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Before anyone starts trying to tell me that my acne isn't that bad, and that I'm beautiful and crap like that I need to explain that my problem is very deeply emotional and psychological.

I've been dealing with heavy acne for a very long time, and I have realized that it's getting better but I just want it to go away.

I'm very self-conscious, and insecure about it. Because I have been made fun of, and people have noticed my acne before so I feel like everyone can see it.

I really do think my skin is absolutely ugly, I do not believe people when they tell me I'm beautiful and that I have nothing to worry about. Not because I want more attention for it, but because I truly, honestly do not believe that I could ever be beautiful with skin like this. It is so deeply burned into my brain that my brain constantly tells me that it's a lie when people tell me so, and I actually get quite frustrated and angry (although I don't show it cause I know it would be impolite when someone is trying to pay me a compliment) because I just feel like they're lying to me.

I want to believe I'm beautiful though. I want to really feel beautiful, especially for my prom and be able to believe it when my boyfriend tells me so.

I wear so much cover up, I think it just makes me feel worse, but if I don't I just feel really, really horribly ugly and naked and like everyone can see the acne and the scarring and everything.

Never a day in my life have I not stressed out about my acne, and deeply wished I had beautiful skin.

So I thought I would just clear that up, that please don't leave a heap load of comments telling me that it's not that bad and that I shouldn't even be complaining because theirs is worse or something. I understand that, my problem really is just simply emotionally and in my mind.

Thankyou for reading.


Body Acne

On top of the acne that just will not clear up on my face.

I also have pretty severe body acne.

Mostly on my back, some on my chest and shoulders as well...

Lately have been trying epson salt baths...(not every day, not enough time.)

As well as Alovera (sp?), yes, the actual plant, which hopefully will help heal scars on the way.

It's just becoming increasingly stressful, depressing and adding to my insecurites because my prom is coming up, (June 12th) and I have taken the risk of buying a beautiful strapless, backless dress but my back acne will make me feel very uncomfortable. I will most likely resort to covering it up with makeup if I have to...

I just wish I had clear skin...

Here's my dress. I love it to bits, but I'm not exicted about it right now.



First Post

Whoa took me a minute to figure this out.

I don't know what I should, or could say at the moment. I'll just post the pictures I took.

Help, maybe? Ask me questions if you need to, I may post more about what regimes and creams and methods I've used to get rid of my acne. I'm still not clear, and it's deeply depressing me ever since I was 12. (I'm 17 and going off to college in september...)




Yeah I think that's it.

Damn that redness, heh.

(well, the "Insert Image" thing failed, so there's some links if you wanna see photos of my face.)

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