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I'm trying to erase these awful pimples off my face.

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What I say? I love Ovante!

Today I add Natural Scar Care Cream - a creme that erase little scares.

So I start testing on Monday, May, 11.

What I knew about their creme: it's absolutely natural - no hormones, no antibiotics (that's suitable for me). Only vitamines that my skin loves so much. Today I look better that a week ago so I continue.


About my creme

As I promised...

I use Acne and Blemish Control Creme produced by Ovante.

Seven days has come and gone and I can say that my skin's getting better. First, my face looks healthier! My oily T-zone looks nicer, not perfect but its just a start I hope. I had a huge amout of little pimples on my nose yesterday and today they're gone! They had never gone so fast and so before yesterday.

I really like it!


I have never imagined that someday I could talk about my... problems with the skin. I came here just to read, but everyone is so honest here, thats great! It's true, believe me.

You people are so brave!

So am I now.

Well, I met my old old friend a couple weeks ago. She was glowing! Its hard to explane but what would you feel if you see your friend who have suffered from acne since the age of 13 and now you see her face clear and healthy?

Since I was 14, I have tried almost every anti-acne medicine, creme, moisture etc. Nothing helped.

I hope, this would be my last try and my succesful one.

Now I'm trying the same thing that made my friend glow.

I promise, tomorrow I write the exact names of Ovante cremes I'm testing now. Now its time to go.

See you all!

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