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1 month.

Just got my second prescription a few days ago. Unsure how i feel about it. Face is pretty broken out, and now its so dry that makeup looks caked on and gross allover my face even where i don't have acne.

Dose was just doubled to 80.

Definitely more dry overall.

And caused another breakout, if possible?

Only side effect that really gets to me is the dry nose.

I don't actually have nose bleeds but my nose is dryer than the sahara desert and full of dry blood. Sweeeeeeeet.


I was hoping to feel semi comfortable with my skin in a month or so when i go on vacation.

I'm kind of giving up on that seeing how slow this round is going.


Day 9: Weight loss?

Skin broke out in different areas, nothing too bad. Seems to be starting to heal up already and it didn't really look too bad. My lips are a little dry but nothing as bad as my first round yet. I have been feeling really sluggish and anti social though, i didn't get that last time.I have lost almost 4 pounds. And before you ask, i haven't started/stopped working out at all. And i certainly haven't eaten any less, i've pigged out because i've been so anxious about accutane haha. Has anyone else experienced weight loss?Whats even weirder is its the time of the month and usually i'm bloated and heavier around then.Weird but once its not something to be concerned about, i won't complain :doh:


Day 4

Nothing drastic as yet.I'm breaking out a little on my cheeks, i'm assuming my IB is just starting really early. No dryness yet besides a little on my lips, but its really not bad so far! I wouldn't even consider them chapped yet.Patience patience patience. The worst part of accutane is the length of time it takes to work :\.How is everyone doing?



Just got prescribed my second round of accutane. Figured i'd post a blog and take progress pictures this time since last time i was too embarrassed/vain to do so.Heres the story:Acne started out mildly when i was 12 or so (i'm 16 now) and two years ago after trying everything under the sun, i resorted to tane. Had a decent experience, only had dryness and rare nosebleeds. First few months my skin was pretty bad but towards the end cleared up like a charm. Skin was great for about 6 months after and then slowly started to go downhill - i think my skin is worse now than before my first round! I tried antibiotics and topicals etc but obviously they didn't work, as here i am about to drop in my prescription once again...Oh what fun i have to look forward to; dry skin, chapped lips, monthly blood tests and a couple of bad breakouts! :PI'm praying second time will be the lucky one though!:doh:

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