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I'm very sad. I took a good look at my face using my camera phone. I hate benzoyl peroxide. I hate what it does. It turns my face red and irritated. The Cetaphil moisturizer feels like shit on my skin. It's sticky and annoying. My skin feels irritated and wants me to scratch at it. I never felt this way with salysilic acid. I never felt so awful. i start a new job tomorrow and I look like hell. Its a good thing I go into work tomorrow well into the day. This way I can at least take it easy and rest my face all morning. No make up, no coffee, no sugar, nothing except tea and soup and fruit. I need more fish oil before bed and when I wake up. I need to stay away from rice milk because for some reason I think that upsets my stomach. I'm so sad I'm so angry that my skin looks this way. u

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