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Wow, never thought I'd be back on this website 4 years later after I went on accutane when I was 19, but here i am. To catch anyone up who's reading this, I'm a 24 year old female who has been suffering with mild-moderate acne for over 10yrs now. I decided to go on Accutane in 2009 when everything else failed (prescribed pills and topicals). My skin was great after completing my 6 months on accutane. It remained great for about 2 years after that. I'd say within the last 2 years my skin has been on a roller coaster ride. It's usually good but every few months I will break out with painful cystic acne on my chin/jawline area. I do my best not to touch it but after a while of trying to leave it alone and it gets bigger and more painful, I end up trying to pop it and it results in a huge blemish on my face that will usually turn into scab that cannot be covered by any kind of makeup. Since my last update which was from my sophomore yr of college, I've studied abroad in Ecuador for 5 months, graduated with my BSW and also just obtained my Masters degree in Social work. My skin was amazinggg while I lived in South America (Bet it had to do with the diet since everything was super fresh there) and I miss being able to go to bed without having to put a ton of topical crap on my face. I start a new job on Monday and the lower half of my face is a complete wreck. I'm a super outgoing person and I'm the type who is always on the move. My friends keep asking me to hangout this weekend but I'm way too self-conscious to leave my house at this point. Can't get an appointment with a dermatologist for at least another week. I was trying to control my acne by what I was eating (my sister is a registered dietician) but that actually seemed to have a worse effect on my skin. I'm big into fitness and I can't even go to the gym right now because I'm embarrassed to see people I know there while I'm working out. I hate that acne is consuming my life right now and I just want to be able to live a normal life where I'm not constantly worrying about how my skin looks. I hate having to look to prescription meds for this but I feel like trying to heal acne in a "natural" way will not work for me. Just had to rant on here about my skin because none of my family members will ever understand what we go through. Thanks to anyone who's hear to read my thoughts! Haha. Trying to stay positive but it's getting harder as I get older.

Just so you can see, here's a pic

Of me with some makeup on (When I studied abroad in 2011) and here's now with no makeup and it's a MESS. can't believe I'm evening posting this. Ughhhhh


summer timeee

so I haven't posted here in a few months. but I think I've been off accutane for the last 7 months now. I honestly can't express how thankful I am for going on this medicine. I've never been so confident in my life. When I talk with people I'm not afraid to look directly at them instead of trying to hide my face. When I take pictures with my friends who have perfect skin, you'd never even be able to tell I used to have horrible skin. My skin looks just as good as theres now. I rarely get pimples anymore and I don't need to wear concealer anymore, but I still like to put some on just because it evens my skin tone out and makes my face look flaw less. By the way bare escentuals makes the bestttt mineral powder to use on your face. I highly reccomend it if you'd like your face to look smooth and natural. but honestly this pill has changed my life for the better. I rarely experienced any bad side effects while taking accutane. I only had really bad chapped lips which I was able to take care of with ease as long as you religiously apply carmex or good chap stick. and my skin did get dry but it wasn't all that bad. any one considering going on it, I say go for it! I have so much self-confidence in myself now, it's hard to believe I used to have such horrible skin.


hmmmm so I've been off accutane for almost 3 months now! wow time flies by so quick! it's kind of weird not developing new pimples on a daily basis. I still wear some cover up because I still have some small scars from previous years of constantly picking at my face. but once a bit of cover up is on, my skin is almost flawless looking. I just got back from Florida too so the sun also helped my skin color look a bit more even. but I rarely have any breakouts. even if I develop a pimple, it goes away in a day or two. My dermatologist prescribed me a moisturizing topical treatment called Clindamycin phosphate topical lotion. i haven't used it in the past 2 weeks or so but it works pretty good to keep my face clear and prevents it from developing future pimples. My confidence level has gone up so high that I'm actually feeling alot more confident in myself. when i talk to people, I can actually look at them directly and not have to try and hide my face. I'm no longer embarassed to show my face and am over all so much happier with myself. I can honestly say, accutane has drastically changed my life and I'm so glad I took the chance and went on it. best decision I ever made in my life! hope everyone else is doing well, and for those who are still in the process of completing your accutane journey, keep your head held high because it will all pay off in the end! the weeks will fly by before you even know it! I can't believe it will almost be a year since I even thought about going on Accutane! crazyyyyy! but hopefully I'll be back on here soon! peace :D



