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Start :)

So I started my regimen 3 days ago and figured that I'd wait till now to start posting in case I made changes to my regimen. O_O

So, here are my products:

Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Spectro Jel - Blemish Prone skin & fragrance free

Spectro Acne Care - Deep Vanishing Pore Lotion 5% B.P.

Vaseline Sensitive Skin Body Lotion

Vitamin E Oil

Okay, so firstly, I use Baby Shampoo as a makeup remover because it is EXTREMELY gentle and quite cheap. The bottle is HUGE (591 ml) which lasts very long, I actually used it before I started my regimen and my bottle from 3 months ago hasn't even hit halfway! So, the reason I use this is also because after reading the Spectro reviews I heard it didn't clean makeup off well.

Next, I have my cleanser. Before I apply it I splash my face a few times with warm-hot water then pat my face damp. I use about a quarter size of the Spectro Jel and apply it all over my face by rubbing it in circles. After about 40 seconds I rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat my face dry. -- I actually do like this product very much so far

Thirdly, is my B.P. Now, I used this before and I liked it for both all over the face and for spots. In the morning I only apply it everywhere and at night I but extra on spots because it really shrinks them. I use approximately a dime size amount of this.

As for my moisturizer I use Vaseline for the simple purpose that I love it :wall: I have used Vaseline lotions my entire life and they never fail. My skin is somewhat oily and this keeps it matte. Also, I don't need a really strong moisturizer since Spectro Jel moisturizes also.

LASTLY, I put Vitamin E oil on my red marks and it's a miracle worker!!!! After about 2 weeks most of my scars are GONE, but do be careful to not let the oil go over pimples, it makes it worse:P


So, my updates on my skin so far.

I had two pimples that hadn't surfaced on my forehead, two on my cheeks, one on my chin and really minor bumps here and there. So, I do not think that those pimples will ever surface because they have shrunk so much! & the bumps have gone away (most of them) + my regimen is healing my pimples and scars.

I think that I had been using too much BP so from now on I will put less on areas that have no acne and more on areas with acne so I don't ruin my skin.

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