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month 2.5

i love my progress. i'm so happy with how everything is going. my face has never looked better, and my back and shoulders are getting better all the time. stress from school has yet to catch up with me, no stress breakouts! woo hoo! i'll just have to test the waters with this new job of mine. i should be fine.sorry it's been so long since my last blog. time has flown really. into my third week of school and my 2.5 month on claravis. wow, it's been that long already?to anyone who thinks it will take too long: it won't. the time will fly by. even faster once you realize you don't have to worry about your skin breaking out at the slightest irritation. this is so worth it.good luck, happy trails to all.-mho


whoo hoo!!! i moved into my apartment for school today. excited much. not excited about the mess that is my floor. all in good time though. it's so worth it to be out of the dorms.other exciting news! my face and back look good. i had no idea this would work so well in such a short ammount of time. this isn't to say that they're perfect by any means. but, as of now, my results are really excting.lots of dry skin and chapped lips to speak of, but, it all comes with the territory. i do have to admit, the dry eyes started to scare me today while i was driving up to school. my eyes got to the stage that i could almost blink my contacts out of my eyes they were so dry. not so pleasant when one is going 75 down the highway. i definitely pulled over and put on my glasses. thank god they were in my car and i knew where they were. i have my month two appointment on friday and i think my bloodwork will look better. i didn't drink nearly as much after i saw my triglycieride levels. not bueno. so if they look better as expcted, i will allow myself a margarita for getting moved into my apartment. off topic question. has anyone experienced random depression-like symptoms or anything like that because of accutane, claravis stc.? please let me know.peace, hope all is well for you.-mho


happy b-day sis

just about half-way done with month numero 2. i'm pretty excited about these results so far. i have yet to have a breakout on my back since i started my claravis and the redness and bumpy-ness have decreased dramatically. i still get my occasional breakout on my face which is nothing compared to the minefield i seemed to get every so often. far more than i would have liked. at the moment, i only have one really bad cyst-type thing on my left cheek that i am hoping will just mend itself. i just need to stop picking at it. haha. way to go mho.

on the downside, my tirglicerides or however the heck you spell it, jumped super high from start to end of month one. i hope it's the claravis and not my drinking. i need to stop. it's so hard when pong is calling my name and my frontal lobes have yet to develop the sense to stop my illegal impulses. haha.

good luck to all. i will be better at posting as soon as school starts and i have to sit in front of my computer every day all day for unnecessary homework.



month one: done

i finished my first month of claravis and went to my derm appointment today. woo hoo! i'm so excited. my face and back are looking better already. and, i got put on a higher dose too. anyone know if higher doses intensify the symptoms?

speaking of symptoms, the skin around my mouth and nose has been getting so dry. i put lotion on my face every few hours to keep it from flaking and stuff. not attractive. my lips have also taken a beating. they're super dry. i may have to ditch my good old chapstick and pull out the heavy artillery. what's that stuff everyone's been talking about? aquaphor? note to self- buy it.

as for those minor annoyances and a few small breakouts now and again, things are looking really good. i'm seeing HUGE improvements. so much that i'm considering going swimming again for the first time in months. boys, you don't mind a girl with a good farmers tan, do you? haha. silly work shirts.

off to contemplate how i look in my suit with my beautiful tan lines.

good luck to everyone!




i'll be gone for a week here in a bit. to new york!! i'm stoked. hopefully the humidity will help my super dry skin.

i'll be a better poster after my trip. i promise.


hope everyone is well.



just thought i'd update on what's going on while i continue my claravis.

-my skin has finally started to dry out. the anticipation was killing me. haha.

-my lips have also started to take on a desert-like feel and i chapstick them up about 4 times an hour, no joke. in fact, as i type this, my chapstick is lying not more than 2 inches from my left hand.

-i've been more achey after i work out, not sure if it's a side-effect from the claravis or not, but i've definitey been noticing small changes in my body more lately.

-i sleep a full 7 hours a night now. surprising to me only because i trained myself in college to thrive on 5 or less. this stuff must knock me out.

