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Hey Everyone!

Day 1 for me with Dan's products. I just got them today. I was using the store bought products Dan listed that would work too. Here’s what I found out after using the store bought products. I was using the Olay Gentle cleanser which I think is a good cleanser... then the Neutrogena benzyl peroxide which I absolutely hated! Here’s why... When I applied it, it was thick and didn’t go on that smooth unless you rubbed it in well enough and it comes in a little tube which was not cheap. After letting it dry on my face I applied my moisturizer which was Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion SPF 15. The BP started rubbing off into little flakes all over my face and I even tried to rub in the moisturizer as gently as I could.

So, I decided to order all of Dan's products. After using Dan's products today I feel so relived!! The BP went on so well and smooth and did not flake off when applying the moisturizer. I added the Jojoba oil to the moisturizer and felt so nice on my dry skin. I did also order the AHA.

It was a bit pricy because I ordered the large bottle but it is worth it to me to clear my skin and not avoid becoming frustrated when applying the products.

Also, here is a tip... I was looking for a gel at the store and ended up getting BP 10% which found out it wasn't a gel, but anyway after using it I noticed it was making my skin very dry. I would not recommend using 10%

I will be posting more blogs and keep you update on my progress with Dan's Products. O_O

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