omg! well I haven't written on here forever! I officially took my last pill on December 26th! It's nice not having to remember to take a pill twice a day! I guess I haven't blogged on here in awhile since I still wasn't too happy with the way my skin looked. About a month ago I would say my skin had definetly cleared up at least 65-75% so that's still a huge deal! But now today I've noticed within the last few weeks I haven't been developing any sorts of new pimples on my face. Since it's the winter, I still have mildly dry skin but it's really not that bad. I just can't wait for the summer time when I can go in the sun and tan and not have to worry about gross pimples! When I put foundation on, my skin is quite flawless looking. Even today, after I washed my face, I took pictures of my skin and there really wasn't a huge difference between me having foundation on, and having nothing on. Th only thing I really have to worry about, is some scrarring from years of picking at my face. That's also another thing I rarely ever have to do anymore. Every night before I go to sleep, I wash my face, throw on my moisturizer and go to bed. No more sitting in front of the mirror for twenty minutes trying to pop pimples or pick at scabs. I can even be around my friends a little bit more without having concealer on and don't have to worry about feeling as self conscious as I used to be. I've never had a problem with meeting new people and being social, but I can really see the difference in my confidence level now when conversing with others. I'm not afraid to make eye contact with them and I feel much prettier than I used to. My best friend even told me the other day, that she was looking at older pictures of me from high school and even my freshman year of college, and she still can't believe how much my skin improved. It's always nice when people can see a difference. On Accutance, I honestly didn't even seem to have any of the side effects listed, rather than just dry skin and chapped lips. Other than that, nothing else has ever really seemed to bother me. I still think my skin can improve a bit more, but even after finishing your session on Accutane, it remains in your body and still continues to work after time. So I sure as hell am glad I went on Accutane. I would almost do it again if I had to which, I hopefully don't haha but it was sooooooo worth it! I have one last appointment with my dermatologist on I think wednesday or thursday so I'm anxious to hear what he has to say about my skin this time! For awhile I was so afraid to finish taking my pills thinking what if it didn't clear up in time and what would happen once I was off them. But I've been off them for at least a week now, and things are going great so far! Honestly couldn't be anymore happier! Sometimes I think that maybe if I avoided drinking with friends on the weekend while on accutane, my skin may have improved a little bit more. But it never really took any effect on the way my lab results turned out each month so hopefully it wasn't a big deal. but all in all, life's goooood so far! I'll try and update again after my appointment this week! good luck everyone, and keep your head held high! there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and 6 months ago from today, I honestly would have never believed this! but if you've tried multiple different acne treatments for years and are totally fed up, look into Accutane because it really had such a positive impact on my life!! :wall:


day 120!

sooo today I just took my pills for month 5! shitttt this flew bye. my skin is still not where I want it to be so I'm kind of scared that I'm coming to an end. Only 2 more months left but I hope my skin will fully improve. I had a terribleeee break out that started about 2-3 weeks ago and I'm finally getting my face to heal and get back to normal. so it's not as bad as it has been. I'm hoping that's going to be last huge break out of my life. but damnn I have not written on here or even checked anything on here foreverrrr. I guess it could be cause I'm in my Sophomore year of college now and I legit am sooo busy that I barely have time for any of this. But so far this school year has been awesomeee! I have a great roomate and I loveeee the people of my floor! It's coed so it's much better than the stupid all girls dorm I got stuck in my freshman year. Muchhhhh better. plus my classes are going really well and my grades are actually very good for once! what a surprise. my skin has started to get a little dry cuz I have to peal pieces off sometimes but I'm telling you the tub of Aquaphor is god when it comes to dry skin/LIPS. My lips could be chapped sooooo bad and after putting that stuff on over night, I wake up the next day and they are fine. My face has stopped getting as dry as it's been within the last few days of me using the aquaphor. so as winter soon approaches I recommend you all pick up some of that stuff. also if I get a pimple I bought a little tube of Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. This bad boy legit makes a pimple smaller over night. big pimples usually result in me being more tempted to try and pop them which then leads to it turning into a cut that will take like weeks to go away. It's really hard to refrain from picking at my face but I'm trying my hardest and it really does clear up alot better once I hold back from picking at it. so even though this can be very difficult I really recommend everyone else tries this! Now that I just got my month 5 pills, I have tried out several different generic brands of accutane. I never asked for them, it's just whatever the pharmacy gives me. But for my first 2 months they gave me Isotretinion(Sotret) and i think that was working really well. The they gave me Amnesteem for my 3rd I think and that was another one I really liked. Month 4 was Claravis and I hated that. Probably cuz I broke out quite a bit on that one. So I'd say try and avoid that one. But now, month 5 they gave me Sotret which I'm really excited to be back on! :D so hopefully all goes well. I can't wait to take pictures this winter around christmas time and everything when I see all my friends cuz just looking back at last yrs winter photos, makes me realize how horrible my face looked. yuckkkk, each picture you could tell I tried to cover it up but I had like bloches all over my face from pimples that were spread about. For the most part the rest of my skin is all cleared up, it's just the usual like cheek and chin area where I always break out. but other than that my skin isn;t too bad. s little cover up does a pretty good job of concealing but I feel like once I stop breaking out and everything clears up, I'm still going to be left with lots of scarring. but I guess that can always be covered up with just a bit of concealer and at this point anythin is better than bumps and gross looking pimples/cuts on my face. so I'll take anythinggg. but as fopr symptoms still nothing severe or bad! just the dryness of skin and chapped lips pretty much. well I think they aren't kidding when they say your bones become more prone to breakage cuz I actually fractured the lower part of my thumb 2 weeks ago playing ultimate frisbee and it wasn't even teh frisbee that hit it. a kid on my track team accidentally hit his hand into it. awesomeee hahah and now i have to wear a lame splint for 3 weeks. cool but overall still satisfied with accutane! just reallyyyy hoping this pill kicks it into gear my last 2 months on the pill!! :):D


