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Seattle Girl

Just finished my third week on Claravis and everything's still going well. I pop my 40mg pill every morning along with the fish oil and vit E my derm recommended and the 150mg of spiro she's decided i should continue alongside. I wash am/pm with Cerave and apply Obagi Clear to keep working on my dark spots (I'm African American, so the "post inflammatory hyperpigmentation" is a big issue for me). My skin is definitely getting less oily but is not especially dry yet, and I haven't needed to use a moisturizer. I've seen a few possible actives this week that looked like they were thinking about popping up to ruin my day and then disappeared :doh:

Side effects: so far none other than dry lips. My fav lip stuff has become Paula's Choice Lip & Body Treatment Balm--it's nice and thick and not very shiny. I like and use aquaphor also, but it's too slippery to stay on for very long.

Good luck to everyone else out there!

Seattle Girl

So it's been two weeks on a combo of accutane (40mg) and spironolactone (150mg) and everything's been very smooth. I've had a few small whiteheads that came up and out easily, which is like a miracle after the deep irritated cysts i'm used to. some on this list were worried about me taking accutane and spiro together, but my derm explained that they work differently and won't interfere with each other, and since i've had no side effects after being on spiro for several months she's not worried and hopes it will help minimize any IB--so far so good. my lips started getting dry after the first few days, but i was already using plenty of aquaphor so it hasn't been a problem. i'm also really liking the lip balms from Paula's Choice--i find them a little more effective now that the drying is really starting to kick in. my skin itself is only just starting to dry out--nothing uncomfortable or flaky at this point. i've continued using Obagi Clear morning and night to fade my dark spots and so far it hasn't caused any irritation. it's kind of amazing how clear and smooth my skin is starting to look and feel after only two weeks. hope it continues like this...

i'm also taking 1200mg vitamin E and 1000mg fish oil along with the accutane (claravis)--my derm's recommendation. i'm washing morning and evening with Cerave and haven't needed any moisturizer yet.

forgot about the no drinking thing and had a few glasses of wine the other evening with no bad effects

Seattle Girl

Today is my first day on Accutane! Just popped my first 40mg Claravis pill and about to eat a big plate of pasta with meat sauce to get something nice and fatty in my belly as instructed. My derm has decided to keep me on 150mg of spironolactone, which some on this site find controversial, so it will be interesting to see how that pans out. Looking forward to keeping this blog to track my progress. Here we go...

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