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dont know what to do..

I was on accutane from June-Oct 2009. It has been a while since I've posted, but I kind of just lost track of this blog. After reading my older posts and looking at my older pictures i can say without doubt that accutane changed my life. I was miserable before and during my treatment, the IB was horrible, the side effects sucked, and I spent over $2000 bc my insurance wouldn't cover accutane. But i would do it all over again. Its been over four months and my oily skin has come back and i do get a pimple from time to time, normal stuff, bp takes care of them easily. Hopefully 5 months of accutane is all I needed to get rid of acne for good.

I just want to give some hope to the many of you taking accutane at the moment. Trust me, it is a miracle drug. Good luck.

dont know what to do..

I know I haven't posted in a while but I've been real busy. I am a little over 4 months and things are great. no new acne, my scars are fading, and no rashes what-so-ever. i have noticed that my face has gotten a little redder than normal, making my scars look a little worse at times, but my derm has told me that that will go away after ending my course.

I just saw my derm last week, and everything went fine. he said i'm healing so well he thinks i'll be ok with only 1 more month of accutane. i'm kind of excited to get off of it and let my scars really heal up but what if my acne comes back? idk i'm really nervous about what will happen at the end of this month. hopefully this is my last month and my acne and redness goes away for good. on a side note: it's weird how I got used to drawing blood. i remember my first time, i couldn't even look at the guy who was about to stick a needle in me but now i do it all like nothing.

Well things are great, my confidence is coming back, i'm even talking to girls again. hopefully ya r having the same luck I am. til nxt time

dont know what to do..

week 14

i know i haven't posted in a while, school has kept me really busy. tuesday i finished up my 14 th week. lately i've been having some ups and downs, my scars are healing really well but last week a had a small breakout. also my lips are getting even drier now, i think its time to try aquaphor. but now my breakout is gone. the redness in my face is really weird 2, some days i am not red whatsoever and some days i am as red as a tomato. but overall things are great, my confidence is coming back i am WAY more social than i was 3 months ago.

i will admit sometimes i hate accutane because it is taking so long, i look at myself in the mirror and i am still not satisfied bc i want to be completely acne free. but everytime i feel like that i look at my picture from my second week on accutane, that was when my skin looked the worst ever, and i remember how much i love accutane.

so overall: things are great, i am for sure now accutane will get me completely acne free. ill c ya nxt wk

dont know what to do..

12th week

past the 12th week mark on tues, just been a little busy these last couple days. just went to have my blood drawn and i have a derm appt tomorrow morning, hope that goes well. i noticed today that i dont really think about my skin as much, as my acne and scars fade away im ignoring it more and more and gaining back my confidence bit by bit.

so details, no new actives, just old scars but they are fading. im taking 4000 IU of vitamin E now, vitamin E has def been helping. my pores are huge right now, they used to be big but now its just ridiculous. hope that goes away soon. im using this aveeno moisturizer for the redness, it seems to be working i highly recommend it.

so msg to everyone: accutane works! but you must be patient. also shout out to nikkia's blog, great blog keep it up and good luck with the accutane.

dont know what to do..

11th week

so it's day 79 and i do have a few new things to mention. i have a derm appt next friday, hopefully he notices improvement. i also start school next wed, i was hoping to have clear skin by the time i went back but even though my zits are gone these scars are taking forever to heal. so i guess some improvement is better than none.

my skin is still really smooth, i do get the occasional small zit but they are hardly noticeable or red. but these stupid acne scars are so annoying, they are just a constant reminder of my old acne. although they are fading, they are fading SLOWLY. but im tired of feeling bad about my skin and caring about what ppl think, i dont really care anymore. i'm going to get clear skin for me, not anyone else.

one new side effect: muscle pain. i thought it was just talk that you couldn't do a lot exercise while on accutane bc of the muscle pains, but it's true. i used to play soccer and the other day i decided to get back into it, after practice i was tired and sore: normal. the next day i was just as sore, i expected it bc i hadn't played in a while. but it's been 5 days and i'm still just as sore, nothing normal about that. it doesn't hurt or anything, i just feel really sore for no apparent reason. weird, but nothing to big to handle.

that's it for now, c ya next wk.

dont know what to do..

