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i wanted to try and write everyday this week.

but i kind of got wrapped in school.

being my first week of school and all.

so i had encouter on sunday.

some lady had come up to me in the store and started talking about my acne for about 15 minutes trying give me advice.

i always find that kind of uncomfortable.

it feels that my acne draws attention to everybody around me.

well, no real noticable changes still.

except that i haven't had an active pimple in about two weeks.

but the scarring looks really bad.

i go for blood work before i go to class on tuesday.

and then my dermatologist appointment on friday.

which means i'll be going on to month three :cool:.

i'm hoping i start to some real changes.

if anybody knows will scarring start to go down in month three?

comments are always welcome :turtle:.


so this would be my first blog.

well, on here anyway.

so a little bit about me.

i've been suffering with acne since i was 13.

i'm 20 now so about 7 years.

it's definitely been hard.

i've tried everything you could possibly think of.

and wasted alot of money.

so back in may i decided to go to a dermatologist.

went in and right off the back he recommended accutane.

i agreed and that's what brings me to this day.

i'm currently on 80mg.

i was on 40mg last month.

he wanted to start me on 80mg but i had high cholestrol.

everything has been going good.

no real noticable changes.

side effects: dry lips, dry skin, and dry eyes.

i start college on monday.

i was hoping my skin would look half way decent.

but i'm keeping positive :cool:.

well, i guess that's it.

comments are always welcome :turtle:.

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