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Today I am going to do a review on the most amazing moisturizer I've used. Clinique's Moisture Surge gel. This is an oil-free moisturizer, it lightly hydrates and soothes your skin. According to Clinique, this moisturizer lasts about 12-hours and it can withstand drastic changes in humidity. Its special ingredients include aloe, green tea, and caffeine. After putting this gel on, your skin will feel amazingly hydrated and like Clinique says "by-a-waterfall feel". It's quite pricy but its worth every cent! Theres also a Face Spray version of this, perfect for summer and its cheaper than the gel.

PROS: Light, soothing, leaves skin ultra-soft, hydrates all day, great smell (even though its fragrance-free), little goes a long way, there's variations of this product (face spray, tinted moisturizer), non-greasy/oily.


Rating: 10 / 10!


After buying Clinique's M Gel-Lotion I found out that it did nothing for my shaving irritations. So, I decided to purchase the Post Shave Healer, also by Clinique. I bought this at Macys for $18.00. It may sound quite pricy but it's worth it. It has a high aloe content, so it soothes and softens your just-shaven skin. This leaves your skin ultra-soft and free from any shave burn. Its so gentle that you don't even notice that it has alcohol in it (Alcohol has a bad rap, I don't know but it has not affected me in any way) Anyways, this is a great after shave lotion and its one of the best. There's other formulas and it comes in a 2.5 oz bottle. Oil and fragrance-free.

[Tip: Add lotion afterwards]

PROS: Gentle, leaves skin soft and smooth, heals razor burns and minor nicks.

CONS: None. Well, maybe the price.

Rating: 9 / 10


Hello everyone! I am going to do a review on Clinique's 3-Step System. This 3 step system includes:

Step 1: Liquid Face Wash - Extra Strenght (5 oz, $14.00)

Step 2: Scruffing Lotion 3.5 (6 oz, $12.00)

Step 3: M Gel-Lotion (3.4 oz, $20.00)


Ok, so I bought this system to maintain my skin clear and clean. All of these products are formulated without any oils or fragrances, and they're allergy tested. The Liquid Face Wash is amazing! It is the gentlest face wash I've used. I've been using it for almost 2 months and it hasn't dried my skin out, I think its very gentle because it has aloe (softs and soothes skin). The Scruffing Lotion on the other hand was very tough when I started using it. It dried my skin out very bad! I stopped using it and went back on it and it never again irritated my skin (I just lowered the ammount of product I used) the Scruffing Lotion has witch hazel (astringent) and salicylc acid (treats blemishes). This also has alcohol, but its very refreshing if you have tough skin. Last but not least, the M Gel-Lotion, this gel/lotion is quite nice, it soothes and hydrates my skin. I feel like I can get a lotion thats as good as this for less.

PROS: Absolute clean skin, better shaves, and less oil buildup.

CONS: Expensive, lotion is not that good and it worsened my oily skin problems.

Rating: 8.5 /10


Hey everyone, today I am doing a review on L'Oreal's Power Clean. This is a soap-free face wash that targets skin's dullness. I loved how it made my skin feel, the menthol felt amazing. The price was very reasonable since it was on sale ($3.00 @ CVS) Anyway, although it did its part by washing my face, I did not see a change in my face.. this is supposed to invigorate your face. L'Oreal claims that this product does not leave your skin tight or dry, but it actually dried and tightened my face.

PROS: Was very cheap, the scent woke me up, easy to lather, menthol cools face.

CONS: Drying, tightening, no "anti-dullness" results and I also didn't see a difference from its ADS (Active Defense System) formula didn't reduce irritation when I shave.

Rating: 6 / 10

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