10th week

i finished my 10th week this last tuesday, so that would make today my 72nd on accutane. things have been going really well this week, no new breakouts only one healing zit, but not very noticeable. my scars are also healing well, slowly but surely. i bumped up my vitamin E from 1200 to 2400 IU a day to help with my scars. i was hoping to be acne-free by the time i go to school on august 26th, hopefully i'm done with breakouts and my scars heal enough to not be that noticeble by then.

these side-effects are getting a little worse, the skin on my arms is now getting really dry and my lips get so dry they feel as if they're going to fall off. also my face gets really red now. but i got this aveeno ultra calming moisturizer that really helps with that redness.

thats it for this week, i'll post nxt week.

dont know what to do..

its been 9 weeks already, to be exact today it's my 65th day on accutane. my 2nd check up with my derm last week went ok, my blood tests were fine and im now alternating between 80mg the first day and 40mg the second.

i have no active acne right now, just healing ones. hopefully i've had my last breakout ever, these scars are taking forever to heal. good news is as of now my forehead is 99% clear of acne AND scars. same side effects, just dry lips.

i consider myself somewhat experienced on the whole accutane journey now and i've noticed a lot of new accutane blogs, so i've decided to give everyone new to accutane some tips..

1) you must wash your face and moisturize only twice a day, i suggest morning and night. get a gentle face wash and wash gently because accutane WILL make your face much more sensitive to the slightest touch, aquaphor gentile face wash works fine for me. don't ever over wash or moisturize, touching your face will only make things worse.

2) try to get moisturizers with aloe vera or vitamin E, also take a vitamin E supplement. acne scars are almost just as bad as acne, a good moisturizer and 1000 IU of vitamin E will help those acne scars heal sooner.

3) avoid mirrors. i don't know about you but everytime i looked in the mirror i only felt worse. be patient, accutane takes time to work. nothing will change if you look in the mirror every hour.

4) DON'T pick at zits. i know it's hard to resist but picking only makes things a lot worse, especially on accutane because it makes your skin more sensitive. but i will add that some zits, such as whiteheads, heal quicker if popped. so i've come up with this useful rule: if a zit can be popped by gently squeezing it on the FIRST try, then it's ok, if not just leave it alone.

5) don't avoid friends and family. i know a lot of people don't have this problem but i do know some people just like me that have avoided everyone they know because of their acne. avoiding friends and family isn't healthy. i know a lot of acne-free people say it's just acne but only we understand how it feels. so here is my personal advice: don't avoid family at all, they will be understanding no matter what. friends are another story. of course only your real friends will not care what you look like but i was still embarrassed of my acne, so i mostly hung out with friends during night time, when my face was least visible. trust me a lot people wouldn't even notice my acne, and you can tell when people notice because they won't stop staring.

6) drink water. i've been drinking only water from a few months now and i thinks it's really helped. its helped not only with the accutane but also with scars. i drink about 2 liters of water everyday, it sounds like a lot but in small portions throughout the day you can get that and much more in you.

7) be patient. chances are things will get worse before they get better and real results won't come for a few months but results will come and things will get much better.

ok now for everyone taking accutane without insurance like me, it is crazy expensive. here are some tips to save some money.

1) shop around and buy generic. generic works just as well and prices vary in different places. i know everyone says to buy from a canadian pharmacy but a lot of them are not legit and the medicine takes weeks to actually reach you. with a $20 yearly prescription card from walgreens i get 50 40mg for $220. after you look at accutane prices you'll realize that's a good deal.

2) charge your lab tests to your doctor and later reimburse your doctor. doctors get discounts on

labs, you would pay around $100 but your doctor about $30.

