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Day 1

I have just spent close to a year researching products for my skin, today i stumbled upon acne.org. So i'm thinking hey i have nothing to loose. right. So what is the situation, i have moderate acne all over my forhead. in particular whitheads (milia) i am quite lucky in the sence that my skin is flawless aroung my cheeks, chin, nose etc. so my skin is very decepetive. I hate it soo much because it looks gross, and when i go to derma's i think they see it as an opportunity to sell me the most exspensive products they have, you know who it goes one week an your skin will be perfect, well thats complete an utter croc.

when people say they have tried everything i have, proactive, cleane an clear, neutrogena, elemis, french green clay, temple spa anf medication retin- A, tetra anitbiotics and now i am on minocycline, and i am using the bodyshop sea weed skincare for combo skin types, once a week i go for the new microdermabrasion technique crystal clear.

so inorder to save money and face i have ordered Dan's travel size treatment and cleanser, i am going to test it on my skin, moniter the reaction. If successfull i will go whole hog an buy all the procduct range quite a cautiouse move i would say!!.

i was absoloutly shocked at the astounding number of postive review Dan's products got on makeupalley. i am always skeptical an thinking this is just a fad and will not work thats how i feel, maybe i should adopt the placebo mentallity, it might be that this acne is all psychological, next am gonna hear of hollistic therepies for curing acne!!!

people with nice skin do not know how we feel and what we suffer, i am gald i have this blog to push my thoughts onto.

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