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I've been getting zits since i was about in 6th grade, I've always had about 5 or 6 on my face, NOTHING major at all. Until this year, I'm in 10th grade and I started getting pimples, obviously they were bigger and more noticeable than the small zits I was getting the year before. I really don't know why there was such a big change in my skin but it was embarrassing to have pimples. I didn't really do anything to them until about January of 2009. I used to leave them alone until one of my friends told me to pop it, so I popped it. I didn't really do this before ever and it felt good because the pimple was gone, little did I know that it would leave a huge mark. I started doing this to almost ALL of my pimples, and I also started getting lots of blackheads on my nose so I started to squeeze there as well. I got marks and marks and marks. Now my skin is a complete disaster. I spend about an hour and a half a day looking in the mirror. Not all at one time, but I'll look fifteen minutes before dinner and then 30 minutes before bed, etc. I really DON'T know what to do, my mom's embarrassed of my skin as well but my dad's a bit more encouraging. I've tried the Acne mark fading peel, it worked okay and since then I've been trying Cocoa Butter. Are there any tips/inspirations you can give me. HOW CAN I CLEAR THIS SKIN UP AND GET BACK MY NORMAL FACE?!

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