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Day 13

Well by now i thought the Tetralysal 150 mg twice a day would have started to kick in, but my skin seems to be getting more spotty...

I have had spots on my one side for over 4 weeks, they dont seem to ever go away, im washing with benzac twice daily, I have a healthy diet, do enough exercise. I dont know whats wrong. I have benzac which is a benzoyl peroxide 5% but its a wash..in the regimen they all use a leave on peroxide...i cant find this in south africa tho...and im scared to change product brands, the last time did not end well at all...

I dont know where to go from here...i think i have to maybe give the tetralysal a it more time,but my acne is now eating into me, I dont go out anymore, i just sit around in my room!! Im gona look into accutane, maybe start that in the holidays....

another concern is that exams are coming up and the added stress i am scared will make it even worse! I dont know how much more of this I can take!

Doctors keep saying give it time and it goes through stages, mine seems to just be getting worse...Im not in a good place now, battling through each day ...hope this improves soon... :doh:


Day 8

Today im happy to say started looking a bit better...Still have many spots but the redness is greatly reduced and even though it still looks pretty bad it is in the healing process!!

I was not dealing with having acne and was stressing a bit too much! I read on the message boards that stress can aggrevate acne, which made me stress more. I went to the doctor and chatted with him a bit about it. He gave me Biral. Biral are pills for anxiety and stress. I feel they work well so if anyone is not doing to welllike me maybe you should try this to! its helped me :doh:

oKay so its the end of day 8 now and its taken Tetralysal a while to kick in, like most anti-biotics. I think it has started to work, cause i do have reduced redness and inflammation. I have also been using Dans regimen so it could be due to this.

Im scared tomorro I have Rugby match,im thinking i could break out after like after other games :) ill wash my face straight after perhaps and hope for the best!

Will keep anyone reading updated, if no one is haha well its good to get it all out!


Real Day 7

I know I have already typed a message for day 7, but as i saw today it was only a week ago today that I started! Which is understandable, the miscount probably happened because t seems like it has been months since I started. Checking up on progress every 5 minutes probably does not help pass time!

Well the real day 7 then:

Just did the morning regimen and its looking red and ugly, but this seems to always occur after the regimen, it goes down within minutes though! Its not looking too much better, stll getting new spots, but my face is looking much clearer on the one side. The other side has been red and inflammed for amost a week now, does not seem to want to piss off! As everyone keeps telling me it takes time, be patient, stop stressing! Tis sounds very easy to just stop doing, but its really not!

K well im off to try another day!

Keep Well everyone :doh:


Day 6

The Tetralysal seems to be reducing the redness and inflammation of the acne! just not the amount, its still early days though!

Im still washing with benzoyl peroxide 5% and using moisturizer as it dries out skin a lot.

Im not sure if i should start using the differen again orjust leave it for a while, dont want to use to many products at once!

Okay well will keep the blog going for anyone who is going through the same problems maybe it might help!


Day 4

Well today did not start off well. skin looked terrible this morning! was red and inflammed.

Also was peeling a bit, i think its the benzoyl peroxide, think i might lay off it or reduce use :doh:

As the day progressed the redness seemed to fade a bit, its not better just looks less severe!

Still have a few new spots, but its still the 4th day so cant expect the anti biotics to havekicked in by now, or should they have?

Well i can say that im cleaning my face and and healthier than i have been in ages, so i guess thats the plus side to getting acne!

hopefully tomorro morning starts off a bit better :)



I have recently started getting mild acne. I am 20 years old. I have just been given Tetralysal 150 mg tablets to take twice a day!

I'm on the third day now, still nohuge impact. I am also using Benzoyl peroxide 5% and differin gel. I have not really had any acne up till now, im looking for any advice from someone who has used tetralysal 150 mg before!

Will keep you updated on how my course is going and if it is working :doh:

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