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Sept 1st 3:35am

Yo..I'm almost near my half way point through month 4 and i must say that it feels alot better on myself and skin now that I am staying at the same mg. I think the prob. before was that I always jumped every month, and everytime i was clearin at end of my month, I would go up in mg. Example. May-June(20mg)..June-July(40mg)July-August(80mg)August-September(80mg). So basically when I was finally getting used to my dosage, and starting to feel comfortable I would have to start from square one with the breaking out from the new dosage. I am starting to see clearing and I'd like to say there is only about 4-5 active pimples/whiteheads on me. most is just red marks now. Mentally I feel like myself again. I took a leave of absence from work so I could get things straightened out, so I could stay stress free a bit too. Not the smartest things, but I thought I'd try and stop the depressing feeling and a smaller stage. But anyway, I really do feel like by the time mid-late September rolls around I will be in great shape. Only prob is the next time im at derm I will be WITHOUT insurance. So Accutane will basically be paid out of pocket. Not too happy about it, but the state paid for the first 4(pills, blood work, doctor visit) so i guess I shouldn't be too upset, but not looking forward to paying 400.

I'd also like to thank the people that read these, and also for people that PM about tane/ or to give me some tips. Also, the people in org chat on here...Some really cool heads go on there, and they lift spirits.

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aug 25th 4:15pm

yo, i think this might be the first ever blog entry or post i have done that is during the daytime. but anyways i am on my 4th day of month 4 today and i kinda just have small not necesarily whiteheads, but white dots. im trying to avoid touchin. on my cheeks its more like a bubble feelin, that kinda feelin when you have a blister and when you squeeze you know water will come out...but in this case it'd be puss. im gonna shave today so maybe that might help the irritation go away cause the beard gets itchy in summer time. and my bday is on firday so im tryin to look my best for when i go out that night and try and get some punani. but i think the worst is over thank god. oh and for all the people that gave there suggestions to my post about what chap stick to use..i appreciate it, i use aquaphor(sp), it helps so much.

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take care guys


aug 22nd 1:45 am

i went to the derm yesterday aug 21, and just told me were gonna stay at 80mg..it will be highest i will go. from here on out is where i will see my improvment since i am not uping the dosage. id say it took about 2-3 weeks to finally get used to the 40mg jump in dosage. today is one of those eh days for me. but at this point its whatever. ima ride this out til the motha fuckin wheels fall off

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1:15 aug 19

hey, I haven't put up a entry in a minute. I also wasn't on for a couple of weeks, I kinda got pretty down on myself about the beginning on aug. due to not seein much results. but i guess it was because i up'd the dosage from 40 to 80. right now i feel alot better mentally and skin wise. i see my face startin to clear a bit so thats motivatin. i also got pretty sunburnt, which will convert to a tan hopefully which will help things by how i look. but my 3rd month will be up on friday and im pretty stoaked. as of now i got some white heads on my cheaks, and 2 on my forehead and thats about it. i don't wanna go up on my dosage only cause it takes 2 weeks usually for me to get used to it and i dont know if i can handle it physically or mentally. so you guys think i should stay at 80mg, then for last month go down to 40?

a tip: kinda corny, but i find prayin helps alot for me. im not too religious, and i don't think religion is all the hype people bring it to be, but i try and take 5 min out of my night to pray to god to help me through this, cause for the people that go through it, know the struggles it brings

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aug 1st..1:20am

hey, im just coolin out for now..im in my 2nd week of month number 3, and id like to say im improving, i still have some big pimples, but i really havent broke out in a while, its just these whiteheads are takin forever to run its course. AGHHH



well i guess technically today is the start of my 4th day on 80mg a day, but I will take my medicene in the afternoon with lunch. i'm still pretty broken out but I'm not sure what to expect. I mean, I like all this advice on here, but I think I'm just goin to go with my own flow. Trial and error. I like advice and all, I just sometimes stress when things aren't the same as other tane users. Guess I'll find out.

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Hey guys, if you don't already know, my name is John. I am a 19 years old male. I wouldn't say I have real bad cystic acne, but I have some, and just typical bad breakouts. I first started takin prescribed meds when I was 14, but wouldn't take them faithfully(trial and error). My skin was real bad from first start of puberty (11/12) to about 16i/17ish Then I cleared up noticeably well for about a year and a half. So when I turned 19(last aug), I was slowly startin to break out a bit more, I went to a derm in nov '08 and was put on evoclin(am), differin(pm) and that worked nicely for about a month but I just felt like I was makin my skin worse, so then around feb '09, i went back again and was put on retin-a, and that worked really well for about a month/month and a half, then it kind of hit a wall. so I went to the derm on may 23rd i believe, and I was put on accutane. I didn't necessarily wanna go on it, but I felt it was the only way it would improve permanetly. My derm has been seein my uncles, aunts and grandparents so he knows how bad the cystic acne runs in the family(mine is NOWHERE near as bad) But my derm just seem to know where I was comin from, and it also made me feel better too when he told me he was on accutane as well, so he knows personally what its like. So the day after my appt, I did bloodwork, and got my accutane. To be technical it is Clarvis(sp), a generic brand. The first month I took 20mg a day so my body would get used to it. I didn't have too many breakouts, in fact I cleared up noticeably durin that time, so it felt real good goin into month 2. I had my accutane check up on june 25th and didn't get much into it, just makin sure my head was still there and all. So he prescribed me with 40mg a day. This wasn't what I was expectin. I figured since 20mg got me warmed up I would break out vaguely. I was wrong, I broke out real bad, never had that bad of a breakout. I wonder to myself how bad it wouldve been if I started at 40mg. The breakouts lasted maybe 2-3 weeks, and as of these past 2 weeks they have improved, im seein the light. My lips are EXTREMLY chap. Which by the way thank you to all that gave suggestions to chap stick requests. But other than chap lips, my head is still fine, its like I got 2 left hooks to the jaw, I was dazed, but I got my footing back. As of yesterday(7/24) i went back for checkup and was put on 80mg a day(2 40mg pills) and thats where I stand at now. Thanks

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