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day 45

Ok so i havent posted in a while because i have been so so so busy. i just had exam week. my skins not really looking any different from the last time i have posted except my skin tone looks darker and my pores look larger. my skin on my arms and legs have gotten so so dry but i use palmers cocoa butter formula like three times a day and its slowly getting better. my lips are horrid. they are so dry and so peely. my lips and face look kinda swollen- like larger than normal. i havent been getting headaches or nosebleeds. i can still wear my contact lenses. i usually wear them from 6am till around 10pm and its fine. my scars look more red. everything is fine i am happy but i just have not seen much improvement..oh and last week, exam week, i had my period and i didnt have any pimples :)


day 22

ok so once again i was busy homework is taking up my life . whoever said senior year is the easiest its definately NOT. well my skin isnt really dry yet my lips havent been crackly since the last time i posted on here. im still using burts bees replenishing lip balm with aquaphor. havent had a nose bleed yet, but right now im really sick and i keep having to blow my nose so it kinda hurts. i have two new pimples one on each side of my upper cheeck and its not THAT bad i still look way better than i did before i start. as for emotions this week isnt such a happy week like last week i mean im not depressed or anything its just like im moodier. my hair isnt as dry as last week but its still kinda dry...also, i saw on tv that people are suing yaz because they are having blood clots and strokes? im kinda worried... is anyone else?

oh forgot to mention these bumps i have on my leg its like where my leg hair is supposed to be it feels dry and is dark where the hair comes out it is itchy and i scratched yesterday and some kind of puss came out and its really wierd. anyone else experiencing this??? also my arms are scaly and dry but again not that bad.


day 16

ok so i havent written in a while because of ring dance and stuff. today is my ring holiday. my face was pretty clear on ring day it was smooth just like two dried up pimples and my lips werent even dry . i even wore lipstick. my skin isnt really dry either just the pimples are. my arms and legs are getting a tiny bit dry. as for emotional side effects, i dont feel depressed at all i think im actually happier than when i wasnt on accutane. i love this stuff. also, the neosporin lip stuff wasnt so good so i got burts bees pomegranate replenishing lip balm and it works pretty good so far. im still using aquaphor too. oh and i get mild headaches too. its looking alot better and smoother i hope i dont get a bad cystic breakout again!


Officially two weeks

so today was ok. i have one new huge cyst on my cheeck it hurts so bad and im so tempted to pop it but im not going to. my lips are dry still a little better than yesterday but people at school keep asking me "why are your lips peeling and dry? they look like they hurt" it gets quite annoying after a while. im not as oily as i used to be . i have ring dance this saturday so i hope the cyst goes down i hope my lips dont look that bad! time has gone by really fast. even with the side effects, im still glad i decided to go on accutane because in the end it will be worth it!


UPDATE- Day 12

Ok so I never ended up getting the Accutane in June because the dermatologist messed it up by not registering me. So I had to wait another month then something else messed up so I did not start until August 27th. Today is my 12th day on accutane. I weigh about 125 and im on 60 mg per day. I'm also taking Yaz BC. My acne has gotten slightly worse but it's not THAT bad. Right now, I'm using cerave face cleanser and cerave face lotion- not cream. I use aquaphor and this new lip stuff from neosporin it's called daily hydration therapy. I have EXTREMELY chapped/ cracked lips. :cool: They won't stop peeling! If anyone knows of anything better for the lips PLEASE let me know! Also, I haven't had any other side effects. I think my scars are darkening. My nose is getting dry now too. Not to mention I have senior ring ceremony and dance this saturday! ughhhhh. :turtle: I hate hate hate the dry lips but it will be worth it in the end! If anyone has any accutane advice , please share!


So, I went to get my blood taken on Sat. and it hurt like hell. Hopefully the doctor will be able to fax the prescription to the pharm. tomorrow! I'm so excited that I'll be on the way to clear skin, but scared about the acne getting worse. Really, my acne can't get any worse than this. O_O



I forgot to say right now I'm taking yaz and doryx 150mg until I start Accutane...


Ok, so I want to make a blog about my accutane experience. Also, people going through the same can help me.

First of all, I'm 17 and going to be a senior in high school. I've had acne since 8th grade, but it got cystic and nasty last year (end of sophmore year). I've tried EVERYTHING, proactive, differin, retinA, benzamycin, tretinoin, tazorac,evoclin, doxycycline, tetracycline, and every OTC product imaginable. I have very oily skin and nasty pimples everywhere. I have some on my chest and my back is covered with spots :wall:

I've seen my dermo and I am registered in the iPledge program and got my 1st blood test a month ago, my 2nd blood test is this saturday..I'm supposed to start taking Accutane after that..

I still haven't received my iPledge password in the mail and its been a month?? Can anyone help explain?

Right now, I'm using honey and lemon juice mask, Lush herbalism and aquamarina, Lush eau roma and tea tree water. Lush hasn't cured my acne, but has helped more than anything else ever has. Also, I like that it's green and enviroment friendly. O_O

anyways, I will make an accutane log when I start taking it.

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