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regimen start- 4-15-09

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well to start off i can not remember the last time my face was clear.. i never had really bad acne.. infact i thought i was blessed for only breaking out on my forehead and not my cheaks.. i even thought i was somewhat pretty.. [everyone is beautiful]!! till february of this year. I broke out so much specially on my cheeks. I feel valueless and most of the time ugly. i hate acne. I think i went through a depressive state.. all i wanted to do is sleep and sometimes cry.. i never thought of taking my life but i must confess i flirted with it.[ im such a drama queen] hehe I have alot of freinds because i belive i have a pretty nice personality... but i hate looking people straight in the eyes because i feel they are jst looking at my acne.. i seriously hated and hate this.. i m like why me.. i didnt do anything to deserve this.. i dont smoke, drink , curse, and i am so nice to people.. but life sometimes is not fair.. just when i thought i was never going to fine the light in my tunnel of darkeness.. i prayed.... 2 months ago i began searching despretally for answers and for hope on the internet.. and accidently found this page. What really got to me was the testimonials of people.. i was like if it could happen to them why not me? So i ordered dans BP.

I use:

Cetaphil cleanser

DAns Bp

Cetaphil Moisturizer with spf 15

AHA+ [been using for 3 days now]

at first i was pretty skeptical about this because i had try every over the counter product, and procative and nothing seem to work.. i even try natural remedies..[ i think that made it worst]

i can now say i am 90% clear from what i started....

i have no more whiteheads!!! ":]

no more inflamed acne.. just the scars!!! [ i hate that the most]

i want to keep track of my progress and if u recomend something for these horrible scars plz tell me!

Now i see life with a more optimistic view..[even though sometimes i feel like crap]

Even though life is not perfect i love life itself it is a gift from God..


before regimen

18 days later


Exactly one month!!!

hate it! lol disgusting hehe



2 months!!

i see a diffrence!! omg



my inflamed acne has settle! n i am happy O_O

but i dont noe what to do with this acne scars.. or do u think is hyperpigmentation??


i hope i make progress with times.. [ it still hurts but i now that "through every dark nite there is a brighter day"

HUg a tree!! they dont judge

eat butterflies.. they make u happy!!!


i am a brand new member i sarted on april 15 2009

[help me not give up]

i guess im just going to vent my feelings or something.. well let me start off by saying that i am 16 years old and i have suffer from acne since i was 11 years old. it recently hit me hard leaving me depress and somber.. its funny how i dont show it.. even my mom its like 'this doesnt affect u' but deep down it does. it deppress me to a point where i am f&@k life!! haha but i noe thats not the way to go......i have moderate to severe acne.. i have tried almost everything out there.. from proactive for 3 years it left my face worst after i decided to discontinue it.. my doctor game me minocycline i been on it for about a month. I do see some diffrences but its not what she expected so she made me stay with it for another month.. then i found this site.. i dont want to be gullable because i tried everything.. but one thing that i always tell my self is to never lose faith! i dont even know how i do it,, i dont noe how i am abke to leave my house.. but i do because i noe i can not hide forever.. what is hard is that random people on the streets say ' have u tried this' i noe they r trying to help but its hard..

well anyways i dont want to seem like a cry baby hahaha

this is my regimen im going to stick to it n not give up!! muahahah


cetaphil gentle cleanser for oily and normal skin

dans' bp

and cetaphil moisturizer with spf

at night is the same

i just dab a little bit of aloe vera

i hope this work

i have faith!!!! muahahhaha

'i wnt to b free, release from any form of captivity'! b

dont give up people

eat butterflies!!!!

through every dark night there is a brighter day!! O_O

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