day 79!

dayummmmm! it's been quite awhile since I'm written on here! but I guess I'll update how my life's been so far. well I came back to school on sunday and have already finished my 1st week of my sophmore yr in college! my dorms awesome and so is my roomiee. I already started practice for track on wednesday and am doing well with all the running and lifting. just a bit sore but only because I haven't lifted weights in awhile. since my last post my skin kinda went bad for a bit. maybe that's why I haven't blogged since then cuz I wasn't too happy with how my skin was looking. but I can honestly say right now, it looks sooo much better than when I first began accutane! I'm still on the same dose of 80mg per day. my skin isn't too dry and I'm still following the same regime that I've been doing since june. only thing is this last week I have a diff. face wash cuz instead of buying the bottle of cetaphil face wash, I got the huge bottle of moisturizer. good thing I clearly read the label but oh well, it comes in handy. but until I can get a bottle of cetaphil face wash, I picked up a bottle of Clearasil daily face wash in my college book store. it seems to work pretty good I guess. no problems with it. the only thing that has been EXTREMELY dry is my legs! they are peeling like crazy and idk why but once I moisturize them it's all good. my confidence level when speaking/hanging out with people has gone up so much and I'm not even done with my 6 month session. I still wear liquid foundation just about every day cuz I'm not comfortable enough yet to really be seen by many ppl with out it on. but once it's on I feel much less self-conscious about how my skin looks. I'm happy right now and enjoying my friends and classes. no bad side effects and nothing but high hopes for more success! while at school I have to get my blood work taken at a near by lab place and the results then need to be sent to my derm at home. but the pharmacy in the town is able to send my pills to the campus' health center for me to pick up. it's a bit annoying with out a car to do this all but no big deal. I only need to do it about 2-3 more times. almost complete with 3 months! half way mark and things are already looking so muchhh better! I'm actually glad to be done with summer and be at school now cuz as weird as it may sound, but I drink less here. at home my friends would constantly party a few times a week and drink only beer but my schools mad small so most ppl just party only friday and saturday nights. so hopefully I'll be only drinking once or twice a week at mostt. i can already see the difference in my skin just by taking a picture and looking at it. even though I'm usually wearing the foundation in pics, it looks almost clear with just 1 or 2 small spots. but compared to how things use to look with make up on and everything, it's a HUGEEE difference. so basically accutane is making my life sooo much better. I'm so gladdd I'm on it. oh yeah and also another thing, my sotret that I was on, switched to a pill called amnesteem? works just as good, but just a different name. and if anyone wants to know about a good liquid foudnation, I use one by Chanel. it's called Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Fluid

Makeup SPF 12. it's deff. pricy, about 42-50 dollars depending on where you get it, but it goes on really smooth and covers up most blemishes. even when my skin was at it's worst, it worked the best to cover things somewhat decent so I could at least go out in public. but that's all I got for now on the updates! good luck to everyone and hopefully I'll continue another entry real soon! :cool:


dayy 55?

