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Hi all :|

Haven't been around on here for a while. Made this account last year in the summer and basically just abandoned it lol. Well, for me:

H&S helped for my bacne I think. I'm not sure why I stopped I guess I just do that :s. Stopped with baking soda too but I'm starting both again now. Started topical application of apple cider vinegar too about 2 weeks ago. Not sure about the results, I think it's helping me with breakouts but I don't know yet. Haven't seen any significant difference but I'm going to keep it up. What I'll try to do is start taking pictures to trace the progress.

What I'm doing now:

Face: Yves Roches product for oily skin-combination skin. It's 3 different products: a face wash, toner, and moisturizer. I'll specify this later too lazy to go upstairs and record name right now lol. I've started to use baking soda masks every few days ago now too.

Back: Applying diluted 50% apple cider vinegar (ACV) with cotton pads, letting it dry, then going to sleep with it. Started rubbing my back with baking soda in the shower too hope it helps.

Important recent tip I've learnt: IT'S IMPORTANT TO KEEP YOUR SKIN DRY!! Sweating or putting your clothes on when you're not completely dry after the shower for example, can worsen acne and cause breakouts, because bacteria love moist environments and they thrive that way. I've had terrible acne breakout on my back a few weeks back and I think my sweating from exercise was the cause. I didn't shower right after either so I think it really made it worse. SHOWER AFTER EXERCISE! Ok? Ok. Or have some wet wipes handy and wipe yourself. You don't want acne break outs so do it anyway=).

Something I'm planning to do: taking apple cider vinegar internally. From what I've read today, it should be 2 times a day: 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize its acidity, then mix it with something else that makes it less horrible to drink. Wish me luck. I'll try to update everyone on this.

If anyone ever sees my blogs in the first place lol >.< sad


created blog!

yay O_O I created this blog two days ago but was unable to post my entry then so I'm posting now=).

Currently trying: head&shoulders for my body. I don't think there needs to be a specific head and shoulders type but I heard that classic clean is working for people. I'm just using head and shoulders in general. Not been able to use it everyday since we don't have hot water so I'm only going to list the day that I am able to start using it everyday. I tried using h&s on my face but it's too drying and it irritates my skin so I stopped. I use a nivea handwash for my face. I dunno why really. I like it because it's mild and smells good =P. I guess it's for the sake of keeping my face clean and feeling like I have something I can wash my face with.

I'll also try: rubbing baking soda paste on skin to help scars fade. I've used baking soda paste as a mask on my skin before and it helped quite a bit. It has a whitening effect so I think that's what helped. I only stopped because I wanted to experiment with other stuff but I will try and bring this back into my routine. Baking soda can also be very drying so don't use it as a mask everyday. I don't think using it as a gentle scrub is too much of a problem though.

Remember to moisturize your skin people! If it's oily, find a moisturizer for oily skin!

Gl all =).

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