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I am on my 2nd day of 40mg of Accutane and the IB is already starting I think. Is that normal? Isnt it suppsed to happen later on? Or is there going to be more than one IB??? Ahhhhh!

I woke up with tiny little whiteheads all over my forehead and along my nose and a red bump on the crease of my chin! Oh Boy! O_O I find it really odd considering I didnt have really severe acne to begin with. Ill take it though. Makes me uncomfortable not knowing how my body is going to react this time around. As long as I am clear by August. I will take all of the ups and downs.

My lips are already dry and my head is itching like crazy. I also have a really bad headache.

This should be interesting to say the least!


Info about me! O_O

I have never had a problem with acne on my face until about a year ago. I was getting clusters of tiny flesh colored papules on my forehead. I would pick them so much that I would infect them and they would spread. I went on Minocycline and it kept me clear for about 8 months. One day, is just stopped working! I tried different types of cleansers such as B-Active, Proactiv and Pan-Oxyl.

I went to the doctors and he gave me Accutane. I am taking 40mgs a day for 4 weeks. Then I go back for blood tests to see where I am at. I have really really mild acne. I have never had a issue with cysts or nodules.

I am really scared b/c I have never had a issue with acne and it just randomly starting showing up. They said it could be triggered by anything, which doesnt help me pin point why it started happening! I used to break out on my back really bad and chest and they put me on Accutane, 20mg a day. It cleared up within a month. I was scared that I would get really bad acne on my face and it never happened. Now I am on it for my face and the fear of the IB is really really stressing me out.

I am getting married on August 29, 2009 and I can only pray that I will be all cleared up by then. I tried to find journals about mild acne and Accutane and I couldnt. So this is my journey!

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