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Days one and two!

Sooo, I took my first pill yesterday! So far nothing's changed... my skin is in pretty good shape right now from taking Bactrim for the last 6 weeks, so hopefully that means my ib won't be bad (or won't come at all?), but we'll see. The Dr. is having me stay on the Bactrim for another 6 weeks, so hopefully that will help as well.

I had to move yesterday also, so I was really freaked out that I'd be all exhausted from having taken an accutane, but I didn't feel extra tired. Also, believe it or not, I had no trouble picking up my prescription! THAT apparently never happens, so I was all prepared for some kind of battle at the pharmacy or a whole lot of confusion... but nothing, no problem :cool:

Anyway, there's not much else to tell, so, I'll update again when something changes!



I think one of the hardest things about Accutane is the fact that you have to take extra care of your body while using it. So, in order to make my own course on Accutane as painless as possible, I'm setting rules for myself.

1. No alcohol other than a glass of red wine maybe once or twice a week (red wine has antioxidants, so it's allowed a little).

2. 8 glasses of water a day.

3. Sunscreen always always always.

4. No fried foods.

5. Only natural sugars (i.e. fruit)

6. 6-9 hours of sleep every night (hard to guarantee during the semester, but that just means I'll have to manage my time).

7. Absolutely no picking at face (I'm pretty good at this one already).

Really, these are rules I should mostly follow anyway (with the exception of a few for special occasions). I sort of feel like, if I'm not serious enough about my treatment to follow these rules, then maybe I shouldn't be going on it in the first place. I mean, Accutane carries major health risks, and I believe that my body is something I should really care for if I honestly even think I deserve good health and clear skin. It's sort of like, if I ate junk food a lot and didn't exercise, then I'd probably become obese, and I'd really have no right to whine about it. So, if I'm on Accutane and I'm not bothering to care of myself, then I deserve crappy side-effects and poor results. So no excuses for me!


So the derm office called and said everything looks good, now I just have to wait another 30 days for ipledge! So excited!

In the meantime, other than three spots on my forehead, a couple on my chin, and a few of those little clogged pores, I'm very clear... which always makes me think I shouldn't be going on accutane, but I know if I change my mind I'll have a horrible breakout and regret it. I talked to my boyfriend about that, and he says I should just do it now, rather than put it off again and end up having to start treatment in the winter when the air is so dry.

Hey, I'm addicted to St. Ives apricot scrub, which I use a few times a week... am I allowed to exfoliate at all on accutane? Since it makes skin so dry, I'd think one would want to, but maybe it'll be too sensitive.

I'm so stoked about this, I went out and already started buying things my friends who've done it said they used and some of the stuff I've read about on here:

-Fish oil pills

-Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for all skin types

-Aquaphor healing ointment

-A new bottle of my favorite moisterizer from Sephora

-EmergenC packets

-A cute dress from Express (because a girl always feels better when she looks better, right? obviously, otherwise no one would take accutane!)

What does everyone use for dry eyes? I'm worried about that the most. Also, can anyone recommend a good body lotion? Or anything else I might need?


t- 33 days

Sooo I'm 22, I've had mild to moderate acne since I was 15 or 16 or so, and for several years I used antibiotics that worked like magic (seriously, I couldn't have gotten a zit if I tried), but unfortunately those have ceased to be effective and I'm sick of trying them. I've done the topicals and the proactiv and such, but none of it completely clears me up. Anyway, I'm ready to just suck it up and go on Accutane. Honestly I wish I'd done it already, but there's never a convenient time, etc.

I won't actually start treatment for 33 more days (have to do the blood work, then wait another 30 days to take another pregnancy test), but I love reading these blogs, and so I thought maybe someone might want to read mine.

The doc has me on Bactrum (sp?) right now, because he says it's good to get as clear as possible before starting the course because "when you start accutane, everything that's red and bumpy tends to get redder and bumpier, and that'll last about two weeks." Hopefully I won't have a bad IB because I don't have extremely bad acne to begin with these days, just a few clogged pores around my mouth and forehead, closed comedones. Mainly I want to do this treatment because I know how bad my skin can get when I don't use anything, and I don't want to go back to that. The daily facewash I'm using now is proactiv, it works ok, I know that if I stop using it I always break out, so I'm going to continue up until I start the accutane.

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