3) buy carmax. your lips WILL need it, it works much better than chapstick and is way cheaper than the aquaphor lip treatment stuff.

good luck to everyone and hope this information helps. hopefully my face continues to improve as well, i'll see ya next week.

dont know what to do..

week 8

i just finished my 8th wk of accutane]. i have my derm appt tomorrow, hopefully im blood work is ok and he increases my dosage to 80 mg a day.

my skin is looking okay for the first time in a long time. im still breaking out but i don't pay very much attention to it, they are so much smaller and go by quicker, comparing to how i was breaking out 2 months ago. my scars are fading really well, i can actually look in the mirror now. im really looking forward to this 3rd month, i heard the 3rd month is when you see the most improvement.

no real side effects, just dry skin and lips. although constantly dry lips are really annoying. hopefully my derm appt goes well, c ya guys nxt wk.

dont know what to do..

today is exactly my 50th day on accutane. looking back on my first day i've come a long way, but acne scars suck. i upped my vitamin E dosage from 400 IU to 1200 IU and i also started to apply vitamin E topically, hopefully that fades my acne scars quicker.

i didn't post during my 6th wk bc half way during it i had a horrible breakout, 6 new huge zits came out of nowhere all over my face.. very depressing. but they are all gone now and everything is looking much better, i only have 3 very small active zits which is a huge improvement from 50 days ago when i started accutane.

as for negative side effects i have a new one. i got a small rash on my right hand last wk, and i know for a fact that its bc of the accutane bc i've never had a rash before. it wasn't so bad though, its gone now. my face and lips are getting drier too, if i forget to apply moisterizer my face gets really flaky fast.

right now my right cheek and forehead are completely clear and really smooth, so things are looking up. hopefully these stupid acne marks fade quick bc i can't stand them. good luck to everyone else i'll post next wk.

dont know what to do..

i had my 1st derm check up last wk. my derm noticed a lot of improvement, told me my lab tests went great and upped my dosage from 40mg everyday to 60mg everyday. i felt great about all the great news but there was a huge mix up with my prescription later that day, long story short im now taking 30mg a day and im going to run out three days before my next derm check up on july 31st. i was really bummed about it but after reading about low-dose accutane i think things will still continue to get better.

im still breaking out but nothing like before, no more cysts just small whiteheads that disappear in just a few days. right now my face feels SO much smoother and looks much better, now im just waitng for these post acne marks to disappear too.

my lips are SO dry right now, i have to apply carmax every few hours. i was gonna try aquaphor but its crazy expensive.

i've been noticing a lot of mixed feeling around the other blogs, some ppl are acne free in several weeks and others are still struggling after months. i'll just like to remind everyone that there is an in between and accutane does give amazing results, i'm living proof of that, you just have to be patient and stay positive. soon enough we'll all be acne-free. good luck to everyone else, i'll post nxt wk.

dont know what to do..

i cant believe its been 4 wks already i wish i was done with this already and be acne free now. i have my first derm check up tomorrow hopefully my lab tests went well and my derm suggest to up my dosage. so this is my wrap-up on the first month.

no more oily face. im actually enjoying my dry skin, i rather put on some extra moisturizer than have an oily face anyday.

no more blackheads. my nose had these stubborn blackheads that never seemed to go away but over these last few days they seem to have fallen out for good.

my face seems to be improving. i dont really know how to explain it but it seems to be getting slowly better, not because other ppl have told me but because i can see it and feel it when i wash my face.

my lips are so dry. i used to never put chapstick on but now i put some on at least twice a day. i think i really need some aquaphor. now i know what ppl mean when they say accutane is like a roller coaster ride. you start to see improvements in your skin and you get really excited bc u see improvement, but then you get a breakout out of nowhere. all of my old acne is gone, but now i deal with the post acne marks and new smaller breakouts. things are definitetly getting better but it seems to be taking forever.

