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I figured my face gets irrtated from the moisturizer, now i only moisturize in the evening. But after BP during the day, my face gets red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Looking better.

It seems when I put on the moistuizer no irritation occurs and it is making my face less dry.

I think I was putting on too much moisturizer before and rubbing it in too hard. I now only put on one layer of moisturizer and i don't really rub it in, i let it dry by itself.

Status: Skin clearer. Moisturizer doesn't seem to irritate and pimple on cheek is going away and new small pimple on chin.


ok. Moisturizer.

So last night when I got home from work, I put moisturizer on my face. Just a little bit all over. And I did it so lightly. Usually I wake up with a dry flaky face and today when i woke up it was less flaky. YES! and Last night when I put it on, my face didn't seem red, but it did seem irritated.

Now today my acne is a little better. There was this pimple on the side of my face, HUGE!! It has dimmed down a little. I just put BP on and in about 20 mins im going to moisturize again. VERY lightly and only a little bit. Im crossing my fingers I don't break out again, or worse.

Im ordering mreo supplies today.

Status: Acne and red marks on cheeks, less than yesturday but still not the way I like it.



One month in..

Hi, im Eric and I live in a Small town near St. Louis, MO. I have tried alot of things: Clearasil, Doxycycline, Tazarac, Retin-A...so on and on.

I came across acne.org two months ago and saw it and really didn't belive it. So I ignored it.

Another month later came back and tried. I was so depressed because I had red marks and acne all over my face. I ordered Dan's products right then and there and express mailed them. Three days later they came. I started treament that day.

I did treatment of Cleanser, BP, and Moisturizer once a day for a week.

After a week, my face was RED!!!!!!!! So i did an experiment.

I only did Cleanser and BP for a week. My face was less red and NO ACNE!!!!

Then two weeks in, BREAKOUT!!! A few days later it went away.

Then after the two weeks, NO ACNE!!! and NO RED FACE!!!!

Now im at a month in with just using Cleanser and two pumps of BP a day. My face EXtremely dry.

When I smile my face flakes up. And also my face is breaking out on my cheeks.

So today I put moisturizer(a little bit!!) on my really spots on my upper cheeks below the eyes.

Current Status: Dry skin, Flakes, a little red, mild acne on my cheeks.

I will try to update DAILY because I want ppl to know what is happening just in case the same it happening to them.


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