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Hello, my name is... Well you all can call me Bri if you please. I am 21 yrs. old and I have been suffering from acne since I was like in the sixth grade. I didn't have much control of the care my skin got from doctors when I was younger, but as soon as I turned 18 I took matters into my own hands. I saw dermo after dermo after dermo, and luckily for me I couldn't find one that could actually help me out. My main concern was the back acne, I have face acne problems too but... It started with a few marks on my shoulder while in middle school and from that point to now it grew like the black plague epidemic. I knew ( after seeing my father's back covered from neck down with cysts and millions of black acne scars) that my back would only get worst- a lot worst. With that being said, every dermo I went to just gave me some weak antibiotic or whatever that did nothing, and on top of that I was allergic to everyone they gave me so I got hives each time I popped one of the pills. Well this one beautiful day, I go to this derm who has this old fashioned office space with styles from the 70's. I was reluctant because I was going from high-tech, newly built practices with young doctors to this guy who was like older than my grandfather. But regardless of what my eyes perceived, this man was a miracle worker. He quickly took me off of the useless pills and do nothing creams and told me I was basically trying to dry the ocean with a hand towel (the guy is pretty damn funny). He went on to tell me that I would never get married with such ugly marks on my back and who would want to date me, he was joking of course but it really made me feel good to know that someone was tough enough to be honest and tell me that this was a major problem effecting me mentally and physically. Sooo.... lo and behold I get Accutane. I researched and researched the side effects, if it actually works, and how I should prepare myself for this med. So, here I am... starting my new life with Accutane... Stay tuned to see if it works!!!

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