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Lavender is the Secret

Well I have been trying and trying to treat my acne naturally this time around. Taking myself off birth control (Depo shot) I was challenged with acne that was different from any that I have had in the past. I have been trying to be more aware of my habits and what products I use on my face. I did not want to turn back to a anti-biotic prescription again, as I was on Tetra-Cyclene for 3 months. It worked but I was uncomfortable staying on it any longer.

After researching online about my options, I found that I have similarities with others. The fact that I am recently off birth control, my face has under-the-skin, painful acne along the my jaw line and right cheek. This continued to get worse and worse, spreading throughout. So I bought Daniel Kern's face wash and cream. IT WORKS! It is gentle with no irritation.

But even more so - I was introduce to the MIRACLE.

LAVENDER Essential Oil

I have tried Tea Tree Oil in the past and it did not work well for me.

After a friend's mother told me to put Lavender on a badly infected insect bite on my leg, I experienced the power of Lavender. In no way am I an expert now on Lavender and all the benefits. Research it on the web for yourself and there enough books on essential oils as well. But I do know it worked for me when I applied the Lavender oil directly to the painfull pimples that were under the skin and were present at the surface.

My Regimen:

I have been doing this after I wash my face at night with Daniel Kern's facewash and applying the BP cream. After the cream has absorbed I dab, using my finger, the Lavender oil on to my skin. On some days I do not us the BP cream and just apply the lavender. Either way, in the morning, the painful pimples have come to the surface, and there is no need to pick the pimple. I simple touch (Just touch with a bit of pressure) the pimple (with clean hands) and the white head pops. RELIEVE! By the end of the day - the skin is healing and the pimple gets better there after.

My other secret - which I discovered after using Benzomiocen (spelling?) on my face: Do NOT clean or wash your face in the morning. Washing my face once a day- avoids further irritation to my face. I take showers at night. Apply BP cream, the lavender (and sometime Aveda's All Sensitive face lotion) - I go to sleep - wake up - apply my makeup and I am off to work.

Okay - enough said.

I have added daily supplements to my diet - I will add these to the next blog entry.

Needless to say -I have found my own SECRET to Daniel's Regimen........LAVENDER!!!!!

So slowly my face is getting better - and this is just in 2 weeks! So time will tell. Hopefully it keeps working for me.

Hope this helps others - let me know if Lavender works for any one else and if you haven't done so yet....try it yourself.

As Lavender Essential Oil - like other essential oils or very harsh and concentrated. It may cause some irritation to skin. There are options to dilute the oil. I used 4 oz of Witch Hazel, 20 drops of Lavender and 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil. (I haven't tried it yet - But I could add Imported Vodka to this mixture, which would add to the astrigent quality). This recipe works and is gentle, but I found the best results after applying the Lavender oil directly to my skin. There was a bit of peeling, but in the end no irritation.

The pimples are getting better and I feel that my skin's texture and firmness is returning.

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