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I first got cursed with acne when I was 9 years old. At the time I didnt think to much of it, appearances were never important and I was oblivious to those who were bagging me out behind my back. I found my skin was very oily but never bothered with face creams or moisturising as I thought I was just a normal kid.

I remained makeup free, and face cream free until I was 15 and didnt have a care in the world except when mum would get the bobby pins and start stabbing into my skin. It wasn't until the name "pizza face" was getting used a bit to regularly that I started to become affected by it. It was also at this time my sister was given a camera and we found that I was quite photogenic, with offers to do some modelling (based purely on my photos, nobody ever got to met me thank god). The compliments started rolling in and I got excited. My girlfriends showed me the wonders of makeup and fashion which made me popular with boys and not so liked with girls. I had model ambitions and never onced stopped to think at how much my skin condition would affect me.

The girls at school were starting to get catty because of my popularity and some guys were not really the nicest. Thats when my carefree world changed I got called "pizza face" on a daily basis, ugly, pimple face, told to stop eating junk food and the hurtful list goes on. I ran crying to mum who finally decided to do something about my skin. The doctor refused to put me on the pill but I got accutane and antibiotics (these worked for a little while but then stopped), proactive was then released and I went on that for six months but again found it was not doing much for the price. I was definatley cursed.

I am now 19 and have tried so many products from BP 10%, 2.5% and 5% the sacylic acid and glyceriene, natural lemons oatmeal and egg white strawberries. I cut carbs and sugar, drank green tea five times a day ate only apples for three days been to the dermotologist many times and nothing. The only thing that has worked is the pill DIANE 35 (birth control) but now I have gained about 10kg in weight and am always hungry (a small price to pay for nice skin, I now need to work out how to lose the weight lol).

Well that was a lie because my skin is still not nice. Its only this year in 3 months thanks to the pill I am finally getting most of my active face and body acne under control however, I am now left with blemishes, blackheads and scarring which cannot be completely covered with makeup.

I feel so depresed because most people mistake me for a smoker (ive never touched a cigarrette in my life) dr's presume i smoke, drink heavely and eat junk all the time. My photos are still being complemented all the time but I hate myself and dread to look in the mirror my friends say its not bad but then they whinge when they get one pimple i want to slap them across the face so hard for it its just not fair though why do most people get clear smooth skin and then go out and drink, smoke and do drugs while i have to sit at home sleep 9 hours a day, drink 10 glasses of water eat healthier then a nutritionist would and take pills just to look a little better. I am determined to find a way to fix my skin im getting IPL next week so i will definately let everyone know how it goes but having acne is definately a curse and i am so glad we have this site to share our experiences and concerns

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