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I have oily skin, especially on my nose which is clogged with little flesh coloured bumps and blackheads and red marks from me trying to extract whiteheads. I've also still got my scars from the nodules from grade 6? They've gone down in size, but it's still there and making me miserable as hell. I've also got super clogged and uneven skin on the side of my nose with little hairs that would normally be unoticable but since I have black (tecnically dark brown) hair, it just makes my face look dirty. I always look red in the face or I've got red patches. I'm still in my teenage years so my hormones are raging at this point. Zinc doesn't really work for me. It used to make my skin a but less oily but not so much anymore. I recently had a major breakout on my upperlip so now it's filled with red marks that won't go away. And they're really deep rooted.

My regime is as follows:


Wash with water.

Cotton ball with witch hazel and wipe my whole face.

Wait until it dries.

Wash it off.

Applies tea tree oil to forehead, nose, chin and upper lip.


Oil cleansing method (except for chin and upper lip)

Pineapple Enzyme Mask (focusing on chin and upper lip)

Wash off.

Cotton ball with witch hazel and wipe my whole face

Apply tea tree oil

My acne is still present and flaring. Even my mom has commented on it, and it's not nice things

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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