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Well...I still haven't started Accutane. There have been some hurdles and although I'm trying not to let it bother me, I am seriously annoyed.

I had my 2nd appt with my derm last Monday June 29th. They gave me my prescription and told me I had a 7day window to fill it, which wasn't a problem cause I planned to fill it that evening. When I went home to complete the questions in iPledge so I could fill my prescription, It said I was "inactive." I had to wait until the next day for my derm to add me into the system or whatever. When I went to fill the prescrip that evening, I was told that my health insurance (aetna) requires prior authorization, meaning my doctor has to call them and complete a form stating that I actually NEED the medication (if I didn't need it, why would my doctor have prescribed it???). The pharmacist (CVS) told me she would fax the necessary paperwork to my doctor and that it would take up to 72 hours for the authorization to go through, so I should be okay for my 7day window, and they would call me when my prescription was ready. Well, i didn't hear anything on Wednesday. On Thursday, I was out of town but called my derm to make sure everything was going through, but they were already on vacation for the 4th of July holiday, so I couldn't verify anything. Then there was the long 4th of July holiday weekend. This morning (Monday) I called my derm and they said they NEVER GOT ANYTHING and it was impossible that CVS faxed anything cause its such a small office. My 7day window closed YESTERDAY. I called CVS back to find out what the hell happened, and of course they said their records showed that they had faxed it that day and the derm must have lost it. After a bit of back and forth I still don't know what happened, but it doesn't matter anyway. Now my 7day window is definitely closed and there is nothing anyone can do since the iPledge system is government controlled and once youre locked out of the system that's it.

So...I had to make an appt for 2 weeks from today to take my 1st pregnancy test all over again, wait 19 days for the 2nd test, and then get the prescription filled at that time. I'm so annoyed. I'm annoyed at my derm and CVS cause even though it doesn't matter who's fault it is, this ordeal means that I have to wait a whole extra month and a half to start accutane, meaning it'll be longer before I'm finished and can move on with my life. I'll also have to take additional time off work to go back to my derm for the pregnancy tests and prescription (I refuse to pay my co-pay of $40 cause it's not my fault, and they've already said I dont have to). It's just irritating. I did everything I was supposed to do to start this damn treatment and yet there are still issues. UGH! I hate health care and all these dumb hurdles we have to go on for Accutane. I know its a serious medication, but it's a little extra! I'm a grown woman, married and on BC. My doctor should be able to counsel me on not getting pregnant, give me a prescription like any other, and monitor my blood levels. All this iPledge crap is bogus!

I'm also a little mad at myself. I'm usually super diligent about following up on stuff like this, cause I know so many things can slip through the cracks. I didnt realize ahead of time that the long holiday shortened my window by so much - I was traveling for 5 of the 7day window and really just didnt consider that nothing could happen with the doctors office over the holiday or the weekend anyway. Plus, I wish I had called aetna about whether any sort of approval was required AHEAD OF TIME and gotten that out of the way before I even filled the prescription. I work in healthcare, so I know the only way to usually get stuff done is to ask ALOT of questions. Since I went to fill the prescription on Tuesday, I was also thinking that I had until tomorrow (Tues) for the 7day window, but that totally wasnt the case (plus thats 8 days!!! duh.) I also didnt consider that it would take a few days for the approval, not including the weekend...so all in all, even if everyone had done what they were supposed to do, I would probably still be in this situation...

Well, I'm not going to stress about it much longer. I know the holiday weekend had a lot to do with it, and it's unfortunate that it affected my ability to get my prescription within the 7day window. One month is not a lot of time, so I'll just wait...I have no choice lol. Everthing happens for a reason, and my skin will be clear soon enough. Until then, I'll be patient....


Hi all,

Yes...this is yet another Accutane blog!

I am a 26 year old African American woman living in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past few weeks as I've been watching Youtube videos, reading blogs and message boards, etc. about Accutane, trying to decide whether this treatment is right for me and what to expect. It seems that there are many fewer African American women and/or women of color undergoing this treatment. As a Black woman, I wanted to know how this medicine would work on my hyperpigmentation (common in darker skinned women) and for darker skin in general. I wanted to document these things for other women of color who are thinking about this treatment.

But of course, I'm interested to know about the Accutane experiences of all kinds of different people O_O

So, today was a great day! I had an appt with my new dermatologist and went with the intentions of discussing Accutane. As soon as he looked over my skin and heard the laundry list of OTC and prescription meds I've tried since I was 12, he immediately recommended Accutane. It was a pretty easy process - they drew my blood, gave me a pregnancy test, and gave me all the info about the ipledge program. Im scheduled to return in a month and as long as everything is okay, I'll be starting the Accutane on June 29th!

I spent so many years being terrified of this drug. The first time a derm suggested it to me, when I was 17, the long list of possible side effects scared the shit out of me. My mom was completely against it too, and at the time I needed her consent. After college, when my acne started to return, I was still scared to try it and spent so much time, money, and energy trying so many products and natural remedies that didn't work. Now, at age 26, I look back and realize I've been dealing with horrible acne for 14 years and have tried everything under the sun. My only regret is that I didn't take this step sooner! I am so optimistic this is going to work - it has to, it's my last resort - and I can't wait to have beautiful skin!

So I hope you join me for this journey. I plan to update weekly, so I will see you next month when I start Accutane!


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