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Im 19 and suffered with severe acne for around 5 years now and thought i would come n share my experience with roaccutane, as i av read loads of blogs on other peeps experiences and no1's was like mine.

im currently on my second round off accutane :doh: , and just puttin up with it really. im gettin the usual affected lips, nose, face with flakiness!! and pretty bad lower back pain. I am On 60mg per day and only about 1 month in2 it. Ive only found a few people who had lower back pain in other forums! which i thought woz weird coz i thought it woz a pretty common side affect??

The thing that bugs me about other peeps experiences is that they all seem to see results whilst ON roaccutane - like 'i saw results after 2 weeks'!!. which wasnt the case with me??. When i first went on accutane i woz ded excited bcos i thought, this is defo gonna work lol, after the first 2 of 4 months i woz still breaking out severely on my neck and chest ( forgot to say i have bad acne vulgaris on my chest and shoulders and bad on my neck and jawline!), at this point i woz gettin depressed - thinkin its never gonna work! :)

After the four months nothing much had changed! my acne seemed just as aggressive! then after around 1 and a half months after finishing accutane my skin woz amazing. It worked! so if there is any1 on it at the mo and is thinking its not working it will!! i woz so happy, i have unfortunately been left with large raised keloid scars from my chest acne which i have been told by doctors cannot be treated, so i'l just have to live with those!...

After 10 months of perfect, smooth acne free skin it suddenly came back - bad times! and literally within the space of 3 weeks it woz back to the same old way. Soooo i knew i'd have to go back on it which i did and here i am. Only this time i am hoping the results will last longer...well be permanant :)

Anyway i'd like to hear if any1 got 'late' results off roaccutane and if any1s got any questions i'm happy to chat :D

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