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My journey with acne, accutane, and college.

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acne and collge

Hello everyone. First off I am about to be 20 years old and currently in college. I have suffered with acne since about 6th grade. It had become very bad around freshman year to currently. I have blackheads on my cheeks mostly, pimples on my jaw like and sometimes neck, and also my shoulders. My derma and I have tried many many things and accutane was the last resort.

I just started 40mg of Accutane on Saturday, so 3 days ago, and I am going to try and blog about my journey daily! So tune in and see how everything goes!

Day 3- My face has already started breaking out. I am getting cyst type acne on my neck under my jaw line and the pores on my cheeks are bigger than usual. My face still seems very oily but my lips are already feeling the effects. I forgot to look at my back today so I'll check up on that tomorrow, so far not unbearable but I am nervous about this "initial breakout" everyone talks about, hope it isn't too bad!

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