ughhhh so once again my whole damn entry some how managed to get deleted. I wrote alot of good stuff too since I haven't written in daysss. and this is also a reason why I have written some other entries cuz the same shit happend and I'm too lazy to re-type the entire thingg. anywayyyy moving on, so since my last entry, my skin has been on a roller coaster of good days and bad. some weeks my skins been really good. others not so much. my nose actually peeled reallyyyy bad like a week or 2 ago and it lasted like a week till it got back to normal. right now its not too bad but you can still see some areas where it peeled. i also just got 3 little cyst type pimples that formed on my cheeks about 3-4 days ago. those types are the worst because they take foreverrr to go away and it's just a horrible feeling on your face cuz it's like a huge bump on your cheek. yuckkkk. today I went to my dermatoligist td and I'm almost at the completion of month 2. only 4 moree to go. even though my skins beginning to worsen I still feel like theres definatly more improvement then ever before. like today I was extremely self conscious just walking into the derms office. my face looked horrible without cover up on and I was embarassed to be seen with out it. my derm can easily tell I pick at my skin and he actually said that if I hadn't been picking this whole time my skin would actually look a lott better. but it's something i really can't help and is just soo hard not to do when I'm sitting in front of a mirror. he actually suggested an idea to me that could possibly help stop my picking. he told me to set a timer for 1 minute (maybe 2-3 at night when I have to apply moisturizer) when i go to wash my face, and once the timer goes off I have to get right on out of the bathroom and away from the mirror. I'm going to try it tn adn see how it goes. I go back to college on the 30th so I want my skin to look good before I head back. also td was prob. the last time I'll see my derm until possibly during October when I have a short fall break. I'll have to get all my blood test taken at school in the health center. I just hope it won't be a problem for me to get my monthly supply of sotret at another pharmacy. also this month I've been really bad with alcohol. there always seems to be so many parties popping up at once and I want to partake in all the fun. the other night I constantly kept telling my friends, how impossible it would have been for me to continue the entire summer with out partying with them. I would have missed out on all the good drunken times that were hilarious. I know at school I'll only be drinking about once a week so prob. not as much as in the summer so I'll calm down a bit. but I took my 3rd blood test this past friday and I had done a power hour 2 nights in a row before it. I was really afraid the results were going to come out bad, but sure enough they were pefectt again! I still have not seen that many symptoms. I have noticed that I tend to irriated more easily with my friends and family. not alot but i definatly speak my mind more than I everrrr would. but I go to the gym and run on the tread mill for like 40 minutes and feel no pain atl all. so my joints are all good. only thing is lips get much more chapped than usual but the application of carmex/aquaphor fixes the trick in no time. STiLL happy I'm on accutane. hopefully more results will continue to show and hopefully everyone else is doing well! sorry for such a long entry! good night :cool:


day 29

So I started my second month on Sotret on Tuesday (July 14th)! My dermatologist now bumped me up to 40mg twice a day (80mg per day). I'll probably see more dryness in my skin and I have already seen my lips getting chapped much quicker. Last week I went in for my blood tests. everything came back fine and my doctor said my cholesterol was good but it was a bit higher than before I started taking the sotret. but he said this is normal once people are on Accutane. no signs of my alcohol consumption have showed up so I'm glad about that too. still no symptoms have shown besides the dry lips. my skin is still pretty good, but the sides of face aren't that great. but with my cover up I'm usually fine. I was outside alot this week and only wore a little 30 spf sun block. I went hiking for 7 hrs in Jersey on Sunday and had a blast! the whole day I could just feel my skin looking gross but oh well I had a sickk time. Then Monday July 13th, it was my 19th birthdayy! So my friends and I made a trip back up to NJ and went to Six Flags! It was a great day! both days I stil managed to not get burned at all! Tommorow my two friends from college who live in PA are visiting me! which means alot of drinking will go on for me this week! I swear, this week and next saturday for my sisters college grad party will be the only drinking I par take in for the month of July! all in all STILL glad I'm on Accutane. I hope to see more progress. Also I reccomend for anyone who's a picker like me and has old pimples that turn into tiny scabs, put a little Polysporin on any spots. it works pretty well to heal it quick and it won't dry out your face! talk to you all later!


day 24

wow, more than 3 weeks has gone by and I start my second month on Tuesday or Wednesday! This is flying by quicker than I thought. So my face is a bit dry but I still only need to apply the moisturizer on at night. During the day I only wear make up when I have to go work or go out with my friends. I've been trying to avoid alcohol as much as possible but my plan is to only drink on special occasions. My 19th birthday is on Monday and I'm going to Six Flags with a few of my friends! and I gotta make sure to throw on some sunscreen tuesday cuz I think I'm going tubbing with my friends on one of their jet skiis. should be fun! plus those 2 activities will not have alcohol involved. yessss. I'm a little jealous my friends got to go party on a yacht tonight on the Jersey shore while I had to get blood taken today and go to work. sucksss but I'm making moneyy so whatevs. I'm really afraid my blood tests results are going to come back bad because of my alcohol consumption. I haven't had alot but 4th of July I kind of went all out :/ My right side of the check had a painful little pimple I tried to pop an now there's these 2 kinds of annoying scabs that are difficult to pick. hate those. but my left sides pretty good. and so is mostly everything else. I got a few little spots on my chin but nothing too noticeable. and once makeup is applied, my skin is decent enough for me to feel comfortable around others. even my friends have noticed some improvement. so once again, I'm still really happy I went on accutane. no side effects besides just the slightly chapped lips and dry skin. it's all good to me so I deff. reccomend those who are considering going on Accutane to do it! I can't wait to look back like 4 months from today and be happy I went through 5 months on this drug. best of luck to everyone! and I hope everyone else is seeing improvements as well =)


