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Day - 1

Went to my dermatologist and now after a discussion am now on Isotretinoin.

He also prescribed me a lip balm just incase it gets too dry... Am now on Oratane which is the commercial name of isotretinoin available here in singapore. Currently on 10 mg and he will increase gradually to 20 or 30 depending on how my body takes it. Also had a blood test for monitering my lipids.

Advised me to have a good moisturiser and a facial wash, no face creams and lotions are required as Oratane is just enough to handle everything.

Am still having a big cycst which I had got earlier in the week and couple are popping up new too... Let us see how it works out once the medication kicks in.


Oratane 10mg - Once a day for 30 days - With break fast diet



Am having dermatologist recommended medication for the past 1 year

List of medications I am Takeing/Taken


Tab Minocyclin 50 mg


Retin-A Cream (20 g Cream 0.1%)

Differin (Adapalene 0.1% 30 g)


Benzac 2.5% gel


Today am having a severe break outs of Acne Cysts, there are 4-5 Major acne that seems to run really deep down the skin. And an unthinkable happened, I tried to squeeze of one of the acne, as a result of messing with it, my acne has inflammed and now looks a lot more big. Now it is ready to produce even more puss... :)

Am taking a couple of minocycline tablets tonite and hope that it tries to reduce the inflammation also applied the Retino-A lotion on the affected areas.

Let us see how it reacts.

Also planning to go to doctor based on the condition tomorow... Am really sick of this doctor and planning to ask him to let me know regarding the Accutane option. I need to get this evil acne out of my face altogether... :doh:

Medications Taken today

1) 2 tab Minocycline

2) Retino-A lotion

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The Acne.org Regimen
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