-my eyes are starting to dry out too. at least my new glasses are cute.

-i burn SO easily now. i was outside sans sunscreen for 45 minutes and got red as a cherry. wow.

oh, i had a question for all of you seasoned accutane pros; do you have to have blood work before you can go to your monthly appointments? i'll be in ny up until 2 days before my appointment. i can go get my bloodwork right when i get back, i just wonder if it'll be soon enough.

thanks for all the help guys



new month, new blog

finished the first pack of claravis today. whoo hoo!!

just chapped lips as of yet. my skin has been behaving better and has been getting progressively drier, which is a good thing, yes?

i still see my red marks and small breakouts as i look over my shoulders, but i don't expect them to be gone for a while. i can't wait till december! i'm totally going hot-tubbing in my apartment when my back is cleared up.

still haven't gotten any feedback on the alcohol consumption? any thoughts?



week one: done

finished my first week of claravis today, not too many results to show for it. just more oily skin than normal. think i may be getting my initial breakout, lots of lovely spots around my chin and one that decided to live on my nose.i'm working at a place where i'm outside a lot, so i have to wear sunscreen out of necessity. my question to you all is how to minimize the oilyness of my face while wearing suncreen. is it even possible? i went 45 minutes without suncreen on my shoulders and now they're the shade of ripe tomatoes. joy. haha.let me know if you guys have any ideas.-mho


Dia numero 5

no real changes to report yet. not surprisng. i'm so happy to have finally started though.

on an off note: it's been so rainy lately, super bad weather for this late in june. it's depressing.

at the same time, i'm glad the weather has been so rainy, i don't have to make excuses about not swimming. yet. i used to love swimming, i went almost every day first semester of college. just being in the water was a saving grace from all the stress of being a first year college student. now i can only watch people splashing around in the pool at work and hope this stuff is the miracle everyone says it is.

-sorry about the complaining post today guys, i'll be more cheery tomorrow. sunny skies look like they're on their way!!



day 3

so i started my sotret on monday and i haven't noticed many side-effects yet. just my skin has gotten oliy, at least more than usual. i guess it gets oily before it starts drying out? hmm. haha.

i've also successfully not drank since i've started. definitely temptations though.

i need to post some pictures of my back, if anything just to track the progress. i hope it clears up soon.

so, i've heard about the initial breakouts you get with accutane and all that, when do they usually happen and how long do they last?

thanks for reading



q&a time

alrighty, so after much moving around of schedules, i finally have my start day, for sure. i start taking sotret on monday!!

i picked up my perscription yesterday, but since i'm going to new york next month right when i should have my check up, i have to wait till monday to take it.

on an off note...

i was reading the box (with the multiple crossed out pregnant ladies) and realized that it says not to drink alcohol while taking it. has anyone had any experiences? i'm in college and enjoy my occasional party every now and again. should that stop until i'm done sometime in december/january? any advice, experiences would be greatly appreciated.


*but why is the rum gone?* gotta love pirates haha


so, i wasn't able to start my accutane yesterday like i'd hoped. but, just knowing that it is within my grasp and i can start in the very near future gives me hope.

on an off note, i read an amazing blog someone posted to on their page. this guy didn't let his severe acne affect who he was as a person and was even able to use humor and witt to his advantage. his outlook on his situation definitely put all my worries into perspective. if i remember his username, i'll copy the link and add it to my page as well.

keep looking up everyone, i'm so excited for these next few months. for all of us.


*there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly*


so, i start my accutane tomorrow, my sisters birthday. it's been a long month waiting for the lame preganacy tests and all that stuff. damn me for being a girl. haha. jk.

i guess i'm blogging so i can get feedback on what i'm going through and what all you have gone through. any comments are more than welcome, i'm glad i'm not alone in all of this. it's really nice to know.

hope everything is going well for everyone else.

sitting, waiting, wishing...


i love music/songs, just in case you all didn't catch that. haha O_O

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