day 19

I missed a couple days of blogging but my skin got a little bit worse than it has been. anddd my skin actually seemed to got a bit more dry. nothing bad that you can see but I did notice some areas that were more dry than usual. ughh on thursday I had like half of a really small shot and one beer. friday my friends had 2 beerbqs, one in the day time and one at night so I had like a beer and a margharita during the day and at night I had like another 2 beers. and last night, I'm not even going to say how much I drank. alot less than I normally would but still way more than I'm supposed to be having while on Accutane. I swear from now on I'm going to stop drinking cuz I don't want to mess anything up. I hope my blood test will show up fine when I have to take it in another week or so. but anyway my chin keeps getting all these stupid little white heads on them. not fun. my make up covers my skin pretty nicely. it sucks cuz on Thursday my skin looked really good with only a small amount of foundation on. like my sister was surprised when she was looking at me and my mom too. but once again my face has its ups and downs. one day it will be really good and the next it will be messed up. damnn acne. I keep finding more people who have gone on Accutane and their skin looks real good. The guy's house I went to on Thursday night went on Accutane and his skins really clear and nice and his boyfriend has really smooth clear skin plus he's an Abercrombie Model! so checkk that out. I really just hope my results will turn out well. anywho it's actually gorgeous out today so I'm going to go get ready and enjoy a nice day of shopping in the Cityyyy =)


day 15 today! AND my 19th birthday is in 12 days! so basically my skin is pretty much the same as it has been. I think it seems to be a little more smoother in the areas that are clear. my skin isn't that bad right now and I went to the 7/11 by my house today without any make up on! such a big deal for me. haha and while I was at work today my aunt came in with my cousin and she said I looked extra attractive td? random but the only make up I was wearing was my foundation. I guess that means the Accutane is some what working cuz my skin does seem to look better to me than it was before I went on it. my mom also said she can see a little bit of an improvement. my skin still hasn't gotten dryed out yet. I don't know if that's a bad thing but I'm glad its not dry and flaky. However it does seem to get alot less oily now than it did before. lips still get dry quickly but their not nasty and cracked or anything so it's all good. damnnn when I went to the beach the other day I missed like my upper back part of my leg with the sun screen and it got reallyy burnt. hurts quite a bit but I'm fine. no biggie. Today my stomach was hurting me a little bit too but I firgured it was probably just because I got my belly button pierced. also when I was working out at the gym today my back felt a little sore but nothing serious. can't wait to NOT drink on 4th of July. should be a blastt. talk to you guys later! :cool:


2 weeks todayy!

went to the beach again for 4 hours td. only used SPF 30 once and my skin is nice and tann :cool: any little sort of scabs from previous pimples pretty much dried up and you can barely see them anymore. before I went to the beach I put foundation on and then my Eucerin SPF 30 sunblock on my face. I went in the water like 3 times and stayed in for quite awile so I'd assume most of the foundation came off. but even without it on, I feel pretty confident and not that insecure. my chins still got some little annoying white heads that keep coming up but other than that I'm totally fine. no side effectsss at all. absolutely lovee it. now if I ould drink like I use to things would be perfect but oh well in a few months I can be back to the way I always was, just with clear skin and a more confident mee! hopefully tommorow there will still be more good news! :D


sooo far so good. my skin still looks pretty decent. layed out in my backyard today and wore SPF 30. didn't have to worry about putting any foundation on either since I was by myself. got some color and face didn't burn either. there isn't any new pimples really. went to the gym and my back hurt only slightly but I was in a total body workout class for 45 minutes so it probably had to do with the weights we were using. nothing serious to stop me from working out. I really haven't noticed any of the symptoms people keep listing. I don't get tired easily, don't get mad/angry for no reason, no loss of motivation to workout (in fact I workout more than any summers when I wasn't on Accutane), no dry skin, no nose bleeds. if anythinggg just slightly chapped lips but the carmex/aquaphor works wonders! sooo pleased to be on this stilL! keep your head high everyone! this will all be over before we know ittt O_O


day 12!

