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So, I'm trying something new to combat my acne.

I'm now on birth control (ortho tri-cyclen to be more specific). I'm sorry to say that Dan's Regimen, The Acne Cure, and the low glycemic diet have all failed to cure my acne. I patiently tried all of these "cures" in their respective order. Out of the three of these that I've tried, I'd have to say that Dan's regimen works the best and is the easiest to follow. It didn't stop the hormonal, cystic acne though. The regimen certainly helped with surface acne and shortened the life-span of the nodules...it just didn't stop them from forming and unfortunately, my nodules were forming faster than the regimen could handle.

But now I'm a grad student and I can go to the University's clinic again. (I couldn't see a doctor for years b/c I don't have health insurance and during that time my acne went crazy).

The University doctor put me on the pill and it is an affordable $10/month. I don't want to jinx myself but I think I'm seeing some improvement. I'm only in the second month of treatment, and I have gotten some zits but they're healing quickly. The major difference I've noticed is that I'm not getting several new nodules everyday. My make up is actually covering up my red-spots too! W/o makeup I still look pretty bad--but it's just because of the hyper-pigmentation. I only have 1 or 2 small, active zits at a time now. So my makeup can actually do it's job and cover the scars! yay!

The doctor said it would take about 3 months for me to really see a difference so I'll blog about any more changes in about a month. I've also been reading the product reviews for the bc pill and it seems like it either works really well or it makes acne much worse. So far I haven't seen any indication that I will experience acne worse than what I had before.

Check out my new pix. I do have makeup on but I look much better than I ever did with makeup on before. I HOPE that this is what I will look like once the red scars begin to fade.


Buenas tardes! Espero que todo es disfrutando este cinco de mayo! Sorry for the bad Spanish. Anyway, I'm celebrating at home because my face exploded overnight and I don't want to go out. I really, really, hate my skin. Estoy muy triste.

Check out the Gallery....you'll see what I mean.

I'm hoping that this is the part of the "acne cure" where it's getting worse before it gets better. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But what else am I going to do, sit around and feel sorry for myself? ...yeah, I'll probably do that too.

I've got 4 1/2 weeks to go before I give up on this "acne cure" routine, so there's plenty of time for things to change (hopefully for the better).


Week 1 results

Here are pics of my face after one week of my version of the "Acne Cure". I'm sorry for the small size. In the future, I'll post bigger pictures.

Even though I am wearing foundation, you can clearly see a couple of cysts (they're not swollen or painful at the time the pic was taken) and LOTS of stupid red marks!

Okay, I can't get the link to work but the pics should be in my album in the member's gallery. sorry.


So far, so good

So, I have recently read "The Acne Cure". I followed the instructions and subsequently burned my face with the 2% SA that the book recommends. The dry skin that it left behind caused a horrible break out! So I changed it up a little bit and have been following my altered version of the acne cure for about a week.

My skin seems to be liking it better, and I haven't had a new zit in days.

I'll keep updating my acne status as I continue this program and I'll try to post some pictures when I can.


my routine

Here's my current regimen, an altered version of Dr. Dubrow's "The Acne Cure":

-wash face with Neutrogena's advanced solutions wash (am and pm)

-rub on and wash off Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories' AHA revitalizing lotion 15 (pm only)

-apply Neutrogena's advanced solutions BP all over face (am and pm)

-apply ice pack to face for ten minutes (am and pm)

-protect face with Neutrogena's advanced solutions SPF 15 moisturizer (when needed)

-cover up with Almay's line smoothing makeup in SPF 15 (am only)


1st entry--Hello!

My battle with acne began shortly after I turned 20. It seems that I have the classic adult, hormonal acne that so many women suffer from. Since it began six years ago my acne has fluctuated in severity. Right now my acne is the worst it has ever been. I have the deep, painful cysts (some of which never surface) and bumpy skin on my lower cheeks and around my mouth. For the last several months I have been going through a cycle where I break out during ovulation and menstruation. In between those two times my face seems to clear for a few days but I have been accumulating scars and red marks.

I have good days and bad days but I remain hopeful that my skin will return to normal soon. This website has been extremely helpful to me in uplifting my mood when I get frustrated, so I want to document my experiences as well with the hope that other will be able to find it helpful in some way.

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