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Accutane - Day 7

Just thought I'd add to the already expansive array of Accutane blogs. I had been on a 4 month trial of Accutane when I was 15 and it worked really well. When I hit 21 my acne turned much much worse, and now I have severe cyctic/nodular acne on my back. At 24 I've decided to go back on the 'tane-train to get rid of it once and for all. Went to my GP on Sunday, and started on 40 mg...will likely be put to 80 mg in 4 weeks or so.

So I've just finished my first week on Accutane and things are going well. I have the usual dry skin...chapped lips, "chin dandruff," a general itch on my shoulders and back. Also, my eyes are somewhat dry when I wear my contacts (based on past experience, I expect this to get a lot worse). My acne hasn't really changed, except for a cyst on my chest that have flared up.

I am washing my face morning and night with Spectro gel for combination skin (massaging lightly into the skin with my fingertips for 30 seconds), followed with Cetyphil facial mosturizer with SPF 15. This is working well, but I'm finding my skin gets a bit red/warm after applying the Cetyphil so I might need to switch to something even more gentle. It is working okay, but I have also been using Nivea for Men for sensitive skin on my nose and T-zone because of the flaking. It's a bit heavier and tends to last through the da, plus it doesn't burn. I usually shower in the morning, and have switched my soap to the Neutrogena glycerin facial soap for dry skin, and have stopped taking my usual scalding hot showers to help counteract the dryness. I remember getting some nasty dandruff while on my trial last time, but I was also taking really hot showers, so we'll see.

As for lip dryness, I've been using Polysporin lip treatment, and it's not working great. BUT, I am very excited to say I found a pharmacy in Canada that sells Aquaphor. Finlandia Pharmacy out of Vancouver sells it online and ships within Canada (Canada post, but Xpresspost only). Their website is pretty ghetto, but as a very random coincidence I have been to their one store on the planet so I felt a bit safer giving them my credit card info. It's a bit pricey with the shipping for a 360 gram tub ($36!), but I have heard it is the best (and will hopefully last me a very long time!).

I'll try to update this when I have the chance. I'm really hoping it clears up my back and face, but I know it can be difficult. Wish me luck!

~ Justin

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