so everything's still pretty much the same as it has been. almost 2 weeks! damn this is going by quicker than I thought. had one beer last night. totALly fine. no biggie. although I reallyyy miss getting to drink with my friends =( oh well. my left side of the cheek isn't too bad besides like 2 old pimples that I popped that turned into little cuts that I can't help but pick at. but they kind of are going away. I just need to do my best to leave them alone! my right side has like legit a line straight across of 3-4 small scabs from old pimples that I once again could not help but touch. I'm terrible. I really need to stop toughing my face. it probably makes it worse but i feel it looks better when I try and pop the white heads and stuff. skin STILL not dry really. I went to the beach saturday for like 2 and a half hours and I made sure to put on SPF 30 all over my body. and I only put an spf 30 on my face as well. plus I went in the water several times and my skin turned out fine and I didn't re-apply the sun screen either. I at least got some color while the weather was nice for once!! I plan on laying out again tm too! and my face didn't get burned so I'm not worried. I really haven't experienced any of the symptoms yet. the only thing I can think of is head aches. I work out at the gym 3-4 times a week and my body feels fine. don't really feel any type of joint pain or muscle aches. so thank god for that! overall still really happy I'm on this. and one more question. has anyone else heard about pharmacies possibly not selling sotret anymore?! I just read one kids blog about his pharmacy saying they will no longer have sotret in stock and that he will probably have to switch to another generic form of accutane. like seriouslyy, wtf!? I don't want to switch. that shit's messed up. other that I'm done for now. see yahh O_O


dayy 10

same olddd same old. skin still not dry! not complaining about that so whatevss. and my lips continue to just get dry quick but a little application of the carmex and I'm fine. continue to keep getting stupid pimples. and I'm kinda getting a small cyst underneath my chin and it kind of hurts but at least it's under my chin so you can't really see it. when I put on foundation and take pics my skin doesn't look that bad. it looks pretty clear in pics with the make up on but I can't wait to take pics and just be a normal college student doing things without any make up. people with clear skin really take simple things for granted such as hanging out with people or running an errand. I just want to be able to shower and get dressed and run out of my house without having to put on stupid make up. the day that happens will be one of the best moments of my life. I can not wait! but for now I have to deal with what I got and continue living my life as I usually would. for those of you who are afraid to go out or try and stay away from friends and loved ones because of the condition their skin is in, I reccomend just trying to be yourself and enjoy the things you love in life. If it wasn't for my friends and family who are all supportive of me going through with accutane I would be very unhappy. Even though my skin sucks right now, I still continue to do the things I love and bad skin won't prevent me from doing them. besides the whole drinking aspect hahah but I'm doing my best to just have fun without the alcohol involved (but very difficult). I really credit those who are straight edged and can go out to parties and not drink at all cuz lemme tell you I wasn't even able to last a week without a sip of beer. will see how long I can go without touching any alcohol. andd I am no where near being an alcoholic, I just like to enjoy myself with friends while I'm still young and can have fun playing drinking games and stuff. no worries =) but any who that's all I got for tonight. till next time! O_O


day 7

woahhh 1 week already! damnn I can't even believe how fast it came. well that one pimple that was annoying kind of turned into a stupid scab. but not too bad. hopefully it will dry out quick. STILL have not experienced dry skin yet. wtf? I'm gunna take a guess and say that it has to do with where I live and how the weathers been lately. I'm from New York and I live by the water so the airs much more moist and not so dry. plus its been soo humid every day so maybe that's why I'm not drying out. but hey, I won't complain about that. no joint pain, no chapped lips. I only seem to get head aches once in a while at night but nothing too severe. and I think my hair gets less oily. I don't really have greasy hair to begin with but it looks nice. so overall no complaints yet and I'm glad to be on it. good bye for now! O_O


day 6!

face is pretty much still the same. no specific changes. still have one pimple that is annoying. alcohol from last night seemed to have no effect on me so I'm glad but I'm going to try and avoid it as best I can. Once I put makeup on, my skin is still pretty normal looking so I can't really complain yet. I just reeally hope I don't get insane breakouts or really dry skin. I've had wayy worse skin so this stuff I can handle. but wow I can't believe tm will be one week already! and I'm still really glad that my skin hasn't gotten super dry yet. I guess my moisturizing plan is working. and I load on a bunch of aquaphor at night around the places that usually get dry the most. I put aquaphor every night around my nose and everything so I can prevent it from cracking and getting nastyy. I never had a nose bleed before so I'm trying to prevent it from ever happening. Hopefully all the products I'm using continue to work well. that's all updates for tonight. good night O_O


