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Day 23

Well it's day 23 and I am feeling more confident today. I still have a few pimples around my jaw but they are the same ones healing, no new ones 'touch wood'. I have to say 'touch wood again' that my scars are fading already, I can look at myself in the mirror and not feel ashamed, I actually feel pretty again and proud! I think that is down to the retin-a, it really seems to be purging my skin and I feel that after the last three weeks of initial MAJOR breakouts I am coming out the other side. It might sound crazy but it even seems that my ice pick indents are lessening in depth, I know it's early days but I am really excited for the next three weeks, wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also phoned the dermatologist's office about my minocycline side effects and they recommended that I split my dose, so one tablet in the morning and one at night, both with food, this has really helped, the dizziness has reduced, it must not be good to breakdown on an empty stomach.


Day 18

Well today is day 18, my breakout is slowly clearing and I am hoping after this breakouts should get better, touch wood.

Anyways in my last entry I forgot to mention my progress with Diane, I was on Diane for about 5 years (minus having my daughter) before I went off for a break in Jan this year, well things were great my skin stayed pretty clear but slowly the oil creeped back in, anyways back to now pretty much within the first two weeks my skin dried out, also my hair, thank god I am back to washing it every third night not every other, it was getting pretty bad before I went back on Diane where my face was greasy in about an hour of putting make up on and my hair was itchy and oily by lunch, it was gross.

Thats what I dont understand, at the moment everything is drier, but why do I still get pimples??sometimes I wonder if I will ever get it under control, but I guess for all its a battle to work out what is good for you, but then you work something out and your body gets used to it or it changes...!

I am booking an appointment with a naturopath too soon so they can look at my diet and where I can improve, so hopefully that will help too..


Day 17

Hey All,

This is my 17th day on 200 mg Minocycline, 0.05 % Retin A and it is my 6th week on Diane.

Just to give you all some background I have suffered with Acne since age 12, I have had it under control twice and life was great, but coming off Diane three years ago to have my second daughter played havoc with my pretty much clear and scar free skin.

Once pregnant it was hell from day one, lots of breakouts, whiteheads and I ended up developing cysts on my cheeks, they hung around until after my daughter was born and then pretty much overnight the area where the cysts were sunk and I am left now with about 4 ice pick scars, I have to say pimples are one thing but scarring is another especially when it changes the contours of your face, I have never felt such a sense of embarassment over it, anyway I am trying to stay positive I think these scars will be good candiates for punch excision so once I can get my face clear again I WILL fix them with a plastic surgeon, I am determined to erase or atleast improve them!! Anyways since my daughters birth (she is now 2) I have had breakouts, I went and saw a dermatologist for the first time 17 days ago and she prescribed me the above, the first two weeks my skin really looked like it was clearing up but then 3 days ago my face broke out with a vengeance, I am not sure if it was that hormonal time of the month even though I skip the sugar pills but man did it put a dent in my confidence, anyways I am confident to keep my head up as it is still early days, I see the derm again in 10 weeks to check my progress so we will see.

I have to say though that the minocycline is having its side effects, if I leave it too long to have lunch I am getting REALLY dizzy even shaky, semi blurred vision etc, I never had that prior but I will give it more time my body must be still adjusting, anyways I will continue to update my progress, fingers crossed for me that I can get this sh** under control ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!

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