overall i can tell accutane is working, and despite the time and dry lips im sticking to it to hopefully have clear skin soon. by the way, i didnt think i would miss drinking but after seeing your friends get drunk together it kinda hits you. good luck to everyone else on accutane, ill post nxt wk.

dont know what to do..

yesterday was the end of week 3 and things seem to be going well. a few days ago i finally got some health insurance so hopefully they cover this expensive medicine.

i am still getting a couple breakouts but nothing like before, they are so much smaller and heal so much quicker. most of my old acne has healed so now im just waiting for the scars to heal. but the best improvement so far is that my oily skin is gone. my skin used to be so oily, now i can go without washing my face the whole day and not worry about an oily complexion.

no real side effects, just dry lips and skin. my skin isnt bad but my lips are starting to get really dry, regular chapstick isnt doing much now. i need something new, any suggestions? my skin looks a lot better but clear skin still seems really far away. hopefully things speed up, ill post nxt wk.

dont know what to do..

i just finished up my second wk of accutane and im for sure in the stupid IB stage.

my forehead just exploded, but they seem to be healing pretty quickly so thats good i guess.. my cheeks look better since a lot of my old acne is already fading away. its like 2 zits are disappearing but then i get a new smaller one, which is an improvement but still sucks. no real problem with my chin, so far...

as for side effects, none really. just dry lips, but i can handle it. my face isn't that dry, but it does get a little flaky at times, but again i can handle it with some moisturizer.

things seem to be improving, but not nearly as quickly as i want them to. hopefully things get better soon. ill update next week.

dont know what to do..

i just finished up my 1st wk of accutane and i can tell there is a difference in my skin.

overall my face is not as oily as it used to be, it still gets oily but not as quickly. my forehead had a pretty bad breakout, but hopefully they will heal up soon. my cheeks and chin were killing me a couple days ago, it seemed like my acne had swollen up. but this morning most of it had dried up and seems to be healing quickly. my left cheek looks a whole lot better now.

my face hasnt really gotten worse(although it is extremely flaky, which is a good and bad thing) and seems to be improving now that its not as oily. hopefully i dont get a really bad IB. no side effects really, just slightly dry lips and face after i wash my face. i think the vitamin E is really helping.

im hoping to skip the whole "worse before better" part of accutane and go straight to better. ill post another update next wk.

dont know what to do..

i finally got my accutane today. it was a real hassle, specially with the lab test bc i hate needles.. it was expensive 2. im sure its worth it tho. my skin is horrible right now, hopefully it gets better ASAP. ill probably post pics during the nxt wk.

i got my moisturizer and chap stick ready and im also taking some vitamin E pills. wish me luck

dont know what to do..

so.. i come to this helpful site a lot but i had never made an account. after deciding to try accutane i thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know how my experience goes, whether good or bad.

some bg info.. im a 19 yr old male, i dont know how bad my acne is, if its either mild or moderate, but it must be pretty bad if im deciding to take accutane huh? acne wasnt ever really a big problem for me during my high school yrs. i did get a big pimple from time to time sometimes even a few but they went away eventually. just last May i was 100% clear. but everything changed around october. i was bummed, but being a guy i didnt think it was such a big deal and that they would go away eventually like always. but they didnt and things went from bad to worse. i tried numerous cleaners, proactive, retin-a, oral-antibiotics but nothing worked. my derm told me accutane could be an option for me but i was hesitant. mostly bc of how serious it sounded and its price (i didnt have insurance). i didnt think my skin was that bad..

after reading up on accutane and getting insurance i knew i had to try it. my acne has already kept me from going out, tlkin to girls, and being myself. im not too scared about the IB or side effects, i just hope accutane can get me clear and keep me clear ASAP.

i have a derm appt july 2, so hopefully i can b on tane by next wk. ill update every wk (ive noticed daily posts tend to be negative since u dont notice progress). im aiming for a high dosage. im thinking... higher dosage=faster results? feel free to comment w advice or ?'s.

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