day 5

pretty much still the same but have a few small pimples that won't pop. I honestly can never leave my face alone if I see a white head that can be popped. I can't help it. but yeah skins still normal. maybe not as oily but doesn't dry out. probably cuz this weather sucks and its soo humid. but I can't complain about that. My lips are feeling a little bit more dry but I still constantly apply the carmex so it's all good. I had 3 beers tonight cuz I couldn't resist and it hasn't even been a week yet since I last drank. this summer is going to be soooo hard for me. I was proud of myself last night cuz my best friend had a party and I was designated driver so good job for me! not even a sip of alcohol. but hopefully those few beers don't have a bad affect on me. I'm going to try my hardest to avoid consuming alcohol as much as possible. that's my major goal of the summer. that's all the updates I have for now! see yah tommorow! O_O


day 4!

face is still not dryed out yet. lips are good too cuz I constantly apply carmex and it works pretty damn good. I washed my cars outside today for almost 4 hours but thank god I was wearing a moisturizer with an SPF of 30. so I got a lil color but not burned so no biggie. I also was outside today for a little when I went running but skin didn't get really red or anything. My face is still decent but I still have the same damn pimples. nothing huge but still annoying and previous small pimples that turned into little cuts sort of are still there. oh well. my face has definitely been wayyyy worse before so I can deal. I went to my friends party tonight and was the designated driver. sooo hard to not drink and get wasted with my friends but I still had a good timeee. workk tm and if I'm lucky maybe I'll wake up earlier for the gym! good nightt O_O


day 3

my face actually seems to be improving slightly. I think the only side effect I keep getting is the bad head aches. every night I kind of keep getting one but I'd rather get that than any of the other symptoms. My skin seems to look more smooth almost and when I put foundation on, it looks decent besides the previous pimples that I have tried to pop in the past that have turned into little cuts. but other than that the rest of my face is semi-clear. I apply the carmex about every 30 minutes a day but I don't mind cuz it prevents them from getting cracked and chapped. I literally carry at least 3 chap sticks with me at all times. I'm trying to avoid the dry skin and chapped lips as much as I can. In the day time I only use a small amount of moisturizer on the places where my face can tend to get dry. I dont like the feeling of wearing it so I keep it to a minimum. At night I seriously can't get over how quickly I can wash my face apply moisturizer and be done. For years I've probably wasted hours sitting in front of the damn bathroom mirror, picking away and trying to pop stupid pimples and then applying every type of cream and spot treatment junk available. So it's nice to go from such a big hassel to something simplistic and quick. but other than that, no specific changes. I'm exhaustedd so time for bed! O_O


sooo I totally just typed out my entire blog and some how I managed to delete the whole thing. so basically I need to re-write it. greattt but anyway today was Day 2 and I had already noticed the dumb white heads making their way to the surface of my face. I find it really difficult to just not lightly pop them because I hate seeing them just chillin there. nastyyy but at least my skin hasn't gotten extremely dry yet. I think all these new pimples that are poping up could be due to the fact that my dermatologist started me on a really high dosage. I'm taking 60mg per day. (30mg twice a day). Maybe he's starting me high because I'm only going on it for about 4.5-5 months. The beauty of going on Accutane is not having to spend 20-30 minutes every night washing my face and applying creams and stuff. Now I can wash my face and simply apply moisturizer and be done within 5-10 minutes. Saves me so much time! I also haven't really noticed any extremely dry skin yet. so that's a plus at well. Every night I literally just drench my skin in moisturizer cuz I hate wearing it during the day when I need to put concealer on to go out. I wish I could just chill at home all day and not worry about having to wear any make up but I've got a week left of summer courses and always go out at night to hangout with my friends + work and go to the gym so I have to cover it up some how. I haven't noticed any symptoms like joint pain either yet. My lips are fine, they just tend to get a bit dry feeling quite often but then I lather on some Carmex and I'm good to go. That's pretty much all I got for now so until tm good night! I'm sure I find something to write about tm but I like keeping these blogs so I can look over the progress being made!

See yaa,

Nicole O_O


Hey Guys!

So I went to my dermatologist today and I had my blood test last friday so my doctor said I was cleared! I just picked up my prescription of Sotret and for the first month he has me on the 30mg pills twice a day. So a total of 60mg per day. While at the drug store I decided to stock up on all the types of lotions and face wash needed so I'd be prepared for any dryness that comes my way. After reading everyone elses suggestions on here about products I decided to try out these profucts that were also recommended by my derm:

For face wash I'm using: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser once in the morning and once before bed.

