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I havent been on this since 2009!

Wow, I'm 17 now and my skin is a lot better but I'm still insanely self conscious about it. I still get a lot of spots but not server acne. My main problem being the cysts on my chest which prevents me from wearing low neck tops as im just so disgusted by them.

Last post was about my shitty old job! lol. Good news 2009 self, you get a new better paid job in the cinema :D win!

I got taken of acctune once my doctor left and i got a shitty new one :) I try and control my spots with the birth control pill these days. urh, my skin has been such a big part of my life for so long. I'd love so much to log back in again in another 3 years or so and be like 'YAY FLAWLESS SKIN' ........... you never know . .


17th may

o great i think i got fired today yipee

stupid soup

stupid women

stupid death stares husband

stupid hotel owner

stupid hot kitchens that make my acne go crazy and dry and yucky

its nearly 5am and i can't sleep

i feel like shite

stupid acne.


14th may

oh god i havent wrote in ages. i suck! o.O

no i'm just lazy!

i'm ill.. and i think it beacuse of acctune, everything hurts.. oh man my back aches!

and i'm so emotinal.. just watched the notebook cos im home from school... NOT GOOD i couldnt stop crying.. :doh:

okay, so i'm on 50mg and skin has improved, i'm gunna post a picture saurday morning before work.. WORK :'( i dont wannaa go.. it's so boring and it goes sooooooooo slowly.

my crush G, has left school for exams, okay that didnt work out.

i officaly give up on boys they suck!

fred my evil cyst is slowly dying die bitch die GRR

all my friends are loved up with there boyfriends, and i'm sat here typing about a spot i've named :D oh sweet jesus.

ah well... missed drama club this week, didnt have to see M with his loved up girlfriend PAH!

no really now its offical i'm over boys. XD

we the kings concert soon :)

last wekend was the worse off my live, serisouly NEVER EVER DRINK VODKA! untill your 21



p.s i'm obbossed with Alex Gaskarth from all time low, Chuck bass and twilight!

p.s.s i'm not normally this weridly hyped up, i swear its the tane!


26th of april

right now i want to travell to my derm and put a axe through her head! GRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr

i'm rather stressd out, she never gives me enough acctune pills to last my month, before i ahve to re-vist her again... i'm going on wed, and since its like over a hour away and the waiting times are soo long, i have to miss a day off school, while i'm studyin for my big tests.

so now i'll have no pills untill thursday, this has happend before and i always get a great big out brake off spots.. :'(

so bloody unfair, i swaer there all stupid at the hospital i go to, there like zombies half dead, you ask them one question they dont expect and they start panicking and go off to find soembody whos in charge FOOLS!

i really dont wont to go back to school tomorow, my acne has improved alot, but my skin has gone horribly dry i use tons of moustrizer but everytime i put on soem foundation my skin looks like its all fallin off.. nice!

and to top it all off there are lots of superfical highschool friend dramas going on

if only we could have a few weeks off again :doh: aahhhh..




22nd of APril

so major news today, my crush G, doesnt know who i am ;'( i added him online, and he ticked the 'i dont know you' box.

i must change this MUAAHAHHA!..

I Will change this, at the local dance, that happening on may 8th.. i really wont to look hot, and pretty (jeeze i sound shallow!) and if my acne could improve by 50% i wil keep my room clean FOREVER!

SO i'm having a pretty good day today, i came 5th outof 50 in track today, nobody was expecting that from me Oh yeah :) bet on the dark house babeyyy

my new foundation arrived that actually resonably covers the bumby redness of my skin.. and my mum brought me soem tea tree oil which i have been readign about on this site, appraently it really helps on huge evil cysts, so i will put some on FRED tonight before i hit the sack :doh:

i've got my welsh courswork tomorow :'( yes thats right i have to learn welsh at my school MEEEH!

one off my scabby whiteheads had goen when i woke up this morning so now, i pray that when i wake up tomorow the other will be gone aswell! PLEASEEE..... :)

my dem appointment is on the 29th i'm not sure if i'll be put up on my dose or not , i'm currently on 40mg hmm?

And also i'm thinking about getting a loose barrel curles perm.. mesg me if you think it'll suit me or wanna see soem pics and decided!

and add me, cos i'mlonley on this site x)



21st April

what is this i see, my cyst seems to be slightly smaller today

pleasssssssssssssssssseeee let it srink over night tonight PLEASE!

i brought the cheapst chapstick there was today in boots, and it seems to be qorking better than all these exspensive ones, mymum has been buying me over the past months.. damn!

today i orderd some "revlon colourstay superflec for dry skin" i read some good reviews about it from people who are suffering from the devil they call *un dun dun* ACNE!

update on my mad crush: today G, held the door open for me *swooon* what a gentleman :)

so I'm putting virgin olive oil on my scary brusiy marks left from old cysts, i read that on a post here, and i actully do think it's working.. i aslo ad soem oil to my moustirxer in the morning.

Aslo my nan brought me this sulphur soap from the dead sea :s she told em it would help, but i have super dry skin for acctune, would this make it worse or better?

and i'ms till using my pure aloe vera gel on super cyst which i have decided to name FRED!

i went running today, cos i dont want to turn into a fatty who has acne! :L

and i actualy enjoyed it!

school sucked though, i had a extreme bad hair day which makes me feel shit, as i'm already have dusgusting skin, and i had a major laughing fir, after sombody was talking about how lots of spanish people where called 'Jesus' AND it was sunny today.. so alot of my foudnation melted offf which sucks, and makes me look even more extremly patchy! boo you!

one of my two scabby whiteheads has nearly gone so thats good, but i feel two new cyst tryign to come up but i will do everything in my power to stop them GRRR!



P.s oh yeah guys add me or ask for my msn/yahoo/email thigny bob, i want soem buddies.. i ahve no friend son this.. poor me! :L:L


20th april

first day back at school is always hard for me,

i always seem to worry about my skin non stop, i feel like everybodys staring where truth be told .. these people couldnt give a fuck!

so, i have the most hug'st cyst ever known to man i swear!

its purple and lumpy, it starting to gets pealy, which means its drying up right? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

i think it first poppe dup around october and now its april i mean com'on!!!

i squeezed the life outta the little shit, and loads of puss and blood came out about 1-2 months ago, but it still wont go down, its lumpy and i swear to god thereloads of gunk hiding under it GRR!

but i've tried eevrythink to bring it too ahead but it wont, so mayb there is nothing under there who knows...?

i sat one seat away from G, todayin asembley! and while the vicar dude was mumbelign away our eyes met and locked for about 3 seconds! haaaa.. oh god he's sooo cute i'm in love (;

but he was on my left side which probs mean he was gawkin at my cyst GRRR i hate cysts.. i will kick that things arss!

the rest of my face is owing pretty wel, okay a lie, i'm stilla spotty mess... i got two white heads on my right cheek that i popped , not very well though cos they scabbed over yuck!

and one tiny miny cyst which is so little and i can deal with i gues.. *sigh*

So i take accutune i'm on 40mg and my derm promised me clear skin by june ... IWILL HOLD YOU TO THAT!

i've been on accutune since oct

but started off only on 5mg.. waste of time thnaks alot mum, (she was really worried of side-effects so they started me of so very slowly)

And now here i am stills itting and waiting

the only side effect i notice is dry skin..

and lips (god whatw ould my life be without chapstick?)

and i have mood swings alot *blush* but hey im 15 !


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