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shoulder scars-starting accutan soon?

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Hey everyone,

I am only 15, but I hit puberty about 5 years ago. I have suffered from acne ever since. I tried over the counter treatments the first couple years. But after that, my acne started getting worse. I went to see a derm and they now prescribe me with solodyn (antibiotic) brevoxyl wash, and differin (topical gel). It seems to be working very well. Except for the monthly outbreak I get which is usually in sync with my menstrual cycle. The outbreaks I usual get are very cystic. Toward September 2008, I started breaking out on my shoulders. This has left a very large amount of scars. I am very active, which causes me to be in the sun more often. The scars have been getting darker everyday. I am currently using apple cider vinegar on them but im not sure if that will work. HELP PLEASE ! micro dermabrasion? etc.

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