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My mission is to stop all of these big drug companies, from doing damage to our bodies and not helping with the real problem. I am just a mom on a mission. I know I have a real big job ahead of me but I will fight them to the end. What this Minocycline did to my daughter and to so many other people is not fair. Your Doctor and the companies are only taking your money. They do not care about you, if they did they would find a cure for acne. If they gave you a cure then they would go out of business.

What I have learned about Minocyline and what it is made of (the outer coating also) is so bad! How do these people sleep nights knowing what they are doing to us.

What I am looking for right now are people that have or have had side effects from Minocycline and want to do something about it.

Mom On A Mission (Janet)


One More Day

If you had only one more day how would you spend it?

Looking at yourself in a mirror and say poor me or would you go to the beach, run in the sand with someone you care for and does not judge you from the outside?

You can go to a movie because it is a dark place, or maybe you can go to a Veterans hospital and Hug a soilder and thank him or her for giving up so much for us. Some may not see your acne face because they can not see!

You can go back to the Doctor and get more medicene that will only help you for a little while and give you bad side effects, or you can go to a animal shelter and bring home a pet. Animals do not care if your face has acne they just want to be loved like you do.

You can sit there and cry, blame God or you can take control of your life because stress can make your acne worse.

You can sit there feel sorry for yourself or you can learn to love the good things about yourself, No I do not know any of you but I love you all!

Mom on a Mission


First I would like to tell you who I am and my daughter. My name is Janet and my daughters name is Crystal. We live in Florida. This is a warning to all that are taking Minocycline! Crystal starting taking it for acne, the Dr. started her out on 50mg once a day. After awhile it was not working so the Dr. put her on 100mg a day. About 2 weeks after she started taking the stronger one we started so see changes in her that were not good. She went from a strong healthy young lady that NEVER took drugs or drank anything. What it did was turn her inside out. It started off with headaches and her eyes would bother her. After another week everything changed. disorientation, hallucinations, impaired memory, lack of drive, nervousness, sleepesness, confusion and CATATONIA! and there is more. Her Dr. said to take her off the minocycline and put her in a mental hospital! She was rushed to the ER and the Dr. thought it was a brain tumar, took a cat scan no tumar. Took blood work her Potassium was very low (side effect from minocycline) and her calcium was low another side effect. The Dr. there could not find out what was wrong with her, he did say it was rare but it might be the minocycline. The Dr. said he was putting her in a mental hospital we said no way but here in Florida they can use the Baker Act and just put her away for 3 days and if the see fit the can do it for 30 or more days. All her rights were taken away from her. Crystal is 23 years old and is about 100lbs. So now the hospital calls the cops they put her in hand cuffs and take her away. We were told to leave the hospital. There is so much more as to what happened I hope to be able to share it with you, if anyone wants to hear it. Before you start taking this junk find out all you can about it. We did after it was too late. We even checked out what the out side shell is made of, 14 different things such as, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(poison-cleaner) Shellac, Gelatin (collagen inside animals & bones with dilute acid also extracted from fish skins, Red Iron Oxide(ore of iron used also in ceramic materials), Propylene Glycol(systematic name propane clear liquid used in antifreeze & deicing solutions) and the list goes on. Crystal is home now after spending 4 days in that hospital each day she is getting better but she has great fears. We have been turned down so far by 8 lawyers because they said it would cost too much to just take one one case. The last lawyer said to put the word out about this stuff and go world wide and start finding other people that are or have gone through bad side effects. Also Please write to the FDA it the get enough people writing in they will check on it.Thank you very much for reading our story, I am trying to set up my own blog so I can write down everything. Mom On A Mission

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