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46 Days!

Wow, reading that last entry back was hilarious. I wrote it after I took my ambien and I was so out of it. Anyway, all two of the zits I got while on Accutane have gone away, now its back to a clear face, except all of my blackheads which are coming out. They have done this once and now I guess it was the deaper ones. It just feels so weird! Anyway, my lips are beyond dry and the sides actually cracked today O_O That makes me really sad. Other than that, it is really nice not to wash my hair everyday anymore! I still think it is weird however that I never had an initial breakout, I have talked to all the people who I know who have taken it (which turns out to be a surprising number and they all had an IB) I'm not complaining just think it is weird.

Oh and thanks for the comment, not really quite sure how to work this thing, so I will just thank you here.


40 Days

Now, I have been just reading all of these blogs often to see if my experience is different of the same with people. I realized how I feel about this whole process made me what to tell people what I am going thru because very few have the same experience, even though they may be similar. Anyway I am on Day 40 today, which is cool, I love when I get to finish a pack of Ten! It feels so nice. I have a couple questions about the IB. I don't think I ever got one. I just got my first zit (which was a cyst) which I haven't had in over a year or so. Anyway I cant believe that one zit would qualify for the initial breakout, so has anyone else never really had one? Other then that my skin has been nearly perfect. I would say I have mild acne. I just went on it because I am 24 and I don't think I should get acne anymore. Alright so side effects have been dry lips, face and eyes. Also I have patches of very dry skin on my arms. I have had a few severe headaches but not sure if they were caused by that or just stress, for I am working like 60 hours at least a week. Anyway hope everyone else is doing alright. Anyway, I take 40mg once everyday with my largest meal.

When I went in she asked if I wanted to lower it since my face looks clear. I said no and she said ok. Anyway! Wish I had b4 and afters but I never let anyone take a pic of me without make up on I was so ashamed.

Well Peace :doh:

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