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I really really need to get off these birth control pills. I've been taking them for 6 months or more and i caught on to many side effects.

When i was younger (about 12-14) i suffered severe acne and eventually got prescribed to accutane. I wasn't on it for very long because i started to get high blood pressure and high cholesterol so my doctor took me right off of it, but my skin was already perfectly clear. My skin continued to stay clear for about 2 years until I got breakouts again, but not as bad as it was when i started off. I've been on proactive solution ever since and i still have acne but i can keep it pretty stable. This past fall i noticed it getting bad again so i wanted some sort of prescription i could take to help it. My doctor prescribed me yazmin (my insurance only covers generic brands so i got ocella) so i switched the birth control pills i was taking to ocella.

When i first started taking the pill i felt bad nausea but it only lasted a few days until my body adjusted to it. My acne cleared up great and now i only have a few pimples but i have many side effects to the pill including:


Breast pain

Back pain


Very heavy periods

Elevated blood pressure


Yeast infections (but all birth control pills make me have them)

A weak bladder (i have the urge to pee every couple hours & i get up a few times a night to go to the bathroom.)

I'm going to the doctors ASAP to switch this crap to my old birth control pills and to figure out what's wrong with my bladder because i know its not normal. I can feel something wron and i never had problems with my bladder before. Plus I'm only 17 almost 18 in May and I've never been pregnant. (having kids and older people usually have problems with their bladder.) Maybe its some sort of infection or maybe it will just go away after I'm off of these pills. Idkkkkk. Hopefully its not anything serious.

The reason why I haven't already switched back to my old birth control pills is because I really don't know what i would do if i get uncontrollable breakouts again. I'm scared. I HATE ACNE. I can't be put on antibiotics because those give me really bad yeast infections.

If anyone has something they can suggest for me to use that works really good for acne please let me know.

*Also if anyone has a similar story with acne or ocella I'd like to hear about your story.


<3333 Steph

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