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Accutane (Day 4-8)

I've been on Accutane for a week and a day now! Already my acne has smoothed out and made it much easier to apply cover up makeup. The acne on my chin has cleared up significantly, and now I'm just down to my main problem, my left cheek and temple. So far, so good!

I have had some side effects though. I have had dry lips and I apply chapstick every 5-10 minutes, literally. I got a new chapstick today, a special medicated SPF one called Nivea. My mouth also gets pretty dry sometimes, so I've been chugging water left and right! I also had some joint pain in my ribcage if I sat a certain way, it happens every once in awhile.

But yea, other than that, so far everything is going pretty well :doh:


Accutane (Day 3)

My red spots seem to be less raised, and appear to have shrunk in size as well. The dirt in my clogged pores on my cheeks and chin seem to be surfacing as well. :) Except for the one large planet that is still growing on the top side of my forehead, things appear to be doing well. I hope this giant whitehead comes to a head and disappears already, because it hurts. It's just a big red bump that hurts. grr. :doh:

I am already starting to get a dry mouth, dry eyes, and my lips feel dry too. :) I have been moisturizing my face with Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion to keep my face from drying and peeling as well.


Accutane (Day 1&2)

I have always had acne problems, just lots of red spots and white heads and tons of little blackheads, usually I could cover it with make, but within this past year, it is just so red and spotty that I can't really cover it as well as I used to. :) It used to be in the T zone, but then my forehead cleared and now it's on my cheeks, chin, and temples. :D I used to model, I am a very confident girl at the age of 17, but my acne makes me feel down sometimes. Nothing would help it, i've been on creams and pills, (I even had severe allergic reaction to a pill all over my body and had to go to prom like that) but nothing.... it would only make the acne lessen for about a week but then it would return. So finally I got to get Accutane, I heard about it through my sister's bf, b/c he used it and had amazing results. So, after a month of getting the tests and blablabla, I got my Accutane! 20mg!!!!! :doh: I started it yesterday. Today is the 2nd day. The acne seems less raised, but there appears to be more red spots? I am not sure, we'll see how things go after a week or two, but I did hear that people usually break out within the first 3 weeks like crazy because it is the next 4 months worth of acne being surfaced and getting out of your system. I hope I don't have any nosebleeds or disgusting acne :) I'll go crazy! But I know I am finally on the road to recovery! I'll keep posting daily to note any changes!!!!!!!!!!

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