For my face at night: I bought Aquaphor Healing Ointment because I know this stuff works pretty well to help prevent skin from getting super dry. I also decided I'd prefer to use this moisturizer at night when I'm sleeping cuz it seems like it could make your skin look a little oily and I don't want that to happen during the day when I'm out with other people. oh yeah I just opened the bottle ac tually right this second and dabbed my finger tip in it and it's deff. got an oily feel but should be great for night time!

Body wash: I decided to get Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash just so it can be another way to ensure the rest of my skin on my body doesn't dry out too much. My doctor also recommended showers that are not hot and to try and make them as cool as possible so it doesn;t dry out the skin as much

Face moisturize for the day: I bought Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion For Dry, Sensitive Skin. It says it's clinically proven to hydrate and protect dry skin for 24 hours so hopefully that statement follows through. haha I sound like a person who's obsessive right now with keeping their skin as hyrdrated and moisturized as much as possible right now.

Last but not least chap stick: I bought the little tubes of Aquaphor Healing Ointment and you cna kind of just glide it over your lips but it seems to work well. I also got a small little chap stick of the Carmex alot of people talk about. That also seems to work well.

Since I just picked up my prescription at 7pmish td, I only am taking 1 pill today. I just had my dinner with it but so far I feel the exact same but obvv I just took it so there clearly is no syptoms or anythinggg yet.

I just can't wait till the day I can go anywhere and just walk on out of my house/or dorm while at school and not have to worry about putting cover up on my face. I run track in college and I can;t even go to practice or a meet without wearing concealer. Like who the hell wants to wear that crap while working out. I hateee it but I feel incredibly self-concience about myself. I actually did go the drug store without any make up on so that was actually kind of a big deal. Right now my skin isn't actually too bad, it's at the point where I can sort of deal with others seeing me with out make up. Like around my family and my best friend I can be fine but when I go out later tonight I'm gunna have to wear make up cuz I still can't deal with all of my other friends seeing my skin underneath the cover up. I'm also going to be struggling bigg time with the fact that I can't really drink on this prescription. I like to party alot and being around my friends this summer while there getting wasted and having a good time is really going to be extremely difficult for me. But if my skin can turn out to be much better within the next 4.5-5 months, then I'll risk my sumemr fun adn just have a fun time being in their presence and enjyoing it as best as I can. Thank god I'm an outgoing girl otherwise I'd be screwd! But I'm sure plenty of you are going through the same thing as me so I wish you all good luck and know that we can all be on our way to clear skin! boyy do I love saying that! I'm quite excitedd, but just a bit worried after hearing about how people keep getting other pimples that continue to pop up on their face daily! and aboutt how dry my face and lips will get! but I'm going to apply my moisturizers religiously so hopefully it won;t be too bad and I'm going to constantly drink as much water as possible a day! Hope all goes well on 20 week journey to acne free skin!!

I'll post back here prob. within the next few days!

See ya,



Hey guys!

I'm an 18 yr old female (19 in July) and I'm going to start accutane the second week of June! I still have to do my blood test in the beginning of June but I'm soo excited to finally start it! I'm just worried about all the symptoms that I've been reading about. I'm also not a huge fan of the not really being able to drink while being on accutane. I'm an athlete but I still love my partying! Look's like I'll have to be the DD for most of the summer. Oh well, I'm all for giving up drinking for 4 and a half months all for clear skin! I hope this works because I've literally tried everything! My skin is not the worst but I always get small pimples on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. The minute I see/feel a pimple, I'm in front of a mirror trying to pop it. I'm a picker and I seriously can not help it. My mom and sister always try and tell me to just leave it alone, but they don't have acne like I do so they have no idea what's like. When I pick scabs it at least makes my skin some what smooth feeling but it usually will start to bleed and just look worst. I hate washing my face and feeling bumps. I also hate the fact that I can't go out in public without wearing foundation. When my face is covered with concealer I usually feel at least semi-comfortable around people. I have a relatively high spirit and I'm always known to be someone who's always happy and never upset. All I want from this Accutane is to finally be able to walk out of my house, or go to class without having to cover my face with makeup. It takes me extra time to get ready every day because I always have to make sure my horrible skin is covered. It never makes me feel pretty and it really lowers my confidence. Hopefully all the dryness and achy pains will be minor but I can deal with it if Accutane actually works! It also sucks that I'm starting this in the summer when all I want to do is go the beach all day and get wasted at night. I think the winter could be worse though, so we'll see. I'll post again here as soon as I get my blood test in June! It's nice having something to write down my thoughts and to be able know that I'm not the only one facing this horrible thing called "Acne".

Laterr! :doh:=)

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