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From time to time I have cystic acne form along my jaw line which is primarily due to my oily skin. I am currenty taking Tetracycline to battle this problem which took me 2wk's before I started to see noticable results. This is the 3rd time i've had to get back on Tetracycline, I have my mind made up that once I have my skin back under control i'm going to keep it that way no matter what. I'm open to any helpful suggestions to eliminate Cystic Acne once and for all so don't be shy just voice what you truly believe I should do...! I'm also taking this supplement vitamin that don't to many people no about in the United States that help to stop the excess sebum oil production of the oil glands before it starts and it is called Vilantae you can check it out at www.vilantae.com for your self.

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