a bit more to actually get it around all of my skin. Doesn't feel as wet as the moisturizer - if that makes sense? Dried nicely - waited 10 minutes - and when I put the moisturizer on I had no problems with the BP clumping or anything. I was worried that maybe the moisturizer would move the BP around - Idk, what do you think?

Overall, I'm very pleased with the feeling & texture - you'll have to give me sometime to let you know how it affects my acne :D


The past

O_O Just passing the time

Time to take a break from studying - there is only so much of the stages of labor I can take (again, I'm a nursing student). Do you realize that tomorrow morning I will be waking up to FINALLY start the Regimen. I think this calls for a dancing banana ;).

In order to further delay my studying, I figured I'd ramble off the products I've used before from past to most current:

*Graded a on scale of 1-5 (5 being the best)

-Proactiv (all of middle school) 4>2

-Cetaphil (highschool) 3

-Clearasil (highschool) 3

-Proactiv (tried again at the end of highschool through 2nd year of college) 4>2

-Neutrogena 3 step (6 months of 3rd yr of college) 3>1

-Murad 3 step (2 months) 1

-Clean & Clear 3 step (5 months) 2

So I will be coming off the Clean & Clear products and onto the Acne.org products

I've never gone to a dermatologist before, which I truly do regret. What has held me back is that I am a horrible face picker, & I know this greatly contributes to my acne. So, I guess I feel somewhat less deserving of going because I kind of bring pimples upon myself by always touching my face. The derm is going to be able to look at my face and tell I pick at my face, so that is just embarrassing. My plan is to use the regimen for some time (if your reading this maybe you could comment on how long) & see how it does before going to the dermatologist. I guess my question is, how long should I be on the regimen before adding a prescription medication to the regimen, that is if I am not seeing miraculous results right away?

Update: I did do a slight picking at my face :wall:, sorry. I still have that cyst persisting on the side of my jaw.

Back to studying

:redface: have to stay focused


The Dilemma

Insidious Cycle

I’ll be starting the regimen on Wednesday, and I wanted to try to have the least amount of factors in play when I started – I would have a clean slate & could only regard the regimen as the problem or solution. Well, there’s been a dilemma. One week from today I have an exam and then in two weeks I have a final. So, for the next two weeks I will be studying like crazy – and with this come stress – and with this comes pimples – and with this comes face picking. Dang it! It’s an insidious cycle, and I’m already getting anxiety about it. Ok, my point is that my progress on the Regimen may be hindered by this fact for the first month.

Am I already making excuses? O_O I am just so used to products not working for my acne. Better attitude :wall:



I know it was all in my head

In case I haven’t stated it before, I’m a nursing student. Right now I am taking a Pediatric/Obstetrics class. Well, today in class we were talking about adolescent disorders. With that being said, I am sure you all know what we talked about. ACNE!

Don’t get me wrong I am glad that we are talking about it to make it known and move away from the taboo that it sometimes is made to be. But, when you feel you’re the only one in your adult class that has acne it is so awkward!!! I felt like I was being stared at and that my teacher was specifically talking to me while she was lecturing. I am sure it was all just in my head - slash that, I know it was all in my head, but still. I am sure in one of my classmates thoughts, my face came to mind.

Update: My skin picking is going alright the past couple of days. I do have this large cyst on my jawline though (please, don't stay there for over a month!) O_O


Follow through

This time around I want to do things the right way.

No more half-a**ing when it comes to my face regimen. I have to follow through with my goals: stop touching my face, use the proper amount of the product, wait the right amount of time, be gentle. This is why this time I will do something I have never done with any products I have used before - ha that sounds so intense, when in all truth I am just doing a test patch :wall: .

The next four nights I'll apply the Acne.org Moisturizer to a small patch on one arm and the Acne.org BP to the other arm. Then on another area of one arm I am going to put both the BP on then wait for 5-15 minutes and put the moisturizer on, hopefully this will give me a feel for how long to wait to put the moisturizer on and just how it feels.

Let's just cross our fingers that I'm not allergic O_O . I doubt it, I have used BP before and had no allergic reactions. Better safe than sorry though, right?

Update: I haven't been picking at my face.... too much. There was a white head that was about to burst, so I just helped it along.

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