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Day One

Well accutane was quite an easy experience for me but now that I'm no longer dry acne is back. Big surprise. I'm still using the differin my dermatalo prescribed to take after the accutane. In the past few days I've been using both differin & neutrogena advanced solutions. Seems to be helping a little, or maybe I'm crazy. Or maybe its helping cause its drying me out like crazy haha.

Anyway I have started reading a lot of claims about milk (or some dairy more specifically) being one hormonal cause of acne (due to cow hormones blah blah blah). I'm already a vegetarian so while going semi-vegan is much harder it wouldn't be as huge of a leap for me. I've decided holistic is the way to go. And it might be fun to play around with :doh:. As fun as acne can get at least...

I'm going to MOSTLY cut out: milk, yogurt, ice cream, coffee, cheese, butter, protein drinks, stuff with casein or sodium casein? (I've just begun researching this so I'm not sure yet)

Stuff to introduce: Zinc, more fruits, more veggies, broccoli, calcium supplement, more supplements.. will need to research more!

Use: keep using differin & neutrogena advanced solutions for a while. switch to natural cleansers/products soon?

Basically I need to do more research and play around with it! :)

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