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Nothing too great to report.

My lips are completely sensitive and peeling constantly. Which goes along with everything I have read.

I am still getting nods in the typical places. Maybe the ones on my chin are healing quicker a little...maybe, but not by much. I am still getting them near mynose on my cheek.

The sun is the enemy. I want to be out in it so bad - but I burn burn burn. It is tricky.

I have a follow up with the derm on May 28.

4 weeks


So I have skipped a few days....I am not the greatest at this stuff.

I just wanted to update a few things:

1. I have had a several new pimples since beginning. Apparently that is totally normal.

2. My lips have peeled, but nothing that is so horrible that I can't deal.

3. I can tell a slight improvement in my pores, but notsomuch that I am just staring at myself.

4. By far the strangest side effect is felt throughout my back at different times of the day. It is a small surge or vibration, very diifcult to explain.

Over all, with it being just 9 days, I can't complain. I should know more in a few weeks. I am very excited and very hopeful.

Check back soon.


Yesterday did not go as planned, or as hoped. I dropped of the rx. and the derm office put the date of 5-28-09 instead of 4-28-09, so that has delayed everything.

After 3 voicemail messages yesterday and a phone call at 8 this morning to the derm office, I hope I can pick it up at lunch.

Still excited!


Day 1 - Drop Off

April 28, 2009 - Tuesday

Day 1

I have finally pledged myself and all that online...dropping of my RX at CVS during my lunch break. I am excited and curious to find out how much this is going to cost me out of pocket. I will pick it up after work. I am very excited.

My problem area is def my chin. I will take weekly photos and post.

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